Career Nurse Assistants Day 2021 is on Saturday, June 12, 2021: Advice on nursing assistant career?


Saturday, June 12, 2021 is Career Nurse Assistants Day 2021. Nurse Assistant Jobs‎ NHS Nursing Jobs Available Throughout The UK. Contact Us Now.

Advice on nursing assistant career?

Ask yourself if the problem with a career in massage therapy was because you didn't enjoy close contact with clients. Or maybe you don't feel you have the 'people skills' to manage that job. Could it have been the hours you had to work?

Working as a nursing assistant can be really hard work, especially in nursing facilities. You'll have days when there are only two of you there to take care of (bathe, feed, toilet and clean up after) 30 patients. That includes back-breaking work. You won't get much thanks for your work, so unless you get personal satisfaction out of it, you'll go home feeling unappreciated.

Just about any job that uses nursing assistants (and nurses, for that matter) has to have coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There's no guarantee that you'll get day shifts or that you'll have weekends or holidays off.

Having said all that, I started out as a nurses' aide - that's what we were called back then - I did find it self satisfying and went for my nursing license. I worked in nursing for 30+ years and never didn't love my jobs. So if it's for you, go for it.

Career options (( veterinarian assistant, dental assistant, and child day care))?

Career options (( veterinarian assistant, dental assistant, and child day care))?

I have worked as a childcare assistant and a dental nurse...both aren't great paying jobs. However if there are opportunities to specialise with dental assistanting. Then the pay is a lot better. I will let you know about my experience in each.

Childcare Worker

You can work as an unqualified however you wage, job prospects and responsibities are less. There are three levels for childcare workers..

Level 1 which is unqualified

Level 2 which is as an assistant. You need to study for a certificate. Your second in charge in the room and help the with planning activities, taking note of childrens' individual developmental milestones, participating in activites (engaging with children), promote learning and positive behaviour.

Level 3 which is qualified and you need to do a diploma study. As a qualified you are in charge of your room and have the most responsibility planning activities and chatting with parents. Its still similar to what a level 2 does but you get paid a little more.

Also with Level 2 and level 3 you can work with an agency and do temping. I personally loved was great going to a different place everyday. Working in one centre is fantastic too, helping children develop their confidence and learning. Its a very rewarding job emotionally, spiritually...just not financially.

Another plus is you are will be qualified to register with reliable agencies if you ever want to do Nanny work overseas! I do recommend doing this through a registered can be a fantastic way to travel and work while you are young.

Dental Assistant

Once again you can work as a qualified or unqualified this will effect how much you get paid and your level of responsibility. You can also work for an agency which pays more again.

Most dental nursing positions will be based on a working traineeship and certificate course. Your responsiblities will involve:

chairside assistanting (helping the dentist treat the patient, preparing materials, passing instruments)

looking out of patients general wellbeing: easing fears about procedures.

setting up the treatment room for each patient

responsible for infection control and sterilization of instruments

charting the patients teeth

educating patients on good oral hygene practices

reception duties: making appointments answering phones, accounts and filing

stock control and ordering


I enjoyed working as a dental assistant...but the dentists i work for were completely nuts! Lol!

It was a rewarding job however and you were always busy. It was a nice feeling when you would make an anixous patient feel better about their visit to the dentist...most people are pretty scared so it help to have a sense of humour, a smile and calm attitude.

If you want to advance you can work for a specialist and you usually get paid a lot more that general denistry.

I ended up specialising in Oral Surgery which was fantastic! General dentistry..fillings and so on...just got boring. I work for a really nice but highly neurotic Oral Facio Maxillary Surgeon. We would work half the week from his consulting rooms and the other half form a few different hospitals. I would mainly assist in extracting wisdom teeth, implant procedures, soft tissue biopsies, fractured jaws, tmj's, removal of tumours and cysts and cosmetic and reconstructions facial surgery. It was interesting :-)

You can't be sensitive to the sight of blood and need to be able to respond quickly under pressure. Is a job where you will become very organised and a total professionist when it comes to sterility. Its also stressful when people come in screaming and crying in pain (you get a lot of emergencies).

If you are lovely natured and enjoy helping people its a great job.

I never worked as a vet nurse but my friend is a vet and she employs people as trainees.

I haven't included average award wages because they vary depending on what country and state you are in. Just google the government award wage and there should be a list.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do


Nursing Career Questions?

Nursing Career Questions?

Nurses work all over the country in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and as private duty. Although the educational requirements to become a nurse are extensive for most nursing specialties, many people continue to choose nursing as a career because of the many rewards a career in nursing can provide.

Job Satisfaction

Nursing is a career that requires individuals who are caring, attentive and hand-on as they care for patients and interact with patient families. Happy News Inc. indicates that many nurses have the opportunity to work one-on-one with their patients and assist them through their recovery process following illness or injury. A career in nursing can bring a tremendous sense of personal and career satisfaction as a nurse witnesses the positive results of good nursing care on a patient's overall well being.


According to the University of Rochester School of Nursing, many individuals choose a career in nursing due to the level of flexibility the profession provides. A nurse can work full-time or part-time depending on financial and family needs. In some areas, a nurse may have the option to work different shifts during the day, evening or overnight. A nurse can also work extended 12-hour shifts three days a week rather than working 8 hours a day five days a week.


Nursing can also provide a decent living to many individuals and their families. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports nurses earned an average of $62,450 per year for the 2008 calendar year. Some nurses can earn closer to $100,000 per year if they work in an area of the country with higher wages, or if they specialize as a surgical nurse or other skilled nurse.

Job Growth

Many people choose nursing as a career because of the job growth potential. Some individuals start out as a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, and continue with their education to become a Registered Nurse, or RN. Nursing involves a variety of fields and specializations that offer advancement opportunities even once an individual becomes a registered nurse. An individual can continue to advance to other positions within the field for many years.


A career in nursing offers a certain level of job security because trained nurses are always needed in the medical field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some areas report difficulty finding and retaining qualified nursing personnel, and overall growth in the nursing field is expected to grow by at least 22 percent through 2018.

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