Joy Germ Day 2020 is on Wednesday, January 8, 2020: What are we losing these days?


Wednesday, January 8, 2020 is Joy Germ Day 2020. January 8: Joy Germ Day, Male Watcher Day, Bubble Bath Day ... Joy Germ Day:

Joy Germ Day

Rarely will the word ‘germ’ mean anything remotely positive. The seem from the word makes onto your nose relax in disgust – you actually shouldn't be catching any bacteria! You recoil in horror as the friend states “Don’t come too close There is a chilly.Inches.There's one kind of germ which you may 't be too concerned about catching, however: A Pleasure Germ!A Pleasure Germ is a touch germ of pleasure that's spread by smiling at people, making people laugh, and usually distributing happiness wherever you go. Make a day where everybody is smiling, laughing and distributing happiness – that’s Joy Germ Day!It’s super easy to sign up. The initial step would be to park your cynicism in your own home. The 2nd step would be to venture out in to the world. The 3rd step can be you – just have the pleasure, and spread it around!

What are we losing these days?

I fear with our modern, scientific minds which analyze so much down to the 16th degree / decimal point and views everything through the lenses of reason and provability, we are losing our soul and poetic minds which are stirred when we see the beauty of His holiness, hear the song of His heart and experience the glory of His amazing creation.

We eat food cooked in microwaves or as we exit fast food drive ways as we rush to work in the midst of traffic jams and noise to sit at computer screens all day long. We go home to "unwind" in front of t.v. screens to watch empty sitcoms with canned laughter. Fewer and fewer families sit down daily to home cooked meals and enjoy meaningful conversations which inspire the wonder of our glorious God who dwells among us.

I fear our growing obsession with sterilizing everything in our environments to avoid germs is spreading to our souls and our technological advances which expose us to more and more information are encouraging attitudes C.S. Lewis referred to as "chronological snobbery." We're so smart about facts and figures and diseases and political philosophies that we're tempted to think that having more information about history makes us wiser people than our ancestors but we don't know how to be men and women. We don't know how to raise children to live lives of purpose, joy and honor. We don't know how to fight for real causes that will have a profound effect on both the seen and unseen world.

We are gaining more knowledge but we lack wisdom; more drama but less passion; more facebook "friends" but less authentic, deep relationships.

We would do well to spend some time remembering the virtues and values and treasures of those who have gone before us.

The book "Angels in Architecture" by Douglas Wilson has helped awakened my soul from the spell of this modern culture I live in. It has helped me see that we are losing so many wonderful treasures and we don't know it.

Interesting and thought provoking question!

What was your b-day dedicated to? (Check details)?

What was your b-day dedicated to? (Check details)?

i guess august isn't a very important month.

best bands in your opinion?

best bands in your opinion?

The Misfits


The Germs

The Clash

The Ramones

The Descendents

7 Seconds


Black Flag

Sonic Youth

Negative Approach

Stellar Corpses

The Cramps

The Damned

Screaming Dead

The Sisters of Mercy

Social Distortion

Elvis Presley

Johnny Cash

Alien Sex Fiend

The Adicts

Alice Cooper

The Smiths

The Cure

Joy Division


*These are some of my favourites.

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