Absolutely Incredible Kid Day 2020 is on Friday, March 20, 2020: are green day any good live?

Friday, March 20, 2020 is Absolutely Incredible Kid Day 2020. Absolutely Incredible Kid Day Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®

are green day any good live?

I saw them live a few years ago and they were absolutely incredible - sounded awesome and interacted with the crowd quite a bit (even took some kids on stage to play with them). I think you'll enjoy the show in October!

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Do your kids persuade you to buy some ridiculously priced electronic gizmo?

Do your kids persuade you to buy some ridiculously priced electronic gizmo?

Oh absolutely! They have been the most incredible, convincing, conniving pair of con artists and guess who they learned their negotiating tactics from? I could no more have said "No!" to these genius' imps with the grins that hail from some very funny place because if they couldn't get/obtain or otherwise guilt me into purchasing certain electronic gizmos, they would of course then shrewdly move into commando mode and play the devil's advocate & teach me the powers that could be had by possessing such things.....the gas thing about this is that it was always funny and I knew it each and every time....they would get me laughing and then I was nothing more than bait! I had taught my children the fine art of litigation at a very early age. The thing is that they didn't conspire together....but they have been a great tag team. They more fought with each other than me...oh NO ONE messed with me in conspiracy , but touch my human side? Oooooooh yeah....no mercy i assure you! It just so happened though that the 'gizmos' that they wanted all worked and were incredibly ahead of their time...so that today they are both well set financially......(Do u sense a wayback machine here?.....to your credit most assuredly!)....Yes I made great money in L.A. in the legal field and they had paramount respect for what money could do. THAT is on top of EVERYTHING that they learned.....I took one overtime paycheck and told them..."Today we are going to buy... we have "X" amount of dollars...we need to look at this particular paycheck and see what they have really taught you in school. I was amazed to see them put their heads together on this particular adventure and aportion for what they really wanted and actually budget the whole amount. I was impressed.......needless to say at the end of the day the items had been purchased....but what were they happiest with? Dig this.....going to the beach and having an ice cream cone.... what was paramount for me was not the expenditure of any particular item...but the making of memories. I mad good money....rather my ex and I had no problems making ends meet.....that doesn't mean that I didn't feel it....but the beauty in this whole series of escapades was that the simplest things are what they remember the most......they were above all taught by me that 'having things was NOT the panacea...to happiness..." However they did negotiate and i still to this day laugh. Very ingenious. How innoccuous.....that two children could persuade ME of all people touching upon my chords of need, desire and humanity.....yes...they were good....they were excellent.

You know....I wouldn't have had it any other way. The items without giving out as to what they were or the cost.....were ALL precursors to the electronics that are newly out on the markets today.....they they got it from us. We did well with them...and they are two of the most well adjusted people I have ever met!

Thank you for this question!



Do you ever look at your kids?

Do you ever look at your kids?

my 10-year-old just came over, holding hands with her 6-year-old sister, with a pile of drawings made by the 6-year-old. the 10-year-old wanted to show me the drawings and ask me if i agreed with her that the 6-year-old was an amazing artist for her age. you never saw a 6-year-old look more proud and happy.

yes, i feel that way a lot about my kids.

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