Camera Day 2021 is on Tuesday, June 29, 2021: What are the best professional cameras these days?


Tuesday, June 29, 2021 is Camera Day 2021. Vandal-proof PTZ Camera‎ High Quality MP IP Cameras For Video Surveillance & Security

Camera Day

There's no better day than Camera Day to snap several photos throughout your lunch hour, in your commute to operate, or each time a moment of inspiration strikes. Cameras and photography allow us substantially through the years, from the early roots using the French inventor Frederick Niépce right as much as present day photography.Frederick Niépce was a French inventor he's most noted among the creators of photography and was a pioneer in the area. He developed the heliograph a method accustomed to make the world’s first known photograph in 1825, the vista in the window at Le Gras the families estate.In 1839, Louis Jacques Daguerre required the very first fixed image that didn’t fade. He is acknowledged for his invention from the daguerreotype process of photography. He grew to become known among the fathers of photography. His method needed half an hour of exposure. He named the procedure – the Daguerreotype. Tintypes were developed in 1856 by Hamilton Cruz and decades later, George Eastman invented flexible and unbreakable film that may be folded. It was the birth from the first Kodak which was offered available in 1888.In 1925 the Leica I continued purchase, the Leica’s immediate recognition created numerous rivals. Kodak launched its Retina I in 1934 though 35 mm cameras remained as from achieve for most of us things would soon change with the development of the affordable Argus A in 1936. Japan camera industry started using the birth of Canon in 1936 with its 35 mm range finder. Japanese cameras would soon become incredibly well-liked in the western world following the Korean War as veterans and soldiers positioned in Japan introduced it well towards the U . s . States.While conventional cameras were increasingly refined and complicated, a completely new kind of camera made an appearance available on the market in 1948. While TSLR and SLR remained as the trend this new camera would alter the way people would capture reminiscences. It was the Polaroid, the world’s first instant-picture camera, no development needed. Referred to as a Land Camera after its inventor, Edwin Land, this camera could produce finished positive prints in the uncovered disadvantages within a minute. This new camera required the marketplace by storm people no more needed to sit still for lengthy amounts of time to ensure that their digital photographer to snap an image.The very first camera which was in a commercial sense was offered in December of 1989 in Japan, the DS-X by Fuji. In 1991, Kodak introduced to promote the Kodak DCS-100, the start of a lengthy type of professional Kodak DCS SLR cameras which were based simply on film physiques. It used single.3 megapixel sensor and was listed at $13,000.The very first in a commercial sense available camera, within the U . s . States, was the 1990 the Dycam Model 1. It had been initially an industrial failure since it was black and whitened, lower in resolution, and price nearly $1,000 however this transformed and shortly grew to become preferred among photography enthusiasts.Using the standardisation of JPEG and MPEG in 1988 which permitted images and video clips to become compressed for storage onto a SD or CF card. With the development of the Nikon D1 in 1999 at 2.47 mega pixels, it was the very first dslr which was entirely with a major manufacturer. The D1 price of just below $6,000 was affordable for professional photography enthusiasts and-finish customers. This camera also used Nikon F-mount contacts, which meant photography enthusiasts could utilise most of the contacts they previously possessed.By 2010, almost all cell phones featured built-in camera having a resolution of just one-2 mega pixels digital camcorder. Many cameras also featured built-in GPS.Should you choose get on an outing together with your camera today, make sure to share your images to the Flickr group let’s observe how you've celebrated Camera Day. 

What are the best professional cameras these days?

The camera I would use today is the 5D Mark III... since that's what I have now. You can use any DSLR that was made in the last 5 years from Canon and Nikon. Any DSLR today from the two, including Sony, etc. will be fine. What's important is to get a good telephoto lens for the body of choice. There are also third party lens from Sigma, Tamron, Zeiss, etc. if you want to do nature, landscape photography, want to go digital, and you have the money, then get a digital back medium format camera. You'll get a higher megapixel image with better image quality, color reproduction and dynamic range. However, you won't get fast burst speeds and ridiculously high ISO. These cameras will also be bulkier due to the larger sensor.

comments on modern day camera’s?

comments on modern day camera's?

In my opinion today's cameras, especially DSLRs, are excessively and overly complex. An Owner's Manual can easily be 200 to 300 pages long or more. When the standard was the 35mm film camera, a Manual seldom exceeded 60 pages - and several pages were used for illustrations. (Yes, I'm aware that current Owner's Manuals also devote pages to illustrations). Plus, today you have to buy editing programs and have a fairly robust computer to handle all the data from the image files. Sure, there was a cost involved in setting up a darkroom but you didn't have to upgrade your enlarger every 6 to 12 months because a new version was released.

I've long lost track of the number of people in here who claim that digital photography is cheaper than film. "Oh you can take hundreds of pictures for free." Nothing is free. Once you have a full memory card you have to look at your images on your monitor and decide which ones you want to print. So you either invest in a color printer and the necessary paper to print them at home or you take your card to a kiosk at Walmart or Costco or wherever and PAY to print them out. Really not much different than me dropping off a 36 exposure roll of film at a local 1 Hour Lab.

Then, of course, one has to look at the cost of equipment. Since I've been involved with photography for over 37 years I've amassed a lot of camera bodies and lenses. I know myself and what I like so I know I'd only be satisfied with a full-frame DSLR. So that's a $3000.00 expense. I also know I'd want lenses comparable to what I have for my 35mm system - 16mm f2.8, 21mm f2.8, 24mm f2.8, 28mm f2.8, 35mm f2.8, 50mm f1.4, 58mm f1.2, 85mm f1.7, 100mm f4 macro, 135mm f2.8, 200mm f3.5, 300mm f4.5, 35-70mm f3.5 and 70-210mm f4 constant aperture zooms. (Confession: I long ago succumbed to the old saying "One can have too many lenses but one can never have enough). I've no idea how much it would cost for comparable lenses today but its much, much more than I'm willing to pay. I haven't included replacing flash units, filters, etc. As one can easily see it would be foolish to spend 7 to 8 thousand dollars to do what I already do. Perhaps if I were 21 instead of 61 and harbored delusions of being a professional photographer I'd think differently.

I actually feel sorry for today's professional photographers. The life span of a camera body used to be measured in decades. Now its 2 to 3 years or less. Some lenses approach the cost of a small car but are "must have" to remain competitive and current. Lets not forget the laptop computer that photographers must carry along. Then, of course, professional photographers have to watch as some wannabe buys a DSLR, a flash and a couple of lenses and considers themselves ready to photograph a wedding. At a much lower cost, of course.

Ah progress. Ain't it grand?

Where do i get instant camera these days?

Where do i get instant camera these days?

Polaroid cameras are available at most of your drug stores (CVS, Longs Drugs, Walgreens) or department stores like Target or Wal-mart.

For drug stores, they' re usually located behind the photography counter. For department stores, go to the electronics department. It is most likely there.

Good luck with finding one! By the way, the Polaroid I bought cost about $50.00 and film is about $12.00 for a box.

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