Descendants Day 2021 is on Wednesday, June 30, 2021: Does Simon Bolivar had any descendant in these days?


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Does Simon Bolivar had any descendant in these days?

Simón Bolívar has no direct descendants. His closest living relatives descend from his sisters and brother. His sister Juana Bolívar y Palacios married their maternal uncle Dionisio Palacios y Blanco and had two children: Guillermo and Benigna.

Guillermo Palacios died fighting alongside his uncle Simón in the battle of La Hogaza on December 2, 1817. Benigna had two marriages, the first one to Pedro Breceño Méndez and the second to Pedro Amestoy.[12] Their great-grandchildren, Bolívar's closest living relatives, Pedro, and Eduardo Mendoza Goiticoa lived in Caracas, as of 2000.

His eldest sister, María Antonia married Pablo Clemente Francia and had four children: Josefa, Anacleto, Valentina and Pablo. María Antonia became Bolívar's agent to deal with his properties while he served as president of Gran Colombia and she was an executor of his will. She retired to Bolívar's estate in Macarao, which she inherited from him.[13]

His older brother, Juan Vicente, who died in 1811 on a diplomatic mission to the United States, had three children born out of wedlock whom he recognized: Juan, Fernando Simón and Felicia Bolívar Tinoco. Simón Bolívar saw to their and their mother's well-being after his brother's death. Bolívar was especially close to Fernando and in 1822 sent him to study in the United States, where he attended the University of Virginia. In his long life, he had minor participation in some of the major political events of Venezuelan history and also traveled and lived extensively throughout Europe. He had three children, Benjamín Bolívar Gauthier, Santiago Hernández Bolívar and Claudio Bolívar Taraja. Fernando died in 1898 at the age of 88.[14]

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Where are the descendants of royals of armenia now a days?

Where are the descendants of royals of armenia now a days?

I don't think there are any.

Or rather, there are too many - probably every Armenian is now descended from one of the country's many former Royal or Princely houses; however, there is no claimant or pretender to the Throne.

Many Armenian aristocratic families perished during wars with foreign invaders, notably Arabs and Turks; they realized that the Armenian state was based on the national aristocracy and thus adopted policies of annihilation of the Armenian nobility. For example, in 705 around 800 Armenian noblemen were invited together under pretense of negotiations and massacred. The remaining descendants of Armenian Noble and Royal Houses were exterminated during the Armenian Genocide.

Nevertheless, some Armenian noble houses lived through these tragedies and continued their efforts to liberate the country. Some descendants of the Armenian nobility achieved high-ranking positions at foreign royal courts. The Georgian branch of the Armenian noble family of Bagratuni was enthroned as Bagrationi and became the reigning house in Georgia. An entire line of noblemen of Armenian descent reigned in Byzantium. As a result of dynastic marriages, the descendants of the Armenian royal house of Lusignan (Lusinian), once ruling over Cilicia and Cyprus, merged with the representatives of the west European royal dynasty of Savoy reigning in parts of Italy.

In the unlikely event Armenia considered restoring its Monarchy (and that's very, very unlikely), the strongest claim would belong to either Georgian Royal House of Bagrations (who, as mentioned above, come from a cadet branch of the Armenian Royal House of Bagratunis), or the Italian Royal House of Savoy, who are descended through several lines from the Armenian (Cilician) Royal House of Lusignan.

Technically speaking, even British Royal could have a claim since Queen Elizabeth is a direct descendant of both Lusignan House and several other Armenian Royal or Noble families.

Convict Descendants Day?

Convict Descendants Day?

Let your aunt do it. You can do it next year, or after she dies. Age before beauty.

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