Amtrak Day 2020 is on Friday, May 1, 2020: On the Amtrak train for 2 days?


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On the Amtrak train for 2 days?

Just arrived home from my trip on Amtrak. Sounds like you are going to be touring on the Coast Starlight #11 and returning on the Coast Starlight #14.

My wife and I use this train twice per year out of San Jose, CA into Seattle to visit relatives there.

The Sleepers come at three stages, the Roomette, Bedroom and Deluxe Bedroom, which though tight can accommodate 4 folks. As for my wife and I we normally use the Roomette, its a little cramped, but its enough for the two of us.

If you are considering using this as your form or transportation, I would suggest that you get your tickets squared away very soon for the dates you are considering travel. Amtrak's Coast Starlight was a sold out train on this tour over the 4th of July Week. I can also tell you that many of their trains for the next few weeks are in the same situation. So plan accordingly.

Here is a tip. When you are purchasing your tickets for a particular time. Purchase them well in advance of your trip. In our case we purchased the tickets we just used in March. We new this trip was coming and had previously planned for it.

Be sure to take your digital camera with you as you will be passing through some of the most senic parts of California, Oregon and Washington during the daylight hours.

The staff on the train was execellent as usual, and food very good. Just understand that this is travel by rail, and Amtrak is subject to delays that are beyond their control. The good thing is, they will ALWAYS get you there safe and sound.

The Sleepers are only on the Coast Starlight. and as for your sister, there is lots of things she can do on the train, but I will tell you this, if you have a laptop or a portable DVD Player, its a good idea to bring those with you and a set of headphones so she can watch movies as the scenery goes by.

There is a lounge car with a movie theater downstairs, and they do play movies while the train is operating. There are going to be a couple of long station stops in the route, as they will need to refuel, take on water, dump the potty tanks, and restock the train with food, (Oakland, Sacramento, Portland).

You guys are going to have a very nice ride! Just keep in mind though, this is not a flight, and travel by rail is slower. However, whay you make up for is the fact you folks are going to meet new people, and see things you never get to see from a car or a plane.

Over all, I hope you have lots of fun and enjoy your trip.

Amtrak 30 day rail pass a good idea? and concerning reservations.?

Amtrak 30 day rail pass a good idea? and concerning reservations.?

making reservations is easy, you just call the toll-free numbers as you travel to add city pairs/dates for traveling. if the train has space, you get a seat; if it is sold out, then you'll be told and you can either change your date, your cities, pay extra for a sleeper/1st class/business class/etc space, or recheck later for possible cancellations.

add more details as to your citizenship/passport status, and if you plan on traveling east of chicago/new orleans or anywhere in canada, and ill try to help you more on this.

to buy a USA Rail Pass 30days, you MUST have a foreign passport, it is not sold to americans or canadians. USA passes come in different regional variations too (ie the price of a national pass is most expensive, prices for a western pass or an eastern pass is lower). there are also some 15 day versions too, all at lower prices than the 30 day usa rail passes.

the North American Rail Pass 30days, is sold to everyone, americans, canadians, and all others with passports. however, it is sold jointly by amtrak and via rail, so at least 1 segment of travel has to be in usa and at least 1 segment of travel has to be in canada.

so, your citizenship status and travel itinerary will influence what passes you might buy.

for either USA or NAR passes, they both allow flexibility to reserve and travel as you go. of course, you want to try to reserve as early and as soon as you know what date/train you want. some trains do sell out, and some never do, and some sell out on some days and not other days.

keep in mind that if you reserve and get a train ticket issued against the pass, there is no fee to cancel the ticket later, change your itinerary, or make a different reservation for any other day, train, city, etc, and then get a new ticket issued against the pass before your actual travel.

CAVEAT: tickets always have to be issued at STAFFED train stations. so if you go to an unstaffed station, you have to get the additional ticket to get out of that city BEFORE you ever go there in the first place. so of course, you might reserve a date to get the ticket issued, but then while there, you can call and change the reservation, get a boarding code from the 800 agent as well, and then when you board, you give the conductor the boarding code and the ticket that has the wrong date, and the conductor will change the ticket and validate it for the new travel date, and you have to show the USA or NAR pass as well as your passport.

more information can/should be obtained from:

amtrak - 1.800.USA.RAIL (872.7245) or

via rail - 1.888.VIA.RAIL (862.7245) or

Does Amtrak run on Christmas day?

Does Amtrak run on Christmas day?

Amtrak runs 24/7, 365. Yes they operate on Christmas day

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