K-9 Veterans Day 2019 is on Wednesday, March 13, 2019: 9 Veterans Day - Do the Vietnam Veterans know they lost the Vietnam war?

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 is K-9 Veterans Day 2019. Today is K9 Veterans Day in many cites and States Today is K9 Veterans Day in

Do the Vietnam Veterans know they lost the Vietnam war?

K-9, me again and you're beginning to fuck me off. Let's cut the bullshit, throw out the asshole historical data that gets put on the news and in the history books and look at bare facts! Myth: The United States lost the war. Fact: The American military was not defeated in Viet-Nam. They lost no battles of any consequence and from a military standpoint it was almost an unprecedented performance by American armed forces. The last American troops, excluding embassy personnel left Viet-Nam ENTIRELY, 29 March 1973. The fall of Saigon occurred 30 April 1975, two years AFTER the US left Vietnam. Concerning the evacuation on that day out of 140,000 people very few were US military personnel and those again were assigned to the US embassy there.America did not lose the war... South Vietnam DID! Giap, who many have said was in the same league as MacArthur, Grant, Lee, etc. was defeated at every turn in major engagements with the US troops, especially with TET of 1968, which resulted in the death of 45,000+ NVA troops and slamming the Viet Cong so hard in South Vietnam that that insurgency group never did come close to the recovery of their former strength. Myth: Fighting in Viet-Nam was not as intense as in previous wars. FACT: The average infantryman in the South Pacific during WW2 saw about 40 days of combat in four years. The average infantryman in Viet-Nam saw about 240 days of combat in ONE YEAR thanks to the airmobile factor! Myth: The common belief that the "Domino Theory" was proven false. Fact: ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations); the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia,Singapore, and Thailand stayed free because of the USA's and its allies commitment to Vietnam. The Indonesians threw the Soviets out in 1966. Without that commitment, communism could have swept all the way to the Malacca Straits which is of GREAT strategic importance to the free world. If you ask people in these nations whose age group remembers those days, you might find out that they have a different opinion of who won and lost in Southeast Asia. Viet-Nam was definitely the turning point for Communism. Myth: Most Vietnam veterans were draftees. Fact: 66% of the men who served in RVN were volunteers. 66% of the men who served in WW2 were draftees. 70% of those 66% who were killed in Viet-Nam were volunteers. Myth: Most Vietnam vets were poor and uneducated ( I think you call them dummies) Fact: Vietnam veterans were the best educated people that this country had ever sent into combat. 79% had a high school education or better.( Anyone who has to make life and death decisions in a micro-second day by day ,far outweighs and outstands any college PH-D any day in my book and has received more of a education than any educated dummy that has a degree will ever get). No, The United States, it's military policies, and military personnel DID NOT LOSE THE VIETNAM WAR. SOUTH VIETNAM DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You, and the idiots like you, who don't know that they don't know, at least get some documented facts before you open your mouth and confuse it with your asshole!

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DS:Beings that its Veterans day?

DS:Beings that its Veterans day?

I don't know about all branches, but I was an USAF Cop. I was not K-9, but had K-9 troops and dogs assigned to me. They did a good job caring for the dogs. When they got to old to do the mission, or something would happen that caused the dog to become de-certified, they adopted them out. I knew several people who adopted them. They were great pets. Just don't try to bring any weed or explosives into the house.

So I would adopt one. Also, if for no other reason then the fact that the dog served this country more faithfully then 90% of the humans who live here.

That dog dedicated it's whole live to service, he or she was a soldier. They fully deserve the respect and honor due anyone who so selflessly scarifies for this nation. Human or dog, a soldier is a soldier.

If the dog was a crazed, anti-social nightmare. Fine, I will build a big dog pen with several trees in it for shade. I will feed him good food, give him clean water, and about once a week toss a cat in there so he can chase and kill something if that makes him happy. He deserves a decent retirement.

This country finds all kinds of reasons to screw over it's vets. Us vets need to stick together. That dog is one of us vets. He deserves far more then most "humans" do.

So I would take one in a heart beat.

EDIT: @ Janie D.

Thanks for the links. I belong to a Veterans group, and we are trying to start a "pets for vets" project. I'm gonna forward your info, maybe we can get some of these deserving dogs hooked up with some deserving vets.

"I will go to a Veteran’s grave and then turn my back on his grave." Agree/comments?

"I will go to a Veteran's grave and then turn my back on his grave." Agree/comments?

It's brave of him to sit back and type on a computer keyboard now. He sounds like the bitter shape of a man who came back from a war long ago.

Unfortunately, we have those few who forget what it's like. To forget the smell of gunpowder burning in the air. To forget the screams of our friendlies while being shot. To forget our friends as we watch them die.

To give this one person attention is exactly what he wants. It feeds his fire. Show him the same respect that he shows our men and women of the armed forces. Turn your back on him. Then when he once again reaches out for that helping hand, step on it until you hear the bones crunch.

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