LGBT Center Awareness Day 2020 is on Tuesday, September 15, 2020: LGBT Americans what are you doing to fight for your rights? Are you involved in any activist groups?


Tuesday, September 15, 2020 is LGBT Center Awareness Day 2020. NYC LGBT Community Center Information, support and resources for the LGBT community.

LGBT Americans what are you doing to fight for your rights? Are you involved in any activist groups?

I'm registered to vote

I'm involved with our college student organization Bobcat Equality Alliance, which does GLBT equality promotion.

I was involved last year with our student Associated Student Government in trying to amend our University's anti-discrimination policy to include "gender identity and expression".

I helped write legislation for the Associated Student Government to allow for gender neutral housing on this campus. (It passed ASG, now it goes to Residence Life directors. If it strips federal funding it won't happen)

I'm involved in Equality Texas.

I'm a member of Stonewall Democrats

I"m involved in Transgender Advocates of Central Texas.

I'm involved in/training to be a mentor with our area of OutYouth.

I participate every year in Transgender Day of Remembrance, the Austin AIDS walk, and National Coming Out day.

In Illinois, we did a diversity seminar called "Boxes and Walls" where you basically took a tour through the life of oppressed minorities. We reenacted the Matthew Shepard story.

Right now our university is doing a movie series called "Shades of Queer" where we do a GLBT plus another minority movie every Monday. Like disabled and GLBT, or African American and GLBT, or Jewish and GLBT..things of that nature.

We're also doing a HIV awareness series all this week with different events, and anyone that shows up gets a voucher for a free HIV test at our student health center.

What are some equal rights for gays activites I can do around here to raise awareness?

What are some equal rights for gays activites I can do around here to raise awareness?

Desiree, you make us so proud! I am hoping that you live near a large city. Or a university, even a college. Large cities usually have LGBT Community Centers. They will have lots of things for you to volunteer for and help with. Join the center (sometimes there are dues) if they offer memberships, because then you have a voice in how the place is GLBT youth are always always welcome! If that doesn't work for you, and there is a big college or university, a 15 year old woman seeking knowledge on a college campus is not at all out of place! There are resources there for you, too. There is generally a gay people's union (what we used to call them..I'm old), usually a university sponsored organization, so very easy to find! Now, of course, all of these organizations should have a presence on the web, too.

So, you're out in the boonies perhaps? Well, finding the folks online will help as above. But, if that is the case, and you are having no luck on the web, I urge you to take a two or three day trip to a larger city or university. Make sure you are there during at least ONE full weekday. Some of these places are only open or available during the business day! Don't waste a trip...

As far as web searches go, be sure to search for LGBT AND GLBT. Both are commonly used. Sometimes you have to search with gay or lesbian to get what you want, but be careful! Many of the sites on the search will be porn sites! But you have to take the bad with the good. Try different combinations "Lesbian and Gay" (capitalize), "lesbian and gay" (small case) "gay lesbian" "lesbian gay" (no and), "GL" (used before GLBT). Add cities or locations to narrow the search. You know what I mean, dear...

Thank you for such a fantastic question! I am honored to meet you, I'm adding you to my contacts immediately!

Auntie Kookoo

Edit: Oh, my dear, welcome welcome welcome! I see that you just joined us today! This place can be a little weird, make sure you have a thick skin! -AK

What do you think about celebrations of ’Gay Pride’?

What do you think about celebrations of 'Gay Pride'?

In a perfect world, there would be no need for Gay Pride parades, festivals, etc. If everyone accepted that being gay is just another natural variation like having size 9 feet, then you would have a point.

But unfortunately that day had not yet come, and such Pride events allow gay people to come together, celebrate , and feel free to express themselves, when it is often difficult the rest of the year. Many gay people still are forced to live closeted lives due to family, jobs, church, neighborhood, etc., and many still face discrimination every day.

Pride events are all the things you mention, and more- build self esteem in young people, combat homophobia, excuse to party, fund raiser for AIDS and LGBT community centers, raise awareness of political issues, education, eating, drinking, dancing, listening to music, buying merchandise, art shows, dressing crazy, etc. Everyone is welcome, so don't be afraid to attend one if you never have.

And no, I am not offended by the term 'gay community' because I realize it is meant in only a very broad general way. Gay people are quite diverse in our lifestyles and views, and the term 'community' is merely an abstract concept at best.

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