Dollars Against Diabetes Day 2020 is on Sunday, June 14, 2020: questions about diabetes (type 1)?


Sunday, June 14, 2020 is Dollars Against Diabetes Day 2020. L-1 raises money for diabetes research (Dollars Against Diabetes)

questions about diabetes (type 1)?

I suppose that you live in America. Land that is 37 th in health care.Yet Americans are against the health care bill. And there are no answers to your Questions. Best bet is to move to Britain. You tell me what good is health care if you can't afford it.

When she checks , prick the side of the finger ,just below the side of the nail. It hurts less. Also once stabilized and eating about the same thing everyday she may cut down on the tests.

Excessive testing is great for the drug companies. They spend millions just to make sure you do. I am type 2 . I don't test at all. Only every three months. Because my HBA1C is 5.5 And fasting is 111 I don't fall into the trap. The reason is that my sugar is under control. If I tested 2 or 3 times a day , what would it actually mean. I can do no more to control sugar besides more drugs. I move to Thailand from the US so as to get reasonable care at low prices. I buy all my drugs over the counter for Pennies. America is no the great land everyone thinks it is. For immigrants , Yes, great ! but to be born American you give up a lot Icost me $4 to se see a good english speaking doctor. I once broke my shoulder , right at the ball. Cost for emergency, x-rays and treatment $100..WOW.


Are you for or against vaccinations? Why?

Are you for or against vaccinations? Why?


I have put in many hours of research into both sides of the vaccine debate and in my opinion the voice against vaccines just makes more sense. When I looked at the vaccine inserts and the list of obnoxious vaccine ingredients including nuerotoxins, carcinogens and foreign animal DNA and then looked at the HUGE list of possible side-effects including chronic illnesses, brain swelling, and death, and then read the countless stories by parents who witnessed their children have one of these side-effects including many death stories, choosing not to vaccinate was a very easy decision for me to make. Of course all the pro-vaxxers will say these stories are just fallacies or anecdotal evidence even though the side-effects these children had were listed right on the insert, they will still deny it was the vaccine, which I find to be quite ridiculous. I find it really sad that so many parents think they are protecting their children from diseases with vaccines when there is NO guarantee of this at all, it even says so right on the inserts. "Vaccines do NOT guarantee immunity". They are polluting their children's bodies for a maybe, and possibly causing many other health issues like asthma, ADHD, diabetes, Autism, cancer, allergies... just to name a few. I take great comfort in knowing that I have chosen to protect my child from death,injuries, and illnesses caused by vaccines by not allowing that stuff anywhere near him and in doing so I am guaranteed his safety from the serious injuries and health issues they can cause. Childhood diseases have very high survival rates(more than a 98% chance of making a full recovery) so long as your child has a healthy immune system that hasn't been compromised by the toxins in vaccines. So the way I look at it is you can either "maybe" protect your child from relatively harmless childhood diseases by injecting them with poisons and foreign tissues and run the risk of causing numerous other health issues and possibly death or you can be *guaranteed* their protection from suffering from one or more of the many possible side-effects caused by vaccines by NOT vaccinating. I chose to go with the guarantee because I'd rather my child maybe suffer a short time with a disease than a life-time with a vaccine injury or illness or even possibly be killed by a vaccine. Here is a link to over a thousand stories by parents who wish they could go back in time and refuse the shot that injured or killed their child, after reading these stories during my pregnancy I knew I had to protect my son from becoming the next possible victim of vaccine injury or death:

If vaccines were really safe the NVICP (National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) wouldn't exist. It has paid out over a billion dollars in compensation so far to parents of children injured or killed by vaccines. Many more deserve compensation but were denied. I refuse to allow my child to become the next victim.

Infectious diseases were rapidly declining way before vaccines were introduced due the improvements that have been made by the development of sewerage treatment plants, clean drinking water, sanitation, learning the importance of proper nutrition, and by stopping the spraying of heavy metal pesticides and the pollution of our rivers, lakes, and oceans. These are the REAL reasons for the decline. Big Pharma swooped in at the tail-end of the decline and is taking credit for what was happening naturally. I honestly believe most diseases wouldn't even exist today in the well-developed countries but the vaccines themselves keep these diseases around because they actually start the outbreaks. I have read many stories by parents whose child came down with the disease just days after they were vaccinated against it. A vaccinated child is injected with the weakened virus and can shed the live virus for up to 6 weeks after being injected possibly infecting others. Not all children's immune systems can fight off the virus but instead can become ill with the disease.

I find it quite silly that in order to protect your child from death and disabilities caused by disease you are supposed to inject them with a substance that also has the potential to cause death and disabilities.(all which are listed on the inserts) With absolutely NO guarantee of immunity (also listed on the insert). That doesn't sound like very good protection to me! No one knows if their child will suffer a serious reaction until after they are injected and by then it is too late, and even if your child doesn't suffer an immediate reaction they still could suffer from cancer or a chronic illness later in life due to the build up of toxins in their bodies, Also there is NO such thing as a vaccine preventable disease because vaccines have NEVER been proven to prevent anything other than good health.

what is the milk amount that we should drink each day?

what is the milk amount that we should drink each day?

none. milk is bad for you.

A group of doctors opposed to dairy products wants the government to investigate health claims in the milk industry's "Got Milk?" advertising campaign.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) said it will file a petition with the Federal Trade Commission today questioning whether milk is as good for people as the ads say it is. Dr. Neal D. Barnard, president of PCRM, points out that dairy cattle rarely graze on grass any more, but are fed chemically engineered feeds and pumped full of hormones to keep them artificially inseminated. The unsanitary conditions of their stalls make a regimen of antibiotics mandatory to prevent disease.

The PCRM will ask the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether the National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board, the Milk Industry Foundation, the International Dairy Foods Association, and Bozell Worldwide, Inc., an advertising agency, have disseminated scientifically unsubstantiated, purposefully deceptive, and harmful advertising. According to the doctors group, there is little or no evidence that people benefit from milk-drinking. To add insult to injury, many people are lactose intolerant and experience gastrointestinal problems from milk.

"The dairy industry continues to whitewash the dangers of cow's milk," Dr. Barnard tells USA Today. "The ubiquitous "milk mustache" campaign makes misleading claims about milk preventing osteoporosis, lowering blood pressure, and enhancing sports performance. Recent studies, including the Harvard Nurses' Health Study, have shown that milk offers no protection against broken bones. And, unlike prescription drug ads, the "mustache" ads don't reveal the many unwanted 'side-effects' of milk, among them increased risk of prostate and ovarian cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. . . "The dairy industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars promoting milk as being good for you when the evidence clearly shows it is not."

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