Childhood Depression Awareness Day 2020 is on Wednesday, May 6, 2020: What do all the awareness ribbons represent?


Wednesday, May 6, 2020 is Childhood Depression Awareness Day 2020. Is Your child Depressed Get no-cost care from local doctors & $450 Compensation. Learn more.

What do all the awareness ribbons represent?


* Bipolar disorder awareness and support

* Cerebral Palsy awareness and support

* Gastroschisis

* Depression

* Aging Research awareness

* Lyme Disease

* Organ transplantation and donation awareness

* Kidney Cancer aka Renal Cell Carcinoma Awareness

* Environmental protection

* Mitochondrial disease awareness

* Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections

* Pedestrian Safety


* Adoption Awareness

* Methamphetamine Abuse Awareness

* Forgiveness

* Safe Childbirth & Motherhood

* Multiple Hereditary Exostoses

* Male on female violence

* Lung Cancer (sometimes pearl-colored)


* Bone Cancer / Osteosarcoma

* American soldiers ("support our troops")

* Suicide awareness and prevention

* Endometriosis awareness

* Bladder Cancer

* Genocide awareness


* Self-injury awareness

* Energy awareness in Nigeria

* Animal protection awareness

* Leukemia Awareness

* Multiple Sclerosis awareness

* Kidney cancer survivorship and awareness

* ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

* CPRS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrom)


* Mourning and remembrance of the Virginia Tech massacre

* Melanoma awareness


* Mental illness awareness

* Borderline personality disorder awareness

* Diabetes awareness

* Brain cancer awareness

* Asthma awareness


* Spirit Day and victims of homophobia

* crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis

* Horse Slaughter Prevention and Awareness

* Chiari Malformation

* Sarcoidosis

* Lupus

* Fibromyalgia

* Show religious tolerance

* Promoting remembrance and awareness of violence against women

* Domestic violence awareness

* Childhood stroke awareness

* Cystic fibrosis awareness

* Alzheimer's disease awareness

* Pancreatic cancer awareness


* Heart Disease/Heart Attack

* AIDS awareness

* Substance abuse awareness (Red Ribbon Week is commonly held in American schools)

* Vasculitis awareness

I would recommend checking out the page. There are many color variations, too.

Is there a day to respect people who commited suicide NOT related to LGBT?

Is there a day to respect people who commited suicide NOT related to LGBT?

No. To honor such a thing would be racist and insensitive to the LGBT community. Only they can have special remembrance days or we're intolerant.

scientifically how do anxiety and depression work together?

scientifically how do anxiety and depression work together?

I'm no scientist, but I've read a lot of psychology books, articles etc & suffer from depression and anxiety.

My depression was due to greif and anger burried & repressed, also feelings of powerlessness due to the narcissist/codependancy dysfunction in childhood. At the same time, I was probably always going to be a person who cries easily and has a heightened awareness of sensitivity, which is the genetic part. I don't think the depression is a flawed person, I think it's a sensitivity that can be taught unhealthy ways of being, it's a very grey area.

I feel that anxiety is this intense underlying fear that all of the terrible things that happened once, may happen at any time. A fear of being completely unloved by anyone, but not knowing that's where the fear comes from. Old memories hanging on deep within the subconscious telling the mind that the world is not a safe place and that it's not OK to be vulnerable. I see it as like a faulty defense mechanism with out of date beliefs that are no longer relevant, but were very important once long ago in order to survive. Once I wrote that a panic attack is the sum of all angry outbursts suppressed.

Being so vigilent every day, steals away life. That's the anxiety. For me it was repressed rage, but I suppose it could be any suppressed emotion. The avoidance causes helplessness, los of function. Feeling like having no control over one's life, that is the depression.

I suppose the example with the clenching is an example of how the adrenaline of anxiety makes the body clench up, and to try not to take the symptoms too seriously, they are only symptoms, not the real problem at all.

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