Day 2020 is on Tuesday, September 15, 2020: did any one see's earth day page?


Tuesday, September 15, 2020 is Day 2020. Google+‎ Join and discover easy sharing, group video chat & more. Try now!

did any one see’s earth day page?

Google says it's just symbolic, it uses the same amount of energy as a white screen. Pretty cool though.

Yeah, this if from Google:

Google users in the United States will notice today that we "turned the lights out" on the homepage as a gesture to raise awareness of a worldwide energy conservation effort called Earth Hour. As to why we don't do this permanently - it saves no energy; modern displays use the same amount of power regardless of what they display. However, you can do something to reduce the energy consumption of your home PC by joining the Climate Savers Computing Initiative.

Problem with,,

Problem with,, and are the same...

major websites have local servers at many countries.. if any website has a server at india, then it ends with or .in only. rest of the website is same.

local servers are installed to cope with large number of users at a place, to provide them with faster services.. so, when u type on ur address bar, the request first goes to the india server, and it serves u with the page..

so there's no problem with ur pc or ur softwares... go surfing with these sites...

Okay, first of all... Nevermind...

You have to tell him, you take care of the pet.

My daughter had this problem. She's thirteen, and she has a big issue with her chinchilla, and taking care of her Pomerian. (I really don't like her dog...)

I told her that if she didn't take care of them, I would tke all her pets away. When she still didn't respond to me, I started taking away items she need.

A.K.A- Ipod, Gameboy, Cell Phone, Internet Access (It drove her NUTS To have a computer, with no internet.), Phone in her room, Sleep Overs, Going to the movies, and other things. After about say, a couple months, she cracked.

One day, she actually started cleaning her room, taking care of her chinchilla's, feeding the dog, cleaning up after the dog, walking the dog, being nice to her brother, and even feeding MY HAMSTER.

I talked to her about it, when I was taking things away, and she finally changed. Right now, she is cleaning her room, WITH OUT BEING ASKED!

Good luck!

Holidays also on this date Tuesday, September 15, 2020...