Felt Hat Day 2020 is on Tuesday, September 15, 2020: How to clean wool felt hats?


Tuesday, September 15, 2020 is Felt Hat Day 2020. Felt Hat Day‎ Scary, Sexy Or Silly. You Choose. Deals on Felt Hat Day!

Felt Hat Day

Up to the twentieth century, hats performed a remarkably natural part popular and attire – perhaps much moreso than today. Within the 1800s, felt would be a common material for hats, and Felt Hat Day encourages all of us to don a felt hat in tribute for this in the past significant, however somewhat neglected accessory.

How to clean wool felt hats?

When I studied tailoring and alterations we had a one day unit on hat care. Wool felt hats are designed to look good for a long time and wear well. Vintage fedoras from the 1940's are still around and still in as good condition as when they were made. You do need to take care of them and the routine you are doing now is pretty close to suggestions one could find on hat care in old fashion magazines. You might want to make one small change to your care routine: Duct tape is a bit too sticky it can lift up some of the shorter fibers of the felt and can leave a gummy residue if your aren't careful. Painter's masking tape is better, it's designed to to come off surfaces cleanly with no sticky tape gum left behind. Masking tape is what is used to make those sticky lint rollers. Some lint brushes can be a bit too hard on some smooth wool felts, making the surface fuzzy or worse, causing those little balls. Use an old soft toothbrush or a soft hat brush to brush up the nap of the hat after cleaning. A light sponging is good as long as you don't get the hat soaking wet. When the hat begins to look old and tired it might need a professional cleaning and blocking. Having a hat professionally cleaned and blocked will return the snap and crispness to the brim and it will remove any deep embedded dirt.

Also be sure to store your hat properly. For end of the day storage a hook or peg is fine. Don't let it get crushed or squished, don't store it anywhere damp or wet, keep it somewhere dry and if you are storing it for a long period of time try to store it on a hat stand, in a hat box, or stuff the crown with wadded up acid free tissue paper. Don't use newsprint or newspaper, those are too acid and the acid can leach into the wool and ruin it.

Side note: The traditional method from lifting dust and dirt from hats is to use bread wadded into a doughy lump. Because the price of bread is so high and it dough residue can lead to mold and rot if the hat is stored in a damp place it's not recommended any more.

Here are a few general hat tips:

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felt cowboy hats?

felt cowboy hats?

Well my hubby told me to tell you,(a cowboy) that usually in October is when most men used to start wearing felt hats. Although now a days guys wear them all year round. So to you its your choice.!!

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