Corn Fritters Day 2018 is on Monday, July 16, 2018: How to make basic corn fritters?

Monday, July 16, 2018 is Corn Fritters Day 2018. July 16 – National Corn Fritters Day National Corn Fritters Day

Corn Fritters Day

Where would we do without corn fritters? This straightforward, humble dish is comfort food paradise. Incorperate your favorite condiment to some corn fritter and that’s good quality the right diet there.So, some vibrant spark had the truly amazing idea to produce a special day's celebration with this humble food favorite, and incredibly artistically known as it Corn Fritters Day. Who're we to argue with your a good idea? The greater people who eat corn fritters and recognize them for that culinary treat they're, the greater!Corn Fritters Day is really a celebration of comfort food and straightforward cooking. With a few corn, egg, flour, milk, and melted butter, anybody can throw together a load of those side dish faves. With a few creativeness, you can include your personal favorite elements to spice them up or create your own fritter monstrosity. Sardines and choc chips, anybody?

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How to make basic corn fritters?


3/4 cup plain flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon sugar or runny honey

1 large or 2 small eggs

1 tin creamed corn


oil for cooking


Put all dry ingredients into a bowl (there's no need to sift).

Add corn and eggs. Mix. If you're using honey, add it now. The mixture should be quite thick.

Heat oil (medium heat) and drop spoonfuls of mixture into pan, fry until bubbles form or until golden then flip. They puff up so you don't need much, I use either a teaspoon or half a tablespoon of mixture for toddler sized fritters.

You can add bacon, sweet chilli sauce or anything to make it a bit more interesting.

These take next to no time and you can make them in big batches and freeze as well. Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, delicious! Good for any time of the day. Try it!

Have you ever had a fritter?

Have you ever had a fritter?

Had them??? I spent countless hours making corn fritters for an area restaurant...then served hot with pure maple syrup.

However, my kids love the apple fritters that I make...crunchy on the outside real tender on the inside. Sprinkled with confectioners sugar. I used to get up earlier in the AM to make a plate of them before I left for work. The kid appreciated that. Then one time I went to work and someone said "I smell frying donuts. Anyone else smell fried donuts"....and they all looked at me so then I knew not to do it anymore in my work clothes. LOL

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