International Day of Action Against Canadian Seal 2021 is on Monday, March 15, 2021: Do the Canadians really have to kill 300,000 baby seals.?


Monday, March 15, 2021 is International Day of Action Against Canadian Seal 2021. Canadian seal IFAW is saving seals and Working to end Canada's cruel commercial hunt

Do the Canadians really have to kill 300,000 baby seals.?

Seals are some of the most irritating creatures imaginable (with the exception of myself, of course).

As for the hunt... Why bother? I would just walk out onto the ice and take a big bite of them right then and there.

is the hypocrite country of Canada murdering thousands of baby seals in the annual hunt?

is the hypocrite country of Canada murdering thousands of baby seals in the annual hunt?

The seal hunt isn't killing close to a million seals the Harp seal quota this year is 280,000. There is also a quota of seals allowed to be taken for personal use I'm trying to find that number. The Harp seal population off the coast of Newfoundland where about 70% of the quota will be taken is estimated at 5.5 million. Yes 280,000 is a lot of animals but it isn't going to drastically impact the population. Harp seals have numbered in the millions even with a seal hunt commercially taking place for the past hundred years or so.

These animals are not at risk or endangered in any way.

It is against the law in Canada to hunt a harp seal still relying on its mother. Therefor no baby seals can be killed. Yes young seals can be hunted but they're not babies because their mothers have nothing to do with them.

Animal rights groups claim most seals hunted are under 3 months of age. Well if you eat chicken they too are slaughtered after a few weeks of age. Along with many other domestically raised farm animals, and even other wild hunted animals.

If sealers are criminals so are farmers and any one else who hunts commercially or for personal use.

Even nation of the world uses their wildlife for food and clothing.

The seal hunt is as humane as the killing of farm animals. If you take no issue with hamburgers don't get uppity over flipper pie.

The hunt is regulated and sealers can be brought up on charges if they break these regulations. Vets have even hosted workshops for sealers on the new regulations.

The only reason people get upset is because the hunt is outdoors. Killing anything is bloody and messy particularly if the animals are killed and prepared on the ice. Society as a whole has become very far removed from nature. Many people don't have to raise animals, hunt or even grow their own food any more everything comes from a store. Everything is in pretty packaging and we don't have to think about the work that went in to growing the plants or that animals have to die for our meat. Just like we judge each other on appearance we judge animals. Carnivores are the bad guys, ugly animals are not given the time of day, and cute animals are our friends.

Anti-sealing groups have done a great marketing job of keeping white coat seals on all the posters. Even though a white coat seal hasn't been killed since 1987 people who see these images believe they still die.

Because Atlantic Canada is the strange mysterious land that even most Canadians don't know a lot about. Anti- sealing groups can paint what ever picture they want about the region. Sealing as a sport is one of the myths that when you think about doesn't make any sense. But it plays up the mystery and brutality of these strange people on the East Coast.

Newfoundland as the newest province to join Canada is shown to be backwards and barbaric. " They hunt baby seals what sort of people are they." kind of mentality. This of course adds fuel to the stereotypes some people in Canada already hold towards Newfoundlanders. "The stupid Newfie, who doesn't have a real job, lives on EI, and doesn't even have a high school education. "

Some activists have admitted to making up stuff about the hunt. There have even been public apologies to sealers for these actions. This gets brushed off to the side. Even if the facts are fake it's sensational and the public loves it.

In today's economy everyone needs the seal hunt. Sealers and First Nations hunters so they can sell the pelts, meat, and oil to feed their families.

Anti-sealing groups so they can make their money and pay their employees.

TV and News stations so they can get in on the controversy. Nothing sells papers or gains viewers like controversy.

The Hospitality industry particularly PEI, Quebec and St. Pierre. Activists and reporters need to eat and sleep somewhere before heading out on the ice. Even if they're staying on their boats they have to pick up supplies.

No matter what side of the debate you're on seals benefit everyone.

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