"Midwife's Day 2020 is on Wednesday, January 8, 2020: What is midwife's cocktail?


Wednesday, January 8, 2020 is "Midwife's Day 2020. Day of the Midwife in SLO: Write Your Midwife A Thank You Note! Day of the Midwife in SLO

What is midwife’s cocktail?

You clearly stated you understand the less intensive methods of induction, and I certainly don't get the sense that you're trying to rush things. I think sometimes people don't consider just how unsafe and harsh a medical induction can be (done with Pitocin, etc.). It has a 50% chance of c/section because many moms bodies and babies don't tolerate it very well. It is very wise of you to research these less intensive methods. I see answers by some suggesting you not rushing things along and then suggesting letting your doctor do it. What do those people think that is? Isn't that rushing nature too? Sometimes these mild induction methods (sex, walking, etc.) will just help get things over the edge. I would suggest you use castor oil as your last result. I always tell my clients this is what you do the day before you're looking at a medical induction. Do it in the morning because it can take a few hours to put you into labor and you don't want to go into labor at night (if possible). Two tablespoons usually does the trick (you probably don't want any more than that). Also because you will get diarrhea, make sure you stay hydrated. It can also make hemoroids worse. It works for most, but if you and baby aren't ready, it'll just make you sick (diarrhea and vomiting). There are no large studies on its safety (like most natural supplements) so we don't know anything conclusive about it (from a research perspective). Again, it's really a last resort thing (10 days past due date+). I think you got that though.

Good luck.

how much do nurses/midwife’s earn - Australia.?

how much do nurses/midwife's earn - Australia.?

My wife is a registered nurse working in a public hospital emergency room in WA.


Enrolled earn about 47K year and up.

Registered earn 49.5K year and up.

Holidays: 4 weeks base + accumulated days off

She says Curtin and Notre Dame Universities in WA are well respected. Not that this may help you.

I think I want to get certified as a midwife’s assistant

I think I want to get certified as a midwife's assistant. Just out of curiosity, how much money do they make?

I would guess it's not enough to put my kids in day care. Or else I would consider it too.

I'm thinking very hard about becoming a doula.

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