International Credit Union Day 2020 is on Friday, October 16, 2020: International credit rating?


Friday, October 16, 2020 is International Credit Union Day 2020. The World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) is an international trade association and development agency for credit unions headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Credit Union National

The World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) is an international trade association and development agency for credit unions headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

International credit rating?

Credit reporting agencies such as Equifax, TransUnion, Northern Credit Bureaus and Equifax, and others only collect information from creditors about consumers’ financial experiences in a particular country and is seperate from other countries credit reporting agencies and vice versa.

There are many reasons why credit reports do not transfer from one country to the next. The main reason behind this is because of differences in national laws. Every country, and the European Union, has its own laws governing credit reporting and information use. In addition to legal barriers, there are significant contractual complications around how businesses in other countries would access reports, report and update information and respond to consumer disputes. There also are a number of technical issues around how information is collected, stored and shared that further complicates transferring your credit report.

International loan banks?

International loan banks?

The most common type of lender is the commercial bank, credit union, savings and loan companies, or investment companies. These lenders offer business loans, however, often times these loans must be secured. This could mean offering up your personal assets as collateralwilling to loan them business capital. Organizations such as the Women’s Business Ownership, Women Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century, and several others cater to lending money to women that wish to start-up a business, still others actually guarantee them business loans.

Another Union threatening strike action!?

Another Union threatening strike action!?

I'll tell you what I think, when the international money markets refuse Britain any more credit to buy energy from overseas the British government of the day will think to itself, to hell with global warming and it consequences, and will drill, dig, beg, scavenge, you name-it they will do-it for any form of energy it can lay its hands on to keep the late night fires burning back home, you watch.

This fight against global warming and to a certain extent war on terror is a rich mans pass-time, soon the economic realities will force not only Britain but many other countries to adopt a more bullish and cost effective method of ensuring their security and energy needs (the ongoing diplomatic dispute with Argentina about British oil companies drilling for oil around the Falklands Islands is merely the beginning).

Not only that but this new world order that Gordon Brown and Co keep on trumping on about of how this NWO will somehow dictate the way the world will future trade is but a silly man's pipe dream, when the chips are down and your backs against the wall, you can do one of two things, stand there and except-it, or come out fighting with all guns blazing.

Because remember this, Britain will not be the only one with its back against a wall.

Edit:: I hope your right when it comes to Britain being unbelievable when its back is against wall, but from what I see and hear far too many ordinary people especially the young feel abandoned and betrayed by both Labour and the Conservatives, remember its not the glorious hero who wins battles single handed, its the unsung hero's who risk their neck by doing their bit that actually wins battles and with-out their support you have lost even before you begin.

And if some people do want to leave and go to what they call home, well that's up to them, but if that did happen on mass that would just confirm what I mean about Britain not having an identity of what it is and what it stands for.

Just saying Britain stands for freedom and democracy is not enough, they are important but nationhood is built on much than that, for me nationhood is built on a sense or feeling of belonging of wanting to do your bit, and that is what I think is missing in Britain today especially from the working class.

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