Ford Mustang Day 2019 is on Wednesday, April 17, 2019: is a ford mustang gt a good car?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 is Ford Mustang Day 2019. Ford® Mustang Deals - Special Offers on a Ford Mustang‎ See Your Official Dealer Today.

Ford Mustang Day

Ford Mustang Day commemorates of the day the Mustang was initial presented to everyone in 1964. Most new autos are launched in fall of the year labelled for the following year, so the very first Mustang was entitled a '64 1/2.

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is a ford mustang gt a good car?

fords over all have a better reputation than a lot of cars these days, a mustang is a very popular and a good car, a used mustang that has been well cared for by its owner will probably give you many years of service. All cars break down, some years are better than others, what I know from all my 40 plus years of being a car lover and asking lots of questions and my experience with american cars in particular is there are only a few ford engines that I found to be dependable and long lasting. The 302 or 5.0 as it is called now has been around for many years and is a good strong dependable motor. If I were going to buy a mustang the 5.0 would be my first pick, they have a newer small block that is a 4.6 (its a v8 though and pumped out 315 hp this is perfect for a small light car. however, I am a tried and true to the death V 8 guy. just today some young kid in his daddy's toyanda (or what ever, they all look the same) came flying up behind me like he had a real car I changed lanes to be in the front at a red light, and even though he was in the right lane behind me when I saw him speeding carelessly to a red light so he could slam on his brakes, when I moved to the left lane he swerved and honked the horn like I got in his way. I have a ho 350 and when the light turned green I gave it half throttle and out run the rice grinding crap car. At the next light at the base of a very steep hill was a red light and this time both lanes were open. He pulled daddy's car next to mine. when the light changed he tried to launch, and the second time I smoked him even worse going up hill . a fuel injected 4 1/2 cylinder may run ok, but you stick your foot in a high output 350 v8 and even its 330 hp is a blast up hill drive a fuel injected v8 and you will never go back..

Unfortunately for you, the insurance on a mustang gt with that 315 hp v8 is going to be really high. but that's life. hope you find your car good luck

Jeep Wrangler or Ford Mustang?

Jeep Wrangler or Ford Mustang?

Ford Mustang any day

Dodge Challanger v Ford Mustang v Chevvy Camaro?

Dodge Challanger v Ford Mustang v Chevvy Camaro?

Ford Mustang!

The Dodge Challenger and the Chevrolet Camaro failed once on the market. The reasons are pretty simple, neither asked the right market group what they wanted. Both GM and Chrysler have hung on to the belief that those who want American made muscle cars want them big and bulky. While Ford has responded to changing tastes. It started off as a compact of its day (Falcon/Fairlane), grew with time and then shrunk during the fuel crisis of the 70's. It has been redone size wise many times. The handling is advanced for its class. As bad as it was the Mustang II front suspension has found a home in about every hod rod being built these days.

As a result the new Challenger and Camaro suffer in handling, are not ergonomic in lay out. Yes all three are retro in looks. However the Mustang size wise is just right, is better balanced and more affordable.

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