Chaos Never Dies Day 2019 is on Saturday, November 9, 2019: On SonicDX My Chao Died?

Saturday, November 9, 2019 is Chaos Never Dies Day 2019. November 9th is Chaos Never Dies Day is Chaos Never Dies Day

Chaos Never Dies Day

You will find, you probably know this, a large number of days devoted to worry relief, calmness and usually relaxing. All nowadays focus on the idea that we’re too busy, too bustly, and want to step from everything for a while. However the world doesn’t work like this – we’re all busy, constantly, and nothing’s ever simple or quiet!Chaos Never Dies Day takes setup the perfect, quiet moment we’re all pursuing and anticipating doesn’t – and sure won't – exist, which we ought to take full advantage of now, chaos-and-all, and embrace as soon as.

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On SonicDX My Chao Died?

Your chao most likely got aids, and died at a young age. We apologize for your loss. Its a very sad moment for most of us Americans. NEVER FORGET. CHAO 2013.

Poppy Day massacre!?!?!?

Poppy Day massacre!?!?!?

The Enniskillen Remembrance Day Massacre"

8th November 1987 - 11 people dead

(The Poppy day bombing)

The bomb went off on Remembrance Sunday, a day dedicated to Britain's war dead.

Just before 11.00am on 8th November 1987 a Provisional IRA bomb exploded without warning as people gathered at the war memorial in Enniskillen for the annual Remembrance Day service. Eleven people were killed and 63 injured, nine of them seriously, when the three-story gable wall of St Michael's Reading Rooms crashed down burying people in several feet of rubble. The Provisional IRA admitted responsibility the following day.

Many of those killed and injured in the blast had come to honour soldiers killed in action. Amateur video footage of the immediate aftermath horrified people in both communities and the bombing was condemned on all sides.

The "Poppy day massacre victims are as follows:-

William Mullen 72 yrs, married with children and retired (Civilian)

Angus Mullen 70 yrs married (Civilian)

Kitchener Johnson 70 yrs married murdered with his wife Jessie (Civilian)

Jessie Johnson 70 yrs married murdered with her husband Kitchener. (Civilian)

Wesley Armstrong 62 yrs married murdered with his wife Bertha (Civilian)

Bertha Armstrong 53 yrs married and murdered with her husband Wesley.(Civilian)

John Megaw 68yrs (Civilian)

Edward Armstrong 52 yrs member of the 'Chosen Few' Orange Lodge and a member of the RUCR

Georgina Quinton 72 yrs widow with four children. (Civilian)

Marie Wilson 20 yrs single and was a nurse (Civilian)

Samuel Gault 49 yrs (Civilian)

All of the dead were Protestants and civilains apart from one man who was a member of the Reserve RUC.

As these people and others stood waiting to remember the dead of the Two World Wars and other past and present conflicts in the World. The Provisional IRA/Sinn Fein detonated a bomb with no warning being given. This time the IRA/Sinn Fein had murdered Protestants engaged in a solemn act of remembrance and reaffirmation of their heritage. This heinous act was done while the town of Enniskillen prepared to remembered their kith and kin who died and were injured in past wars and the present 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland. This IRA/Sinn Fein bomb containing 40 IB of gelignite was hidden in a community hall just behind where the victims stood to commemorate their dead and all others throughout the World.

Read the report of a eye witness who helped after the explosion and Gordon Wilson who was a victim along with his daughter in the explosion

A man who lived nearby said "The explosion itself seemed to last about 15 seconds. Then there was the a dead silence for ten seconds. Then there was sobbing and crying. I'll never forget it. It was chaos. We just rushed to try to get the rubble off the people. Other relatives were looking for their relatives - children were looking for their mothers. I helped take the bricks off and I consoled people. There were two bodies in the street. People were crying, soldiers, were crying. The most seriously injured were pressed up against a railing by a wall that collapsed on top of them. People knew their relatives were underneath it. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and helped."

When the dust settled everyone lifted bricks and rubble with their bare hands as they fanatically search for any survivors through the rubble. The Mullans, the Johnsons and the Armstrongs were killed. Gordon Wilson and his daughter were buried in the rubble. They were unable to move but held one another hands...

If people did not die would there be a need for religion? any religion?

If people did not die would there be a need for religion? any religion?

Crimmy...great question! I never thought about that. I have to confess that much of what I do is related to how I will be judged one day before God. I would like to think that i would still serve if there was no death, but I can't say for sure. It would be a crazy place for sure with no death. Think of all the people you could meet!

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