Girl Scout Founder's Day 2020 is on Saturday, October 31, 2020: What are 6 important holidays in february?


Saturday, October 31, 2020 is Girl Scout Founder's Day 2020. Celebrating Juliette Gordon Low and Girl Scout Founders Day ... and Girl Scout Founders

What are 6 important holidays in february?

Black History Month (United States and Canada)

National School Counseling Week (first week, United States)

American Heart Month

Groundhog Day (February 2)

Mardi Gras (Sometime between February 3 to March 9 in non-leap years or February 4 to March 9 in leap years)

Ash Wednesday (Sometime between February 4 and March 10)

Waitangi Day, New Zealand (February 6)

The Super Bowl

AFC-NFC Pro Bowl

NBA All-Star game

Daytona 500

Westminster Dog Show

St. Valentine's Day (February 14)

Presidents' Day (3rd Monday of February), or Washington's Birthday (February 22)

Lincoln's Birthday (February 12)

Darwin Day celebration

Constitution Day (Mexico) (February 5)

Carnaval (Celebrated before Lent)

NHL All-Star game

Library Lovers Month

National Lactose Intolerance Awareness Month (Canada)

National Bird-Feeding Month

The Great Backyard Bird Count

Flag Day - Canada (February 15)

National Hot Breakfast Month

Imbolc February 2

Thinking Day (Girl Guides) February 22

B.P. day (Scouts Canada) February 22

Founder's Day (Scout Association (UK)) February 22

National Engineers Week (week of Presidents day) (United States)

Independence Day (Dominican Republic) (February 27)

International Mother Language Day (February 21)

National "Shake Your Booty" month

Questions about sm entertainment auditions in 2013?

Questions about sm entertainment auditions in 2013?

I've auditioned for the monthly one in July, so hopefully I'll be of some help~

1) You're a perfect age to audition! When I went, there were MANY people around the ages of 14-18 so you're at a perfect age. You should be pretty average at singing. I mean, you should have a pretty nice voice, but you don't need to be OUTSTANDING. That's why there is training! You have to be pretty good at dancing though, especially if you're a male (not that I'm assuming you are.) In SM, the male dance's are aLOT harder than girl groups. Look at SHINee...

2) It doesn't cost anything, however if you do get past the first round, I'm pretty sure you pay for your own plane ticket to go to Korea for the second round.

3) I recommend auditioning for the Global Audition. They get SO many emails for auditioning every day, that they most likely don't check them all. Plus with Global Auditions, you have a better chance.

4) Nearly 1/100 chance. When Amber auditioned via the Global Audition, there must have been 100+ people who auditioned. Yet only 2 people were picked that year via Global Audition.

5) You would go around 2-3 different auditions.

6) SNSD -> some got scouted (Jessica for ex), others did walk in auditions (Yoona). Taeyeon got signed in after she won 1st Place in the SM Everysing contest. Sunny, had a bit of an advantage. She already was a trainee through another company, and a singer/trainee at that company recommend Sunny to try out for SM. Not only that, she was SM's founder's niece. (Lucky, huh?) For SHINee, Onew was lucky. Soo Man (the founder of SM) was interested in him, and had an interview and such with him. The next day he got signed in! Taemin did weekly Saturday auditions, im pretty sure. I think that was the case for most of them.

For Wondergirls, I don't think you should worry. Because they are under JYP, and the way they do stuff at JYP may be different from SM.

Just calm all your nerves, and memorize your lyrics WELL. Make sure to do some vocal warmups.

Wish you best of luck!

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