HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2018 is on Friday, May 18, 2018: what month is national aids month?

Friday, May 18, 2018 is HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2018. HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, NIAID, NIH HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

what month is national aids month?

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day is May 18th; National HIV Testing Day is June 27th; World AIDS Day is December 1st. October and December are both listed as AIDS Awareness Month, depending on which organization is sponsoring the activity.

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How to improve awareness of HIV/AIDS? Its a killer how we can eradicate it?

How to improve awareness of HIV/AIDS? Its a killer how we can eradicate it?

Please read this, all this in below are my ideas.

Yes having some special days in calender helps.

The first way to eradicate is one should not feel shy to talk about AIDS.

Today not the rural but the urban people are not willing to participate in this awareness programs then what about the rural.

So its the duty of the Govt to conduct awareness programs to reduce the no.of AIDS cases.But unfortunately the no. is increasing day by day. So here we the students can be the better choice . They can arrange some campaigns and voluntarily form groups and go to places and can explain about this. 2 to 3 awareness programs, 1 AIDS rally which are being arranged by the Govt every year are not at all enough. So the students during their holidays instead of wasting in movies, picnics or like that , they can go with this campaigns. It wud be better if they select a particular village or some areas and go home by home and educate them, because even today some villagers dont know that one should use only disposable syringes for injection. I know many people who got affected to AIDS just because of using the needle which was earlier used for an AIDS patient, in that case even the doctor was careless.See how ridiculous was that. So maximum it is in the hands of students. They can even do some slide shows to make the people more clear. So that not only the people but also they can be benifitted,like they can improve their inner talents and overcome their shyness, fear to speak infront of a group of people, so that it helps them during their interviews. Iam sure this idea clicks.

Anyways lets hope for a perfect vaccine atleast in the future, because the people who do mistakes are not only getting effected but the innocents are also. So atleast for their sake let's hope for the medicine. I daily pray to GOD to help the scientists, doctors who ever indulge in this investigations to give them strength and new ideas.

Will cable nteworks ever have a national HIV/AIDS awareness channel?

Will cable nteworks ever have a national HIV/AIDS awareness channel?

They should make it, what a great idea. I'm sure the CEO of Fox could get his ASSISTANTS and his OFFICE AIDS, to help him. They would probably make the channel, but only if hes HIV - POSITIVE it will get good ratings

Holidays also on this date Friday, May 18, 2018...