International Homeless Animals Day 2019 is on Friday, August 16, 2019: Saturday 21 August is International Homeless Animals' Day

Friday, August 16, 2019 is International Homeless Animals Day 2019. August 18: International Homeless Animals' Day Homeless Animals' Day

International Homeless Animals Day

Every single day, creatures are abandoned or place into dog houses, determined by non profit organizations and goodwill. These organisations are strained beyond coping, and therefore are eager to raise understanding of the plight of destitute and abandoned creatures. Destitute Creatures Day aims to teach people about pet abandonment, feral creatures and benefits or nuking domestic creatures.

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Saturday 21 August is International Homeless Animals’ Day

That would be awesome if everyone would do that! I wish I could, but right now I just can't take in anymore animals.

Animal abuse from a relative?

Animal abuse from a relative?

Bravo pedi-mou..

olli oi Allines prepi na einai san esena..

there need to be more greeks like you!

You need to contact an animal protection group

Animal-lovers' Society of Agia Paraskevi is responsible for the healthy, plump, collar-wearing, vaccinated and sterilised stray dogs one sees lounging around the main square of this suburb. As well as providing food and care for the homeless animals, the society also puts pressure on the government to implement existing animal welfare laws and to encourage sterilisation of pets. Contact Kivelli Petroheilou on 210-639-0916 (only in Greek).

Archelon Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece studies and protects Caretta caretta nesting areas and was instrumental in the creation of the first marine park for Mediterranean Sea Turtles on Zakynthos. Call 210-523-1342 or e-mail

Elliniki Etairia (Hellenic Society for Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage), 28 Tripodon Street, Plaka, 105 58 Athens. tel 210 322 6693, fax 210 322 5240. IUCN member. Founded 1972. Works for protection of the country's cultural and natural heritage. Website

Elliniki Etairia Prostasias Tis Fisis (Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature), Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, 20 Nikis Street, 105 57 Athens. tel 210 322 4944, fax 210 322 5285. e-mail, website IUCN member. Founded 1951. Focuses on establishing protected areas and on wildlife conservation.

Nea Ecologia (Friends of the Earth Greece), Athens. Web: Founded 1984. Affiliated with Friends of the Earth International.

Friends of the Cat feeds and cares for the cat colony in the National Gardens, also sterilises feral and abandoned cats throughout mainland Greece and the islands. Call the society's office on 210-725-8497 or contact Mary Cochran on 210-701-4044.

Frontida Zoon lobbies the authorities and reports in the press on animal welfare issues from circuses and poisoning to illegal trade in exotic species. Contact Angela Fleming on 210-721-3722 or e-mail

Greek Animal Rescue (GAR), a UK-based society, works with shelters and organisations throughout Greece, rehoming animals, providing equipment, subsidising spay/neuter programmes etc. Call + 44 20 8203 1956, e-mail or visit their website

Greek Animal Welfare Fund (GAWF) undertakes humane education programmes in Greek schools; funds organisations all over Greece; sterilises and gives necessary treatment to feral and abandoned animals on both the mainland and the islands; provides medical checkups to working equines; liaises with international organisations such as the RSPCA; lobbies the authorities and organises education campaigns. Contact Carol McBeth on 6944-240222 or e-mail

Greenpeace The Greek branch of this worldwide organisation for environmental action can be contacted at its Athens offices on 210-380-6374/5 or 210-384-0774 or through its website

DO you give MONEY to CHARITY?

DO you give MONEY to CHARITY?

Yeah, (but I don't like to talk about it) ;o)

Fellow Shelter supporter. Also at the moment, giving to Amnesty, a bunch called Concern who do relief work in countries with crappy infrastructure, and a bunch called Vitalise, which provides holiday breaks for carers (y'know, people who look after relatives etc). Used to work for a UK charity called the Fostering Network, and my dream job would be with either Shelter or Amnesty, though I'm also looking within a bunch called Dignity in Dying at the moment, who support the right of people to end their own lives. My wife (who, I may have mentioned from time to time, rocks!), also supports this lot and works for the RNIB.

Like you say man, it's not much, and I wish I could do more. In fact, I'm sort of twisting the editorial direction of the magazine I edit at the moment, to highlight more charity stuff. In the last few issues, I've featured a bunch called Flying Scholarships for the Disabled, the Tall Ships Youth Trust, a Spanish project to develop satellite navigation systems for blind people, and the British and International Sailors' Society, which helps sailors around the world. Come to think of it, for my next issue, I'm going deaf for a day to highlight Deaf Awareness Week in May and the work of the Deaf Pilots' Association.

As you say, any help I can give feels good to give, but there are just so many deserving causes, deserving people out there, that more would always be better...

Holidays also on this date Friday, August 16, 2019...