International Sports Car Racing Day 2020 is on Sunday, March 15, 2020: international sports?

Sunday, March 15, 2020 is International Sports Car Racing Day 2020. Sports car racing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sports car racing

international sports?

International sports such as F1 racing, Football (SOCCER), Rugby and Cricket all have a tough time in the American market do to a crowded and saturated market. NFL along with College Football runs from August till January/February for the Super bowl. Baseball runs from April to October. You have the NBA along with NCAA basketball that runs from November till June. NCAA is biggest in March and April. Lastly NHL Hockey while not most popular sport does have cities where it's popular such as Detroit and Pittsburgh.

F1 tried a USA Grand Prix and it was tough going as American stock cars NASCAR is the favored form of motor sports. On top of that circuit wasn't best and one year race was ruined by a dispute over tires turning the race into a depleted parade. Perhaps one day F1 will come back to the US , but it is a hard sell and needs a better location then Brickyard in Indy. NASCAR has real hold on American auto racing community as other series Indy Racing League (OPEN WHEEL) trails behind in interest and ratings.

Americans prefer oval races over road courses and stock cars over open wheel.

As you can see sports in America is a pretty crowded field full of sports that all have long traditions and are apart of the sporting culture.

Football especially EPL or Spanish clubs have the best shot of gaining a following in the USA. Look SOCCER isn't exactly going to ever take the nation by storm it gets by with immigrants and new American borne fans who want to see top quality FOOTBALL. Just this Summer ABC/ESPN showed EURO 2008 and had decent ratings.

USA did a good job with 1994 FIFA World Cup and could most certainly host another one.

I also read in Sports Illustrated how 20/20 cricket is being promoted in the USA, but this is among immigrant groups from cricket loving areas such as India, Pakistan and West Indies.

While it's true NFL is being marketed in Europe it's not exactly turning the Brits into fanatical NFL fans. NFL Europe ended being shut down as it just wasn't earning money.

NBA has an easier time as you may know many of the top players come from overseas as Basketball is an International sport. Argentina, Spain, Italy, France, Croatia, Lithuania, Russia, Turkey, Germany and China are just a few of the countries they come from.

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Does anyone know of a race track in Minnesota to do time trials for sport cars?

Does anyone know of a race track in Minnesota to do time trials for sport cars?


Brainerd International Raceway

1/4 Mile


Div. 5 Brainerd, Minn.(218) 824-7220Compulink.

Elevation: 1300'

Grove Creek Raceway

1/8 Mile


Div. 5 Grove City, Minn.(320) 857-2152

Interstate Dragways

1/4 Mile


Div. 5Moorhead, Minn.(701) 945-2677

Iron Range Raceway *Keewatin, MN * Defunct

Rolex sports cars tv broadcast?

Rolex sports cars tv broadcast?

The race is going to happen at VIR-Virginia International Raceway. The race will be broadcast NEXT weekend on Speed.

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