America's Kids Day 2021 is on Tuesday, June 29, 2021: Why do parents allow their little kids to on America's got Talent?


Tuesday, June 29, 2021 is America's Kids Day 2021. 28th Annual America's Kid Day Run 28th Annual America's Kid Day

Why do parents allow their little kids to on America’s got Talent?

I agree if the kids have really no talent at all then it's embarrassing to put them through this but I watched 6 year old Isaac..the little black kid and he is a real treat to watch because he got such a confidence on stage and he had all the right answer for the judges. He got charisma at age 6 and he sang and danced...and he has talent, he may not be the best singer..but he is someone who likes to entertain an audience and he doesn't have to be forced to do this by his parents. I have a feeling that boy will really want to be on stage one day or he even had a witty answer for Howard Stern when he asked him ''and I guess you also want to run for President one day''...that kid gave a funny answer and Howard Stern liked him...that kid is adorable because he got the charisma that one either has or hasn't got...

That little boy who sang almost like a kid Justin Bieber, he was not bad either. He became better the more confident he got on stage. Not everyone is like Isaac, who seems to be very much at home on a stage with no stage fright at all. What I resent more are parents who sent their little daughters on beauty pageants at ages 4 to 9 years old and dress them up like something that is half woman and half a doll with heavy make up on...those are little girls and those families spend a fortune to buy the expensive dresses for the Little beauties to shine the most and they rather go bankrupt but they buy the tiaras and lots of dresses for the girl and wax their legs and their arms and curl their hair and apply make up and make them dance or sing and perform when they should be allowed to be normal 4, to 9 year olds...those are mainly mothers who seem to have wanted to win a beauty pageant when they were young and did not get it..I can understand a mother supporting a 17 year old if the girl wants to participate in a beautty pageant but not a 4 to 9 year old...Toddlers with me that means the kids are just mainly 4 years old and they don't get a choice to say if they really want to do this...they forced into it by ambitious parents and miss out on a normal childhood...because if they make it, then they are busy little models and they can't find time to make friends at school because they have to always think of a new routine with which to dazzle the judges and the audience and that is worse that allowing a kid to perform on America got talent...but they should not let a kid perform if that kid really has no talent at all...but there are more adults who either are great or make fools of themselves believing they have talent and some really don't and it looks worse if a grown up makes a fool of him or herself..but it's also funny and I admire some people's self confidence to believe they are talented enough and go on stage and perform their hat's up for that..x

America’s Got Talent audition on school day?

America's Got Talent audition on school day?

This could be a carrer chance for you if you have that degree of talent.Your mom or dad would know if you had any chance at it. Those past young kids did it somehow with the school deal. You could always make up the one days missed work.If you get choosen, you will have much more support then you may have now. Go show em kid.

Is this what America’s kids are coming to?

Is this what America's kids are coming to?

I am a bookworm. I love reading. I love research.

I am finding though that we really are in a transitional period when it comes to resources. There are so many available resources on the net that it really is much easier for people to get online and look it up that way.

Books are probably becoming a thing of the past. It breaks my heart, but it's probably true. Resources like dictionaries and encyclopedias are kind of obsolete these days.

As for spelling, I know many adults who didn't grow up in the computer age that have horrific spelling. They tell me that spell-check has saved their butts a number of times when it comes to writing letters and other things for business.

I think we're going to have to learn to embrace technology. If we don't, we're going to be left behind.

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