Hard Boiled Guy/Girl Day 2020 is on Sunday, October 18, 2020: Which is more impressive to you - a person born to nothing who works hard to gain possessions and


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Which is more impressive to you - a person born to nothing who works hard to gain possessions and

Well the natural reaction would be to go with the guy who worked, but let's face it is his wealth any good to the rest of the world if he' basically just hoarding? On the other hand the guy born in to riches, we love to hate, but think about it a moment. If you had the option of spending your life in absolute comfort without a days work. Buying an island whenever you feel like,... it would be something worth praise if you instead chose to dedicate your life and wealth to helping others. Admittedly most of the wealthy do "good deeds" only when it suits their publicity and tax-evading objectives, but there are those who genuinely do it genuinely because they feel the need to leave the world a better place than when they came in. For me it boils down to motivation for your actions. On the other hand, I will not hate a rich guy/girl who donates to charity to save him/her-self from some tax or other, because I think instead of the people his donations will help, and whatever his motivation, if his/her money helps, it's a good thing.

Case in point, Bill Gates didn't rise out of poverty but he definitely didn't start out as rich as he was, I don't grudge him his wealth but I occasionally feel saddened by the ruthlessness it has sometimes taken to amass his fortune, Microsoft does do a lot of shitty things, but when Gates pays for malaria research that the pharmaceutical industry would never consider paying for (not profitable enough), I don't get too bothered about Gates motivation, I'm more interested that his money may well result in more effective treatment for the poorest and most neglected people of the world.

What Do I need before getting a hamster?

What Do I need before getting a hamster?



You'll need a cage for the little guy/girl to live in! There are a few different types, theres a wire cage (which allows better air flow and hamster to not feel so restricted), theres the plastic cages (i prefer these because my hamster used to climb up the wire cages and fall from a high distance, also it keeps the hamster safe from other pets, and drafts) or an aquariam. Also inside the cage you'll need a house for them to sleep in. They come in all shapes/sizes theres little plastic ones, or wooden ones. I have a little "jungle hut" its a little triangle bed made out of soft fabric. he loves it.


Do NOT get cedar or pine bedding or newspaper shavings. Aspen and other bedding purchased at pet stores are fine. You'll need to change the bedding and wash out the cage every 1-3 weeks (depending on size/quantity of hamsters.)


A wheel sometimes comes equipt with the cage, but if not, purchase one. Hamsters NEED the wheel. Naturally in wild during the night they run miles, literally, miles. So a wheel is needed for exercise/time killer.


Any hamster mix at the store will do, make sure it's for hamsters though. Also they enjoy small amounts of cheese, carrots, celery, hard boiled egg, toasted bread, and other things (research online.) Absolutely NO sweets. ALSO, you'll need a water dish or bottle. Which should be changed every other day.

Chew toys:

Wooden blocks you can find at any petstore to keep your hamsters teeth down. If you don't want to get these(some hamsters don't like them) try a peice of a dog biscuit!

Misc. Toys:

Like a hamster ball for them to run around outside the cage, ramps & little hiding places inside the cage.

Hamsters are a cute, low maintence animal. Enjoy and good luck=)

I need a little help here... I am sick....?

I need a little help here... I am sick....?

See if there's anything here that might help you....


*Sip room temp ginger ale. Nibble some ginger snaps. If you can get powdered ginger into your guts, that's the most effective natural remedy. I sometimes put it in capsules & swallow it, or I mix some in with applesauce. It doesn't taste great, but it works. You know you've had enough when you burp & taste ginger.

*Room temp, FLAT cola. Or coke syrup. Emetrol is the same type of stuff if they don't have coke syrup at the store. I have even gone to the McDonald's drive-thru in a pinch & asked for coke syrup. They gave me some!

*When I'm desperate & I have nothing else at home & do NOT feel up to running out to the store, I take a Dramamine (meclazine). It will help you sleep a few hours & take away your dizziness & nausea for a while.

*Clear liquids for now. Tea & juice at room temp, not cold. Cold will further shock & upset your stomach. Drink only 1 or 2 ounces at a time.

*FOOD: only if you can: eat light carbohydrates in small amounts- toast or crackers. As your tummy de-nauseates, graduate to light protein, like chicken breast or fish. Fatty foods are the last thing to add to your diet.

*ACUPRESSURE POINTS: Apply pressure to the webbing between your thumb & index finger on either hand. Use firm, deep pressure & a rapid massaging movement for several minutes. I don't mean caress it. Using the same kind of motion & pressure, rub with your thumb or thumbnail on the top of your foot between the tendons of the second & third toes.

*The last option is to go ahead & allow yourself to vomit. This does not mean MAKE yourself vomit. That is not recommended.


Boil some salty water in a pot on the stove. Turn off the burner. Blow your nose & cough out some phlegm. Make a steam hood by draping a small-to-medium-sized towel over your head & the pot. Breathe the salty steam in your nose, out your mouth several times. Breathe some in your mouth & out your nose a few times as well. Blow your nose often. Keep this up until the steam stops. You can do this trick a few times throughout the day until you feel better. Salt is great.


**Sinus decongestant: Phenylephrine 5mg. You don't necessarily need all the extras it's often mixed with.

**Expectorant: Guaifenisen (Mucinex is the brand name, but it's way cheaper at dollar stores. Always read ingredients!!) liquefies your mucus so it's much easier to expel. But you have to drink TONS of water or it won't work, & you must be near a bathroom because it makes you pee a lot. (yet causes constipation... another reason to stay hydrated!)

**Pain, inflammation, body aches, headache, fever: Ibuprofen (Advil) should be alternated with Acetaminophen (Tylenol).


-Stay home. (even one day can make a difference. plus, you'll keep your germs to yourself.)


-Drink plenty of water. (8 8oz servings a day=bare minimum!! pee out those germs & flush 'em away!!)

-Take vitamin C, zinc, and echinacea.

-Eat garlic. (sorry, but it really is great for your health! and it will give you a good reason to stay home. hehe)

-Wash hands well & often. Moisturize skin to keep from cracking your hands to bits.

-Avoid milk & chocolate, which thicken your mucus and make your fight that much harder.

-Moderate exercise helps too!

NOTE: the meds and garlic are harsh, so don't take them on an empty or upset stomach.


>DAY: Mucinex and water. (generic is fine, and cheap!) Cough it out while you're awake.

>NIGHT: Delsym (cough suppressant, DEXTROMETHORPHAN). Get some restful, coughless sleep.

HOMEMADE EXPECTORANTS: Mix very hot water, cayenne pepper, white vinegar, and honey. >GARGLE & SPIT OUT!!!!!!!<

Or drink hot water with lemon and honey.

NOTE: I am not a doctor or nurse. Consult a medical professional to tailor any of the above suggestions to your particular circumstances, especially taking into consideration your weight, age, health, whether you're pregnant or nursing. FEEL BETTER SOON!!

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