Ellis Island Family History Day 2019 is on Wednesday, April 17, 2019: Help with 4 history questions?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 is Ellis Island Family History Day 2019. Ellis Island Records‎ Discover the journey of your American ancestors on Ancestry.com.

Help with 4 history questions?

4. Where did the majority of Asian immigrants from settle in the United States?

- West Coast

8. Which correctly matches an immigrant group to the region where most eventually settled?

- Scandinavian—Midwest

9. Which best describes an immigrant family's experience at Ellis Island?

- They were interviewed thoroughly, given physical examinations, and usually left the same day they arrived.

10. How did the experience of most Asian immigrants at Angel Island differ from that of Europeans at Ellis Island?

- It took longer and they were treated poorly, reflecting the widespread bias against Asians.

I'm sorry I never explained any of the answers to you, I would have, but I'm lazy lol.

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How do I find my family history?

How do I find my family history?

I have not done this in a few yrs, but I was at it each day for about 12. you start with one of your parents and then you do one of there parents and then the search is on, BUT you have to search is piece of information out for yourself, you cannot take what you read as the truth, like my great granny someone said she was married no she was never married my mom is 83 and she knows she new her and was around here up until she died so see someone took info they where given thought it to be true and that is why they never could find the mising piece of the puzzle.

Let me give you a good piece of advice write down who tells you the information if a woman get that maiden name and most of all write down the dates. And when you are getting information from older people buy a small hand held tape recorder in case you miss something they tell you. i would be more than glad to send you some forms to use and you can make copies of them to save you alot of money.........this is fun to do but there are tricks to it, I have my mother's mother's side traced back to 1778 and know the one that started or family line but there again there is alot of work to it and you have to really trace things out for yourself.. you want to start with the elderly because they are full of information and once they are gone the good information is gone, do not wait until it is to late.And another thing I do is when I take pictures i write peoples name & age on them and when they where taken..I hope this helps you if I can be of any fruther help let me know.And DO NOT pay for any information ther are to many place you can look with out paying.theresa

Where can I find a list of national days?

Where can I find a list of national days?

Here are some just for the the next week, beginning April 17! (I had no idea...!)

*Blah! Blah! Blah! Day: 17

*Ellis Island Family History Day: 17

*Ford Mustang Day: 17

Trivia Days: 17-19

World Hemophilia Day: 17 Link

Adult Autism Day: 18

*Pet Owners Independence Day: 18

Record Store Day: 18

Respect Your Mother Day: 18

Teach Your Daughter to Volunteer Day: 18

Third World Day: 18

*World Amateur Radio Day: 18 Link

Husband Appreciation Day: 18 (3rd Saturday)

Auctioneers Day: 18

*National Hanging Out Day: 19

*Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day: 19

Boston Marathon: 20

*Kindergarten Day: 21

*National Chocolate-covered Cashews Day: 21 Link

National Teach Your Children To Save Day: 21

*Chemists Celebrate The Earth Day: 22

*Earth Day: 22

*National Jelly Bean Day: 22 Link

Administrative Professionals Day or Secretary's Day: 22

*World Book & Copyright Day: 23

Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day: 23

Arbor Day: 24

National Hairball Awareness Day: 24

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