International Moment of Laughter Day 2020 is on Tuesday, April 14, 2020: Do you believe that every day is a holiday?


Tuesday, April 14, 2020 is International Moment of Laughter Day 2020. April 16) Today we're celebrating . . . International Moment of ... International Moment of

Do you believe that every day is a holiday?

Every day is a gift as well :-)

one of my favorite holidays is Talk Like a Pirate day, (Sept. 19)

arrrrrr ya scurvy swine, swab them decks or ya'll walk the plank

Please someone grade my story for IGCSE? Please please please?

Please someone grade my story for IGCSE? Please please please?

IGCSE = International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

IGCSE is an exam meant to be taken at the end of tenth grade (year 11 in the UK, year 10/grade 10 pretty much everywhere else).

Who knows what grade you might get. Depends on which exam board you're using (Cambridge is supposed to be harder than Edexcel/London) and how good everyone else's work is. Maybe you should show it to your teacher or tutor and ask them what they think. It also depends on which tier exam you're entered for. If you've been entered for the foundation tier, you can not get above a C grade no matter how good your answers are!

IGCSE grades go from A* to G, all of which are (in theory) passes (so A*, A, B, C, D, E, F, G) and U which is a fail.

You'll definitely get a passing grade but your overall grade depends on how well you do over all sections of the paper and not just the story writing section.

FYI without coursework, 61% = grade A. With coursework, 90% on your coursework component and 75% overall = an 'A grade'. Without coursework you need to get 46% for a C grade. They're the most recent figures for the Cambridge board IGCSEs anyway. Apparently 20% of all entrants managed to get an A* (A star). If you know what you normally get in terms of a percentage mark for your work, that should give you some sort of an idea where you're likely to come.

Woman - What do most guys do wrong in dating you ?

Woman - What do most guys do wrong in dating you ?

Reasons to reject a man:

1. No manners. I don't mean the pinky out while drinking tea type manners. Just the basics...don't belch, spit, hack, pick your nose, scratch your whatever. It would be nice if you can hold a door open now and then, but I'm not into having some guy run around the car to open the door nonsense...I can open the door, thanks.

2. Controlling / bossy / demanding. Really now? Like any of these would ever work on me in what alternate reality?

3. More baggage than the main terminal at JFK International on their busiest travel day. We all have "baggage" that comes with our lives if we're over the age of 5, but there really needs to be a two bag limit (no more than 50 pounds each), one personal bag and a carryon rule for emotional baggage...just like the airlines.

4. Vulgar / dirty / rude / angry as a rule and not just in those occasional moments. This may fall under emotional baggage, but some men think women actually find these things attractive. If you can't say a sentence without a profanity..or You think water and soap are evil or You can't treat another human being decently or You seriously need anger management...thanks, but "bye bye".

5. Deceitful / dishonest / cheat. Relationships are built on trust. If you're going be deceitful, dishonest or a cheat...I'm not interested. Oh..I may screw with your mind a little just to torture you, but you definitely aren't a "keeper".

6. Needy / whine-y / emotionally manipulative - this much like #2, but more annoying. Children under the age of 5 do these behaviors. If you're over 5....STOP NOW!!

That should about cover the worst offenders. (*laughter*)

Hmmm...have to admit, I'd find the whole "James Bond" sort more attractive than Johnny Depp as a pirate thing. (Although James Bond pretending to be a pirate could be interesting.) I don't see Brad Pitt as cool, or even marginally attractive, so I have no idea.

Ahhh..I'll pass on the picture of you naked.

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