IBM PC Day 2018 is on Sunday, August 12, 2018: Back in the old days, what was the software app that made the businesses want to own an IBM PC?

Sunday, August 12, 2018 is IBM PC Day 2018. 30 years of PCs (slideshow) - Slideshow IBM Personal Computer

Back in the old days, what was the software app that made the businesses want to own an IBM PC?

Software for PCs is written to run on a particular operating system, not a brand of PC. Back in the "old days" the predominate PC business suite was developed by Lotus (which IBM eventually bought out) and ran on MS DOS. IBM PCs ran MS DOS. Microsoft then developed Windows and many PC business apps were written to run in Windows. IBM PCs ran Windows.

Microsoft's Office eventually became the dominate PC business suite. IBM developed their own PC OS which they marketed as OS/2 to try and compete with Windows. Many PC business apps, including Office, were written to run on OS/2. IBM PCs could run either Windows or OS/2. With the popularity of Windows, IBM phased out OS/2, discontinuing it completely in 2006.

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What is better, Apple (Mac) or PC (IBM)?

What is better, Apple (Mac) or PC (IBM)?

PC.. for the following ( Asus for top quality)

PC=Variety of specs, options, quality, prices, vendors, support

Mac=One vendor, limited options, still more expensive. Look below for more information..

Today, Macs use a subset of PC hardware. Why spend extra to get the same CPU chips, graphics cards and OS X isn't as secure as you think..

Don't believe the lies that Macs are better than PCs at graphics/animation.. Dreamworks Animation under studio click on Technology of Animation, an independent film maker I know uses PCs, a graphic artist I used to know uses PCs also.

A number of PCs can also run OS X (Mac OS) as well just that Apple makes it illegal in order to get Market share.. The reason why Mac can run native Windows is because it is using a subset of PC hardware,

If you decide to buy a Mac for running Windows, you will still have to get the same virus/spyware protection, and run into the same issues as a regular PC.

Now is a Mac worth buying for OS X?

I say: NO... for the following reasons...


Contrary to belief, Macs are not better quality. Apple also has been changing suppliers to try to "lower the price" and thus lowering quality. Even with the lower prices, Macs still cost more, they spend a higher percent of budget trying to make it look pretty, and marketing.

Sample of problems: Overheating Macbooks, OS X- not responding to keyboard, some units with 16bit screens, etc. Apple statistics are misleading since Mac users with problem machines are more likely to go out and buy a new computer than PC users. Apple is lowering prices which means you can expect lower quality than in the past. Apple had switched the manufacturers producing parts. OS X also has problems slowing down.

Repairs are more expensive than PCs since the IMac, Mac Mini are compact units, and Apple charges a premium for their services. Some repairs can be done by another repair service but the compact design of the computer causes problems.

With an IMac, if the problem is with the monitor, the whole computer would have to be brought in.

IMac and Mac mini lack expansion.


Mac OS X has viruses (and significantly on the rise), a friend of mine has a virused Mac. As more users use Macs, more viruses will come out for it. Especially when users think "they are safe".


Mac OS X was hacked in 2006 less than 30 minutes, and within 2 minutes in a contest in 2008, and within 10 seconds in 2009. In 2008, Linux and Vista were not hacked until another day when restrictions were lowered. Vista was next, and then Linux. In 2009 Windows 7 fell shortly after the Mac but Linux was unscathed.

Macs are standardized with Cameras, if your Mac gets hacked, the hacker can turn on your camera with more ease.

Please Note: All OS's have vulnerabilities.


A similar equipped PC is much cheaper to purchase than Mac. Lets use Dell (but you can compare with another PC Brand if you like)


Dell Inspiron Laptop Starting Price: $500

Ending Price: $500

15" Screen

CPU: 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo [5% slower]

Graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD [Not as good/fine for general use[

Memory: 3GB DDR2 SDRAM [75% of ram)

Hard Drive: 320GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm (same)

Cybperpower Notebook Xplorer X5-2900 Starting Price: $755

Ending Price After upgrades (not including 5% rebate): $860

15" Screen

CPU: (upgrade to) 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (+$100) [FASTER]



Hard Drive: (upgrade to) 320GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm (+$5) [LARGER HARD DRIVE]

Macbook Starting laptop Price: $1000

Ending Price After Upgrades: $1200

13" Screen (SMALLER)

CPU: 2.1GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (SLOWER)

Graphics: Nvidia GFORCE 9400 256MB

Memory: (upgrade to) 4GB DDR2 SDRAM (SAME)

Hard Drive (upgrade to) 320B Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm (SAME)


PLEASE NOTE: I compare Apple Mac's vs Dells best deal. If you really want an all-in one the Dell all-in-one has more ram, wireless keyboard and mouse and equivalent to $400 for free making the Imac still more expensive when you matching specs. Personally I don't think the All-in-Ones are a good choice, and consider them overpriced, lack expandability and repairs both more expensive and require the entire computer.

PS: Apple knows that they need to make Macintosh look different than PC so all Macs except the Mac Pro will not have a tower option. Apple's low end lacks expandability but it makes the Mac "look different", if Mac had a tower for low-end, more people would realize the similarities between the two.

Dell: ($700)

CPU: 2.33 GHZ Dell Inspiron QUAD (4 Processor) CORE

SCREEN: 20inch Screen


HARD DRIVE: 500 GB hard Drive



The Mac Mini since it has no monitor, keyboard, mouse, very skimpy on options and setup and is not the best deal... The IMac is better price than the Mac Mini.

IMac ($1300)

CPU: 2.4 GHZ DUAL (2 Processor) CORE (SLOWER CPU)

SCREEN: 20inch Screen

MEMORY: (upgrade to) 4GB Ram (SAME)

HARD DRIVE: (upgrade to ) 320 GB hard Drive (LESS HARD DRIVE)

OPTICAL DRIVE: 8x DVD Reader/Writer (1/2 speed)



Aprox 90% of the market is Windows and most PCs have windows already pre-installed.

1) Some websites require Internet Explorer, to run IE on Mac you really get ies4osx which is the Windows version of IE running really buggy and illegal if you don't have a legitimate copy of Windows.

2) Supports more devices (printers and other things you hook into the computer).

3) More business software/games

4) Want the dock on OS X (Mac)? google/yahoo rocketdock, objectdoc.

5) Used by businesses.


1) FREE (most versions are)

2) Install software by either 1) Synaptic Package Manager, 2) Add/Remove 3) Opening a .deb or .rpm file (depending on distribution)

2) Like the Mac OS X effects? go yahoo/google COMPIZ FUSION which can do any cool effect a Mac can do and many ore....

(there is no flickering when you use it like on the video, not sure why the person has the flicker)

3) Mac OS X Doc? google/yahoo Avant Window Navigator.Cairo Dock,

4) It is FASTER/MORE SECURE to surf on the internet

5) Some Windows programs work with Wnehq/Crossover (also avail on Mac, but why pay $$$)

Instructions how to download, burn and boot

Dual Boot Instructions

Equivalents to ILife

FREE Windows Stuff


Avira Antivir (FREE) for 2009 personal edition is free (there is a paid version) the free version was rated the best by consumer reports 2009.

Avast (Free- Click under Free Software and download Avast Home Edition)


Windows Defender (FREE)

Malware Bytes (FREE) Limitation - No Realtime protection on free version.

Super Anti-Spyware (FREE)


Why does my my 1983 IBM PC work better than my newer computer?

Why does my my 1983 IBM PC work better than my newer computer?

Your old IBM uses the DOS operating system and floppy discs. Your newer one uses windows and a hard drive.

When windows was created many crimes had been committed using computers.

The US dept. of defence owned the internet and the telephone company owned the wires it used.

They were reluctant to let an improved operating system use the internet because it would make it easier to commit computer crimes, and they would be an accomplice.

Bill Gates made a secret deal with them that computer experts who worked in law enforcement would be able to get into your computer through a back door, without leaving any clues that they had invaded.

So while the internet would make it easy to commit crimes, it would also make it easy to catch criminals.

Unfortunatly computer hackers found out about this secret device and figured out how to use it.

So companies that make software sabotage their competitor's software. Hackers ( or a program they invented) have been entering your computer and ****ing it up. The plan is you get frustrated by the way your software product always malfunctons so you think their companies product has gotta work better and you buy it.

What you need to do is buy a new computer and never connect it to the internet.

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