Middle Child Day 2018 is on Sunday, August 12, 2018: Why do middle school children these days use such offensive language?

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Why do middle school children these days use such offensive language?

When I was in middle school, children were *obsessed* with swear words and even started inventing their own. It doesn't seem that uncommon for middle schoolers (especially boys) to start using swear words to sound grown up. They don't realize that adults use those words far less often, and that they sound even more childish for it.

A similar phenomenon is the way middle school girls respond to make-up. As soon as they start 6th grade, they suddenly feel they are adult, and must adorn themselves with the trappings of an adult. And thus, they lather on tons of makeup and empty out cans of hairspray on their heads (or they did back when I was in middle school).

Once these middle schoolers enter high school most of them, I noticed, tend to grow out of these obsessions or at least learn something called moderation.

I went to middle school before the internet was around. Most kids learned bad language from music, or mostly from their own parents.

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Middle Child Syndrome?

Middle Child Syndrome?

I understand what a middle children syndrome feels like.

I grown up with 5 other siblings. So including myself there was 6 of us.

I was the 4th child down, which mean I was in the middle.

Today in my adulthood.

My eldest sister harasses me.

Oldest brother has called me retard and other names.

The brother before me has blamed me for his bad credit card problems.

Then there is me.

I get along with my baby brother for the most part to this day.

Then there is my baby sister who yes was the most spoiled.

I learned not to get involved in their problems. I try to focus on my own life and not to let someone ruin my life. I am in in-control. No one can tell me what to think or say.

Also, sometimes when someone is having a hard time in their own life, they put down other people to make them feel better about themselves. They feel superior and controlling if you let them bother you like that.

Middle Child Syndrome?

Middle Child Syndrome?

Firstly, middle child syndrome is a bit of a joke. Not to disregard your problem, but i think middle child syndrome is more of a state of mind thing than anything else. Lets say for argument sake you feel ignored and a little unloved at home. I dont for one, think your parents hate you, or probably understand how much they are hurting you. Remember, after all they are just people trying to do the best that they know how. As for the sharp pain in your wrists, that is built up emotional tension and anger. Somehow, you need to change your strategy to help you live a more comfortable life at home. I dont really know how you can do this as i dont know you or your situation, but i hope you can find something. Maybe you need to forgive your parents and let go of the anger you feel towards them. (easier said than done, i know) but the anger is not helping you in any way, its only causing you more emotional stress. Maybe talk to a friend about it?

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