Haunted Refrigerator Night 2020 is on Friday, October 30, 2020: Re: spending the night in a haunted house, can you write a little story and use 6 of these lines


Friday, October 30, 2020 is Haunted Refrigerator Night 2020. Fanatical For Who: Frankenstein Friday & Haunted Refrigerator Night Haunted Refrigerator Night

Re: spending the night in a haunted house, can you write a little story and use 6 of these lines


"Hi!" Kitty here. “I WONDER WHAT OTHER PEOPLE DO ON THEIR VACATIONS that could be possibly any more exciting than staying in a haunted house overnight?” I mused to myself, as I perused the invitation for “The Haunted Hotel Weekend Get Away.” It promised thrills and chills for all. I could hardly wait! Who knows? There may even be an invisible man inside my bed!!

“If there’s something strange in your neighborhood -- Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!!” I sang merrily. I wonder if my friend, Mrs. Peacock, might like to go with me? I’ll just call her and see.

“Ring! Ring!” sounded the telephone. “Hello,” answered a familiar voice, “Hi there, Mrs. P, this is Kitty,” I replied. “I wondered if you’d like to spend the weekend at a haunted hotel? The staff dresses up like ghosts. Rumor has it, there may even be a few real ones! It should be a lot of fun!”

“Nah! I already have other plans,” she answered, with a bit of a yawn, as if I had just woken her up from a nap. “And, what might those be?” I asked curiously. “I’M GONNA WEAR FLOWERS IN MY HAIR AND MEDITATE FOR HOURS,” she answered lazily.

“Oh! Don’t be such a Party Pooper,” I chided. “You can do that any old weekend. “Wouldn’t it be more fun to play Peek-A-Boo with a ghost?”

“I’VE GOT THE HEEBIE JEEBIES AND THE GHOSTBUSTER BLUES just thinking about it!!” Mrs. Peacock replied nervously.


“How could I forget, when you remind me at every opportunity?” asked Mrs. Peacock, snidely. “Well, be that as it may,” I answered matter-of-factly, “I was thinking maybe we could cut loose and look for our own inner child this weekend.”

“What if your inner child turns out to be a ghost?” asked Mrs. Peacock laughing. “Well, if it was, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, now would we?” I answered, as I rummaged in my refrigerator looking for a snack. “Who knows?” replied Mrs. Peacock. “Maybe I see dead people.”

Mrs. Peacock went on to say, “This is against my better judgment, but perhaps I do need to loosen up and not be such a wet blanket. I’ll go, but you must promise me that you will never leave my side.” …. “It’s a deal!” I promised. “We’re in this together.”

Friday evening, as Mrs. Peacock and I were walking into the lobby of The Haunted Hotel, a tall gentleman, wearing a bagpipe and nothing else, strode up to greet us. “Welcome to ‘The Haunted Hotel.’ People are just dying to get in!” he exclaimed, as he handed us each a glass of champagne from the tray he was carrying.

“I noticed most of the guests in the lobby weren’t wearing clothes, either, so I remarked, to Mrs. Peacock, “The invitation didn’t say, ‘Clothing Optional.’”

“Are you the host?” I asked the bagpiper. “No, I am the deranged Polish decorator, who moonlights as a bagpiper,” he answered. “Any requests?” he asked, as he played a few chords of “Ah! Ha! Ha! Stayin’ Alive. Stayin’ Ali-i-i-i-i-ve…”

“Maybe later,” I replied. “Right now, I expect we’d better go up to our room and get settled.” As we headed toward the elevator, I noticed a vase, with a large bouquet of cut flowers. With a bit of a chuckle, I said to Mrs. Peacock, “Do you remember that test we took, when we were young, to see if we needed to wear a bra or not?”

“Yes, I remember,” answered Mrs. Peacock, with a far-away look in her eyes. “We stuck a pencil under one of our boobs, and if it stayed there, we needed to wear a bra. Why do you bring that up now?”

“I was thinking about how you said you had plans to wear flowers in your hair this weekend,” I answered. “If we do the clothing optional thing, you could just take that bouquet and stick some of the flowers in your hair, and the rest under your boobs, and you’d be all set. It’s all about accessorizing. The Polish decorator has his bagpipe, after all! Too bad, I didn’t bring my Chihuahua.”

Just as she stepped off the elevator, Mrs. Peacock grabbed my arm and said in a frightened voice, “Something cold just brushed up against me! I’M TELLING YOU, I FELT A COLD, DEAD BODY WALK PAST ME!” I tried to reassure her, as I said, “I didn’t see anything. It’s probably just a combination of the champagne, your imagination, and a cold draft from somewhere. You know how drafty these old hotels can be. Or maybe, you really do see dead people!! Bwa! Ha! Ha!”

“Oh, goodie!” I exclaimed as we entered our room. I saw two chilled bottles of champagne in an ice bucket, a corkscrew, and some glasses waiting for us. We both drank three or four glasses of champagne. Perhaps, it was the champagne talking, but Mrs. Peacock suggested we spend the rest of the weekend nude. She continued," You said you wanted us to cut loose and look for our inner child. Well, my inner child wants to be naked!”

“OK, you talked me into it!” I agreed, secretly glad that I had recently lost ten pounds. “I was just kidding about the flowers by the way. How about we use our purses as accessories? Wanna stick of gum for the road?” …. “Ummmm!, Big Red, my favorite,” replied Mrs. Peacock as we each took two sticks.”

Naked and accessorized, we hopped back into the elevator to go down to the lobby. Just as the doors opened below, we heard loud blood-curdling screams. OMG, that lump in my throat was my gum! THE DERANGED POLISH INTERIOR DECORATOR SCREAMED SO LOUD, I SWALLOWED MY GUM!

MRS. PEACOCK GASPED AS THE HEADLESS MAN FLOATED BY us when we stepped out into the lobby. It was none other than the body of the deranged bagpiper!! Apparently, his head had simply popped off, much like a champagne cork, and that was what all the screaming had been about. I heard someone in the crowd say, “Too much of the Bubbly for him!!”

“UMMMMM, MRS. P,” I whispered. “I may just be hallucinating about what happened to the bagpiper, but in any case, I THINK IT’S TIME TO GET MY SORRY *** OUTTA HERE. Let’s go while we still can!”

We barely managed to get out of the hotel before it all went up in flames. A few questions remain. What homicidal maniac set up this weekend? Was it their inner child? Will it ever happen again? Who torched the hotel? And, what the heck was in that champagne?

what random holidays are on june 11th and november 30th?

what random holidays are on june 11th and november 30th?


Eat What You Want Day

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day


*Create A Great Funeral Day

Devil's Night

*Haunted Refrigerator Night

International Bandanna Day

*National Candy Corn Day

Frankenstein Friday

Does anyone have any possibly true haunting stories?

Does anyone have any possibly true haunting stories?

In the Occultism & Parapsychology Encyclopedia:

Haunting means:

Disturbances of a paranormal character, attributed to the spirits of the dead. Tradition established two main factors in haunting: an old house or other locale and restlessness of a spirit. The first represents an unbroken link with the past, the second is believed to be caused by remorse over an evil life or by the shock of violent death.

The manifestations vary greatly. In most cases, strange noises are heard alone (auditory effects); in some others objects are displaced, and lights are seen (visual effects); also, a chilliness is sometimes felt in the atmosphere, not infrequently unbearable stench pervades the room, and an evil influence imparts feelings of unspeakable horror (sensory effects); and phantoms, both human and animal, appear in various degrees of solidity. The more noise they make the less solid they are.

That was just so we have the definition meaning the same for both of us.

Over the last quarter Century or our owning this home, we have had a number of "hauntings". The most memorable was an Amish Farmer who lived on this farm back in the late 1960s and was killed here in an accident, which we were not real certain on but it happened in or around the barn. It could have been a fall or maybe he was kicked by one of his horses. Anyway, we had a terrible time trying to communicate with him as all he could think and speak was Pennsylvania Dutch. He would clomp through the house because he was looking for his family. Every night you could hear his footfalls on the wooden floors with his heavy work shoes. (strange to us at first because our house is totally carpeted) He'd climb the stairs and walk into the upstairs bedrooms then back down the stairs and into the bedrooms on the first floor. Finally back through the house to the cellar. Then nothing more until the next night. Excluding his usual pranks of hiding things from us, like car keys which were his most fun. Especially when we are running late and they have disappeared from their designated hanging spot on the wall (a practice adopted because of him). Anyway, this went on for over a decade.

The most exciting occurrence was when my daughter hosted a slumber party. We had ten 9-10 year old girls here and they were all in my daughter's bedroom upstairs playing some game when here comes our Amish spirit. Well the girls thought it was me coming up the stairs until he walked into the room. Yes, he was visible to all of them and scared them silly. It is a wonder that the windows did not blow out with all that screaming, I thought the house caved in on them or something. Having rushed up the stairs to see what was wrong I found all those little girls huddled in the corners of the room trembling and crying, except for my daughter who was sitting on her bed laughing. It seems that my daughter forgot to tell them that we had a spirit in our home, maybe it was intentional but she will never admit to that. Anyway, the girls spent the rest of the night downstairs spread out on the living room floor. Not a one of them ever spent the night here again and most would never come back to our home for any reason. Several would ask me years later at their High School Graduation if we still had that Amish Ghost in our home.

After over a decade, our Amish "friend" was able to recall enough English that we were able to communicate well enough that we could settle his concerns about his family which were keeping him here and he then moved on.

There have been others since and during his stay with us but not as memorable, they mostly are pranksters and open cupboard door and drawers. One liked to open the refrigerator door at night, we were forced to keep checking to make sure it was closed for almost a year. Another one like to hide my wallet, now that was really irritating.


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