Haiku Poetry Day 2019 is on Wednesday, April 17, 2019: when did Haiku poetry start?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 is Haiku Poetry Day 2019. April 17, 2012: Blah Blah Blah Day, Haiku Poetry Day, Cheeseball Day National Haiku Poetry Day:

Haiku Poetry Day

Haiku Poetry Day encourages you to definitely try your hands at short, Japanese poems stay with a syllable pattern of 5-7-5 and you’re off and away to an excellent start – but it’s a lot more complex than that!To craft an ideal Haiku, you have to include some seasonality, along with a ‘cut’ (whether word or through punctuation) to produce a comparison between your styles and content from the haiku.

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when did Haiku poetry start?

Haiku originally emerged from 'Hokku' (Meaning 'Starting verse'). But in those days (Around the Mid-1600's), Hokkus were used only with Haiki no Renga (Prose mixed with Poetry). In a long narration, a Hokku (Opening line) was used to capture the entire feeling of the prose, but was never viewed as a separate poetry format.

But with time, 'Hokku' was separated from prose. It was Masaoka Shiki (1867–1902) who gave the name 'Haiku' and declared it as independent. However, Matuso Basho (1644–1694) and his students promoted 'Hokku' as an independent format long before the format was even named 'Haiku'.

After this, as with most poetry formats, new possibilities emerged in Haiku writing. The two most important being - Yosa Buson endorsing Haiga (Haiku combined with corresponding art) and Kobayashi Issa introducing human feelings. As said before, Masaoka Shiki not only coined the term 'Haiku', but modernized it so as to open it to all kinds of people.

In the Early 19th century, Haiku began spreading in the nearby colonies (Europe, England and America) and by the end of 20th century, Haiku had become an important part of English poems. Many languages express varied notions of Haiku, but English haikus have come to rule over everything - even Japanese and Chinese haikus themselves.

Any Haikus...?

Any Haikus...?

The First Rain


Feelings of anguish.

Gods' army of rain.

good full-bodied haiku :)


7 days without soccer makes one weak

Ideas for the theme of a Poetry Book?

Ideas for the theme of a Poetry Book?

Earth day/Nature: Helping the World One Poem at a Time

Love: A Poet in Love

Food: Eating Up Poetry

Hope you liked them. I know they aren't really great?

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