Kids Bowl Free Day 2018 is on Thursday, October 11, 2018: sahm, activities for kids?

Thursday, October 11, 2018 is Kids Bowl Free Day 2018. This Summer, Kids Get 2 Free Bowling Games Every Day with Kids ... Kids Bowl Free is offering

sahm, activities for kids?

I agree to check out your parks and rec and see if there's anything cheap or free. We have movies in the park, an arts festival, parades and other things that go on during the summer months around here where a lot of it is free or cheap. Lots of communities have things like Kids Bowl Free (google this, you might find a bowling alley near you that does it) where the kids get two free games of bowling every day in the summer, you just have to rent shoes. Or there are movie theaters where you buy a pass for a certain amount and they show one movie a week all summer long (not a new movie, but a kids movie). We also always get a family pass to a local swimming pool and go as often as we can, every day if possible. Because of this, the first few weeks of summer I usually enroll the kids in swimming lessons to remind them how to swim and teach the younger ones more skills. We love the water.

I like to keep my kids busy and learning. We take part in the public library summer reading program. I also get workbooks for them to keep up their math skills. We have a yearly family pass to the local zoo, purchased mostly for our use during the summer months when kids tend to get bored. I am implementing a new chore system where they will have certain chores to do daily and weekly and can earn tokens (little round pieces of paper that I cut out). They can use tokens to pay for computer/video game time or they can save up their tokens til the end of summer and get a prize with them (something I haven't yet figured out, maybe taking them to a movie or something). We will also be doing an art curriculum that I'm putting together, using stuff I've found on the Internet (they don't really teach art in school anymore--they do craft projects but don't teach art). I'm going to focus on one artist a week and teach them about color, shape, movement, etc. We will also be doing "culture weeks" in conjunction with our "artist weeks" where we learn about another culture for one week--how they dress, what they eat, some history, etc. I'm really excited about this. Most of this we will do together on the Internet and by checking out books from the library. I will experiment with cooking, letting the kids help, and make one meal that week that is true to the culture.

Another suggestion is to come up with a list of Boredom Busters that suit you, things like blowing bubbles, sidewalk chalk, playing hopscotch, watercolor painting, or other activities that you can stock supplies for easily and cheaply. Then you write out the list and post it in your house and when your kids say "I'm bored" you can point out the list and let them decide what to do.

I am so excited for summer--it's my favorite time of year because my kids are home and I can take charge of their learning for a few months and we can do fun things that they don't always get to do in school.

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Do your kids do chores?

Do your kids do chores?

Kids that I help take care of are 8, 12, and 13. They all have chores. Rooms in the house that they need to keep picked up, mostly. Dishes, trash, take care of animals, help with laundry, clean up after themselves... but they also need to get homework done and I like them to have some free time to play outside and just enjoy being kids.

My sister has two kids.. 5 and 6 months. Her five year old is learning how to do dishes (no glass ones yet, just the plastic plates and bowls). He helps her put dishes away, set the table for dinner, pick up his toys, wipe up the bathroom counters, feed pets, make his bed, put his toys away, and he loves helping with the new baby. He thinks she's really kind of neat, so he helps his mom sing to her, dress her, get her to go to sleep... he loves "playing" with the baby.

As for your three year old, making the bed is great, keeping his room clean is also another good idea, and picking up after himself never hurt. If you want to have chores that he can be responsible for, picking up the floor in different rooms. Show him what can be sucked up in a vacuum and what can't be. He can pick up the things for you, and you can vacuum until he's big enough to do it. Straightening up different tables might also work, depending on the furniture you have... such as wiping down the coffee table and putting the magazines nicely. It really depends on how much you want him to do, and what he is able to do.

The articles below have some wonderful ideas.

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