Letter Writing Day 2019 is on Saturday, December 7, 2019: the "Letter-Writing Day" of Japan Postal Service information?

Saturday, December 7, 2019 is Letter Writing Day 2019. Sparkle Power!: Kids Summer Camp at Home - Letter Writing Day For letter writing day,

Letter Writing Day

Just when was the final time you place pen to paper to make contact with someone? Email, text texting and instant communication are incredible tools, but don't have the personal touch of the handwritten letter. Pull out your writing paper, pens and the envelopes and check out writing instructions instead of contacting or contacting on Letter Writing Day.

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the "Letter-Writing Day" of Japan Postal Service information?

Letter-Writing Day is 23rd of every month at post office in Japan.

Japan post office issue a special stamp on every 23rd of July and it is the main event of the day. Many Japanese knows that 23rd of July is Letter Writing Day of,but not 23rd in other monthes.

Letter -Writing Day is called "Fumi- no-hi" in Japanese language. "Fumi" is 文 and it means letter. "hi" is 日 and it means day in Japanese. ("no" is an adposition). Because the pronouncation of 1, 2,3 is hi(one), fu(two), mi(tree) at bit old Japanese language,23 (it sounds "fumi") was chosen by Japan post. The Japan post has been issuing the he postage stamps for every Letter Writing Day of July, 23rd of July since 1976 because July is 7月 in Japanese (月meas month) but traditionally also called Fumizuki (文月), month of letters.

The recent years stamps for the day are as following:












Those stamps are sold at every post office in Japan, however in addition that some of the post offices independently do the special event at Letter-Writing Day and issues and sell special stamps. For example, Japan post do kids' drawing contest as a part of the events in Greater Tokyo Festival. and etc.

I wish you can understand my English.

Letter writing?

Letter writing?

Letters are nice to receive, it's alot more personal than an email. Just start writing about everything what's on your mind, after you start, things will pop up in your mind by itself. Talk about the things you've done during the day or something you saw on the news. There is so much to talk about. :)

Be sure to write the letter on a scrap piece of paper first and leave it for a while, then read it again to be sure it's how you wanted it and you made no mistakes.

writing a letter?

writing a letter?

You start a letter with a friendly opening on the top line of th page something like: what ever you you feel is appropriate for the person

Hi Georgia Or Hey girl

Then skip a line, indent 1 character to start a paragraph. and for every paragraph indent 1 character. In ending a letter.

drop to the left side two lines down and write a salutation, something like

Have A Wonderful Day

Linda S.

or what ever you want and sign it

a professional letter is different

Othe top of page about 1/2 inch down you give your info

Georgia #######


city, state zip code

if you are typing on an unlined page I inch under your name, address ect.

You start a prof. letter with

Dear Sir, or Madame, or their name, don't forget the comma

indents are the same for paragraphs, In ending a letter.

drop to the left side two lines down

and the salutation should be something like

Sincerely, don't forget the comma

Linda S.

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