Blame Someone Else Day 2020 is on Saturday, June 13, 2020: Are you celebrating Blame Somebody Else Day tomorrow?


Saturday, June 13, 2020 is Blame Someone Else Day 2020. Blame Someone Else Day Blame Someone Else Day

Are you celebrating Blame Somebody Else Day tomorrow?

I've never heard of this but now that I have, I'll blame everyone and everything that I can come up


What are some good Toastmasters Questions to ask with this theme "Blame Somebody Else Day"?

What are some good Toastmasters Questions to ask with this theme "Blame Somebody Else Day"?

how about i was going to ask you a question but i couldnt be arsed writting instead i gave the job to someone else and hes off sick so i blaim him then sit down :)

what’s up with this?everybody blame evereybody thing?

what's up with this?everybody blame evereybody thing?

People always want to blame somebody else for their own faults b/c it's the easy way out. There are reasons for blacks to blame 'the (white) man' for the predicament they're in, but that was YEARS ago, well really, it started years ago.

If whites hadn't gone to Africa and started bringing the Africans here and making them slaves, then that would be one less thing to complain about, but since they did, black people are going to continue to blame whitey for their problems. There are many stereotypes that go w/ the black person these days. If you didn't get a chance, you need to see if you can watch Black White. It was a show that came on FX. It was great. It took a black family and a white family, put make up on them so they could look like the other race, and then put them out in the world so that they could see what it was like to be in each others' shoes. It was an eye-opening experience for all who participated. Often times, blacks are looked down upon by other races. They feel we're all lazy, thugs, gangstas, wellfare using and section 8 having folks who aren't getting ahead in life b/c we don't want to. And that is true about SOME black people, but not all. Then you have those blacks who have gone to the best colleges, are very affluent, and are extremely proper in their presentation. They're looked down upon by other blacks and called sell-outs. Thankfully for me, I'm somewhere in the middle, so I fit well w/ any race. I'm not too 'ethnic' and I'm not so 'bleached' either. It is difficult to balance between races at times.

Now as far as other races go...I work for the Dept of Foreign Labor, so I know just how many people are trying to get to stay here in the US and what types of jobs they want/have. In India, learning the computer world is very big there. That's what you do. You go to school and get a degree in IT. It's much cheaper labor in India, so they find a way to get over here so that they can make more money. The difference between them and people from the US, is that they send money home. They believe in taking care of their elders, we on the other hand are very quick to put them in nursing homes or hire somebody else to take care of them b/c we are too busy. Then people from Mexico want to be here, and they're willing to work for it. They send money home as well. And most of the times, they'll take jobs that nobody else wants. I dare some of the rich white people to go one week w/o having a Mexican person around. They will have a heart attack. Who is going to maintain their lawn? Who is going to keep their house in order?

Unfortunately, you're a product of your environment. If you were taught that Asians are stupid, then you will grow up thinking that Asians are stupid, until you see for yourself that that statement isn't true. Some may not do what you want or they may not think like you, but it doesn't make them stupid. If you grow up poor as dirt, that might be the only life you know how to live, and it gets scary once you have the opportunity to get away from that lifestyle. You don't want to mess it up, but you don't want to be broke forever either, so you end up stuck. If your family is rich, and you've had everything you've wanted whenever you've wanted it, you're less likely to appreciate how much $1 is really worth. Working to make $5.15/hr is a big deal for some people, and just change for others. But how you earn that money is what makes you feel good about yourself. Same goes w/ different cultures. You dont know what kind of struggle the next person has gone thru, is going thru, and will go thru b/c you're not the same culture, and until you get a taste of the discrimination they face, you'll never be able to appreciate why certain things are so imporant to them.

The US is a big melting pot. Having different races and different cultures is what sets us apart from other countries. We accept much more than other places. People feel they have a better chance at life living here in the US than back home. We should be more sensitive to others' feelings and beliefs, and stop being so selfish!

Like I said, it's easier to point the finger at somebody else so that we don't have to own up to our faults. Too much immaturity and too high of a self-image if you ask me.

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