Keep Kids Alive! Drive 25 Day 2020 is on Friday, May 1, 2020: Why are illegals killing our kids?


Friday, May 1, 2020 is Keep Kids Alive! Drive 25 Day 2020. Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 - eliminating tragic injuries and ... KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® DAY!

Why are illegals killing our kids?

The short answer is because we aren't enforcing our laws. Illegal aliens break laws with impunity. They enter illegally. They work illegally. They drive illegally. If THIS particular illegal alien had NOT been allowed to stay in this country, 4 children would still be alive. Illegal aliens kill 12-25 Americans every day. This day, these poor children were a part of the statistic. Illegal aliens HAVE to go.

Top 25 Emo/Screamo Bands?

Top 25 Emo/Screamo Bands?

prepair your self for the longest list of bands(that are way awesome) ever.

bless the fall

as i lay dying

escape the fate

a skylit drive

senses fail

from first to last

upon beauty rests

dear whoever

these silhouettes

chasing thrill

her bright skies

sienna skies

all that remains

we came as romans

in fear and faith

the word alive

aim for sunrise

a line before the ocean

for all those sleeping

vampires every where

the elijah

gwen stacey


inhale exhale

bullet for my valentine

bullet for pretty boy

before their eyes

before she dies


motionless in white

the dream the chase

i see stars

hopes die last

holding onto hope

a smile from the trenches


a modernday escape

signal the escape

a faylene sky

dividing the sky


arms like yours

a black veils brides

early to bed

i never heard the bullet

the casino brawl

a static lullaby

a cut throat kiss

secrets kept in suicide

a vain attempt


another rising

burden of a day


there for tomorrow

not forgotten

eyes set to kill

many things untold

exit ten

keeping secrets

our last night


oh sleeper


scary kids scaring kids

the chase

the devil wears prada



your hero

a night in hollywood

of machines

belle epoque

tides of men

upon this dawning

keep me conscious


further seems forever

never means maybe

seven story fall

perfect like me

these hearts

from dying skies

dividing the line

expect anythin

look alive

as cities burn

a thorn for every heart

cheyene stokes

a current affair

oh sweet ransom

a kiss for jersey

her words kill

hello mexico



hopes fall

sparkle of hope

second theif

dead poetic

walking with strangers

your city is forgotten

reclaim the fallen

four letter lie

chemical vocation

beneth these words


from heaven we fall

with grace we fall

darkest hour

with waiting hours

save it for sunrise

less than famous

a last failure

get scared


search the city

what is your morning routine?

what is your morning routine?

5:00 am- toddler wakes up, wants some milk.

5:30 am- toddler slides off the bed, wants to throw the DVD's around.

5:31 am - Me being forced to get my patootie out of bed.

5:45 am - Prepare lunch for my kids and me, put things together. Toddler yelling for me in bedroom.

6:00 am - Toddler insists on watching the movie "Cars" for the 1,453,005th time.

6:05 am - shake my 13 year old awake for 10 minutes.

6:25 am - shake my 13 year old awake for 10 minutes again.

6:30-7:00am - kids getting ready for their supervising. Husband complaining we are making too much noise.

7:05 am - drive kids 2 blocks down to Mom's house..daughter realizes she forgot her schoolwork. (she is homeschooled..)

7:06 am - U-turn.

7:10 am - daughter running back out the door, this time with her backpack.

7:15 am - dropping kids with has barfed on the living room floor, so we clean that up.

7:25 am - kiss kids..head to work.

7:35 am - arrive at work, thankful to still be alive from the short but potentially deadly 52E traffic commute.

7:40 - 8:00 am - check email..

8:00 - noon - various things, keep forgetting my work.

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