Kindergarten Day 2018 is on Saturday, April 21, 2018: What's a typical kindergarten day like?

Saturday, April 21, 2018 is Kindergarten Day 2018. Kindergarten at Goddard‎ Kindergarten is full day with degreed teachers. Schedule a tour.

Kindergarten Day

Kindergarten Day remembers birthday of Friedrich Froebe who had been born in 1782 and began the very first kindergarten in 1837, in Germany.Despite being popular in Germany, the Prussian government outlawed the colleges in 1851. Froebe died annually later also it wasn’t until 1860 the Prussians relented and permitted the colleges to carry on. 1873 saw the very first public kindergarten opened up within the U . s . States, in St Louis.

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What’s a typical kindergarten day like?

Description of a

Kindergarten Day


Morning meeting has many elements. During this time, we recite the Pledge of Allegiance and sing a patriotic song. We take attendance and graph our lunch count. We count the number of boys and girls present in class. We discuss the calendar in terms of month, day, date, season, and weather. We also count the number of days we are in school. We sing a song and/or read a book related to our theme.


Sharing time offers your child a unique opportunity to utilize his/her growing vocabulary and emerging speaking skills. A calendar will be sent home every other month with information regarding our sharing themes and your child’s sharing times. Your child is encouraged to bring in items to present to the class on his/her assigned days. Toys are not to be brought to school for sharing. Instead they can be pictures, books, puppets, something related to what we are studying, or something related to an important event in your child’s life. You may choose to practice at home before your child’s scheduled times.

Large Group Activities

These activities take place on the floor in the meeting area. They may include language arts, math, social studies, science, health or character lessons. Participating in activities and discussions is as important as listening and following the rules during these times.

Small Group Activities

These activities take place at various tables throughout the classroom. They can include art projects, fine motor activities, writers’ or readers’ workshop, skill practice, hands-on math activities, or science experiments. Working independently on these activities is as important as cooperating and sharing with classmates during these times.


Snack time offers your child the opportunity to learn how to independently retrieve his/her snack, quietly enjoy a snack break, and neatly clean up after a snack break. Children will bring snack on a daily basis. Special snacks coordinated to special themes or activities may occasionally be provided by the kindergarten teachers.

Center Time

Center time offers your child the opportunity to foster his/her social and cognitive development. Children get the opportunity to interact with classmates in the following centers; art, drama, sand/water, listening, writing, discovery (science, math, puzzles, playdough), reading, blocks, dollhouse, computer, and painting.

Rest Time

Rest allows your child time to relax and unwind. In the afternoon, your little kindergartner needs time to rest and relax his/her mind and body.


Stories are incorporated into much of our kindergarten day. These valuable reading opportunities will be used to encourage literacy, extend content knowledge, develop language arts skills, and foster a love of reading.


At the end of the day, your child will: exit out Ridge Road to greet an adult (walking or picking up in a car); wait downstairs for an adult or sibling (walking out Peck Road exit); or wait in the gym for a school bus. Our day is very busy and full of lots of fun.. Your child will love kindergarten!

This is just one kindergarten classroom. Most of the kindergarten classrooms I have seen are set up the exact same way.

Kindergarten-1st days of school plan?

Kindergarten-1st days of school plan?

I'm a kindergarten teacher and here are the typical things I plan for the 1st day.

- over plan, have plenty of things to do

- exploration with manipulatives (shapes, cubes, etc)

- drawing/coloring, I wouldn't do anything too creative at first

- directions on how to use the restroom, wash hands

- read aloud

- music and dancing

- I start with literacy centers day 1, divide into 4 groups and assign a center (very simple like books in a tube, blank paper, ABC puzzles) and rotate after 10-15 minutes

- developmental play centers (blocks, housekeeping, animals, etc. Make sure to explain rules and expectations)

- establish rules for the classroom with the students

- take the students on a tour of the school. Show them the cafeteria and where they will sit for lunch and other important areas around the school.

- Almost forgot, playground! Again, discuss expectations.

Good luck and remember it's just 1 day!

Is full-day Kindergarten too long for a child?

Is full-day Kindergarten too long for a child?

I don't think that full day kindergarten is too much for a child. If your daughter is used to 1/2 day, I think that it is actually a good idea for you to send her to full day kindergarten. When she goes to 1st grade, she will be there for a full day. First grade is strictly academic and will not take the time to allow her to comfortably transition from being used to half a day into a full day of school. Kindergarten is especially made for children to get used to this transition. While kindergarten is somewhat academic, they are still more understanding of being tired, temper tantrums, and things of that sort. All of that being said, I think you should definitely put your daughter in full day kindergarten so she has a better chance of making that transition into getting used to being in school for a full day.

And besides, you need to realize your daughter is going to be tired when she comes home regardless. She is small and going to have a full day of learning, playing with friends, running, jumping, singing, and painting. Of course she will be tired whether she is there for a full day or a half day.

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