Ferris Wheel Day 2019 is on Thursday, February 14, 2019: How many ferris wheels are in america to this day?

Thursday, February 14, 2019 is Ferris Wheel Day 2019. City of Winston-Salem Ferris wheel at the Dixie

Ferris Wheel Day

Ride high, high on the horizon (inside the constraints of the Perspex box mounted on a huge wheel) believe to celebrate Ferris Wheel Day?

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How many ferris wheels are in america to this day?

there is no real reference for most things carnival related. now if you only want the ones in amusement parks you may be able to call or go to their web sites and see what their rides are. search their site when there for ferris wheels and just add them up. i have been a carnys for going on 20 years now and i would only be able to guess...so here goes 1240. that includes carnivals and amusement parks. you can contact eli and other places that manufacture ferris wheels and ask how many were sold to americans...they my have stats on that. good luck on that essay. me i choose a different topic and start over.

Many questions about the ferris wheel.?

Many questions about the ferris wheel.?

Well ferris wheels are as old as 1893 and i doubt there were any other rides at fairs back then.

It gave excitement and it was an attraction to chicago back in the day.

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Does the Ferris Wheel ride scare you?

Does the Ferris Wheel ride scare you?

I wouldn't get on the Ferris Wheel now, for love, nor money. I used to ride it with my dad in my younger days. I'd even beg my dad to rock the car we were sitting in. Later on, as I got older, I became afraid of heights. Many years later, there was a story on the television, of a woman & another passenger, who were on the Ferris Wheel, when all of a sudden, the woman began screaming uncontrollably & the passenger kept yelling to the man running the ride, to stop the ride. Thinking that she was screaming because of the ride itself, he paid no attention to either passenger. When the ride finally stopped, the carnival worker, realized, that the woman's screams were because of a rattler snake that had been under the cushion of the ride. The woman had been bitten many times & was dead when the ride came to a stop. Luckily, the passenger wasn't bitten. That true story has stayed with me all those years. No more Ferris Wheel rides for me ever again!!!!!!

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