Duran Duran Day 2019 is on Saturday, August 10, 2019: Who likes DURAN DURAN?

Saturday, August 10, 2019 is Duran Duran Day 2019. Duran Duran to headline London 2012 Olympics concert as music fans ... Hey day: Duran Duran band

Duran Duran Day

Duran Duran Day remembers 80′s rock symbols, Duran Duran – a band who pressed the boundaries of acceptable music video content. Try hearing some Duran Duran at the office, within the vehicle, and also at home take it easy, it’s formally ok for starters day!

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Who likes DURAN DURAN?

duran duran are fab! everybody likes them- whether they'll admit that is a different story...

i love late bar too- secret oktober is another good b-side. have you listened to the wedding album yet? it's very good. here's my recommended list of order to listen to the albums in:

1. rio (the most famous most iconic one- number 20 in top 100 albums)

2. seven and the ragged tiger (the number one album, very dancy)

3. Duran Duran (the debut, new-wave album)

4. so red the rose (an arcadia album- some members of DD under a different name. listen to this before you listen to forth album, notorious)

5. Notorious (a jazzy slick album, cross between Arcadia arty music and power station rock)

6. Which songs off that album did you prefer? If you liked Proposition and Winter Marches On, try Big Thing, the experimental album- a mixture of electro pop and very nice ballads. If you preferred Vertigo and Hold Me, try Liberty. Liberty was a bit hit and miss- My Antarctica is beautiful but as an album, not great.

7. Thank You, a covers album voted worst album ever by nme.

Avoid 911 is a joke but listen to perfect day (lou reed gave it the thumbs up!)

8. The Wedding Album (This has ordinary world on- one of the three tracks that everyone knows. The 7th album and one of the best, imo)

9. Medazzaland (the lost album. it was released 10 years ago in japan and south america but was never released in europe. Electric Barbarella is a highlight but quite a miserable, though good, album. John Taylor left halfway through)

10. Astronaut (Happy music when the 5 were back together again in 2003. More sedate at end but reach up for the sunrise will cheer you up)

11. Pop Trash (However, 'The Sun Doesn't Shine Forever'. DD were hanging on by a thread and this is the least successful album. Lava Lamp is fun, a mixture of fun and apocalyptic misery. And someone else not me is nice.)

12. Red Carpet Massacre (Released only last year, badly publicised. If you like Timbaland you'll like this. Critics haven't been very nice about it- it's a love it or hate it album)

Hope I've helped!xx

Roberto Duran against modern day greats?

Roberto Duran against modern day greats?

Roberto Duran vs Juan Manuel Marquuez @ 135lbs- JMM did well against Pac, but a Duran at 135 is much more of a nightmare than Pacquiao. Manny has put JMM on his rear 4 times in 2 fights, against Duran, JMM does not get up.

Roberto Duran vs Manny Pacquiao @ 140lbs- you don't lose to Torrecampo, 3K, Morales, get dropped by Hussein Hussein, and have 2 struggles against Marquez and beat Duran.

Roberto Duran vs Floyd Mayweather @ 147lbs- This is a difficult fight to pick. since this is a "fantasy matchup", "No Mas" has not happened, and in that case, if Leonard frustrated Duran that much, so could Floyd. If we're talking about the Duran that won the 15 round decision against Ray, he puts enough pressure and ferocity on Floyd and wins a close one, but misses more punches than he ever has, and is surprised that Mayweather is stronger than he thought.

Roberto Duran vs Sergio Matinez @ 154lbs- a motivated Duran like the one who fought Moore wins a decision or even stops Martinez.

Good songs by Duran Duran?

Good songs by Duran Duran?

Duran Duran - My Own Way (album version)

Better than the released single.

Duran Duran - New Moon On Monday

Interesting video

Duran Duran - New Religion

Nice, choppy bass makes an infectious dance-rock groove. Good YouTube user video.

Duran Duran - I Don't Want Your Love (Big Mix)

One thing that makes Duran Duran so good is they don't lose their style in a remix.

Duran Duran - Skin Trade

Personal favorite. Would have been a huge hit if it had come out in the first 3 albums.

Duran Duran - All She Wants Is

Instant club hit, but still very New Wave. Note the Eurythmics-style song and video.

Duran Duran - Lonely In Your Nightmare

Classy album cut from Rio. Love the chorus, and the cute little guitar hook.

And the side projects:

Power Station - Some Like It Hot

When disco band Chic, Duran Duran and solo artist Robert Palmer joined forces. Incredible.

Arcadia - Election Day

1985 side project while Andy Taylor was doing the Thunder album.

Speaking of side projects and Duran Duran:

Andy Taylor - Take It Easy

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