Miners' Day 2019 is on Friday, December 6, 2019: Whats a fathers day song?

Friday, December 6, 2019 is Miners' Day 2019. National Miner's Day - December 6 Miner's Day Banner

Miners’ Day

Mining is really a hazardous but vital profession. Miners have the effect of supplying industry with lots of the recycleables that people depend upon in modern manufacturing, but achieve this at great peril deep subterranean. Miners’ Day recognises hard and harmful work carried out by miners and rewards their dedication.

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Whats a fathers day song?

Stanley Bros.\ Dream of the Coal Miner's Child

Norman Blake\ Poor Old Dad\ Chattanooga Sugar Babe\ Shanachie

"Dad's Gonna Kill Me" by Richard Thompson from "Sweet Warrior"

Norman Blake\ Poor Old Dad\ Chattanooga Sugar Babe\ Shanachie

Cat Stevens\ Father to Son

Crosby Stills and Nash\ Teach Your Children Well

Electric Bonsai Band\ I Am My Dad

Steve Goodman\ My Old Man

[list of suggestions posted to FOLKDJ-L in 2006, compiled by Steve Jerrett]

Aztec Two-Step\ Dad Came Home\ Days of Horses\ Red Engine

Bill Staines - Child of Mine - Going to the West

Bill Staines - My Grandfather's Clock - One more River

Bob Bennet - No Such Thing as Divorce

Bob Franke - For Real

Bob Zentz - Good Ol'Days - Beaucatcher Farewell

Catie Curtis - Dad's Yard

Cheryl Wheeler - 75 Septembers (Grandfather)

Collin Raye - I Think about You

Cosy Sheridan - Me and My Father - Saturn return

Coyote Run - Boardin' the Train - Pleads the 5th

Craig Sonnenfeld - Junebug - Reverie

Dana Cooke - My Father's Bald - Wildman

David Roth - Goodbye to My Dad - Reconcilable Similarities

David Wilcox - Great Big World - Vista

Debra Cowan - Dad's Dinner Pail - Dad's Dinner Pail

Don White - Adolescent Rage

Erica Wheeler - Maryland Country Road - The Harvest

Furey Brothers - The Old Man

Greg Greenway - Don't Go - A Road Worth Walking Down

Groucho Marx - Der Alte Mann - His farewell concert tour LP

Groucho Marx - We're Giving You A Tie - His farewell concert tour LP

Helen Lewis Moore - Father's Day - Harold

Jack Williams - Daddy's Heaven - Laughing in the Face of the Blues

Jen Cass - My Daddy Said - Brave Enough To Say

Jim Henry - Pals Forever Dad - Jacksonville

Jim Henry - Ruby, Baby’s Coming Home

Jimmy Landry - From Where you come

Joe & Antoinette McKenna - Between Me and You - Farewell to Fine Weather

John McCutcheon - Dad and Me - Summersongs

John McVey - What He Means - Jigsaw

John Prine - Grandpa Was A Carpenter

Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue

Johnny Cash - Father and Son - Unearthed Volume 3

Jonathan Byrd - Happy Father's Day

Judy Collins - My Father - Who Knows Where the Time Goes

Laurie Mclain - Eyes of a Painter (Grandfather)

Lester Flatt - Over the Hills to the Poorhouse /Father's Table Grace

Loudon Wainwright III - Father/Daughter Dialogue - Grown Man

Loudon Wainwright III - Hitting You

Loudon Wainwright III - Your Mother and I (about divorce)

Maria Sangiolo - 25 Missions - The Way We Live

Mark Heard - treasure of a Broken Land

Martin Donnelly - My Father's coat

Michael Johnathon - Daughter - The Road

Michael Johnathon - Homestead - Homestead

Mike and the Mechanics - Living Years

Mustard's Retreat - A Resolution of Something - A Resolution of Something

Mustard's Retreat - Solitary Beach - A Resolution of Something

Paul & Trevor Mills - Both Sides of The Glass

Phil keagy - Father Daughter Harmony

Pierce Pettis - Hold on To That Heart - Making Light of It

Rachel Bissex - Busy Man - Between the Broken Lines

Richard Berman - My Father's Mansion

Robert Bobby - AC-DC Rag - F*U*B*A*R

Rod MacDonald - I'm Your Dad

Russ Rentler - The Way Things Might Have Been - Scarecrow's Lament

Sam Pacetti - The Lion and the Child - Solitary Travel

Smith Sisters - My Father Was a Quiet Man - Canary's Song

Stan Rogers - Sailor's Rest (about his grandfather) - Home in Halifax

Steve Fromholz - Dear Darcy

Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen - Sunrise - A Sense of Place

Terence Martin - Independence Day

Tom Russell - Charlie Russell - The Man From God Knows Where

Tommy Makem - Kids on the Range - Live at the Irish Pavilion

Wishing Chair - Copernicus - Crow

[played and liked in 2006]

Del Rey\ Dad Blues\ Boogie Mysterioso\ Hobemian

John Prine\ Unwed Fathers\ Great Days\ Rhino

Gene Autry\ That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine\ Essential\ Rhino

Dolly Parton\ To Daddy\ Heartsongs\ Columbia

Guy Clark\ The Randall Knife\ Dublin Blues\ Warner Bros.

Lester Flatt\ Father's Table Grace\ Country Legends\ RCA

Carrie Newcomer\ My Father's Only Son\ My Father's Only Son\ Philo

Tom Paxton\ When I Go To See My Son\ Wearing the Time\ Sugar Hill

Heidi Muller\ Arrowhead\ Giving Back\ Self

The Gibson Brothers\ Arleigh\ Bona Fide\ Sugar Hill

Cliff Eberhardt\ My Father's Shoes

John Gorka\ Semper Fi\ Jack's Crows\ High Street

Electric Bonsai Band\ I Am My Dad\ But I'm Happy Now\ Yellow Tail

Steve Goodman\ My Old Man\ Say It In Private\ Red Pajamas

this site has some too

all you need to do is google it then listen to some of them...

whats it like to be a ’miner’ as a job?

whats it like to be a 'miner' as a job?

Deep feelings and isolation is the only bit you got wrong.

It was hard work and demanding work. Men worked extremely long shifts, underground, inhaling soot, dust and even fine coal, that made permanent damage to their lungs. These days in my village I can tell who are the men that worked down the mines because they have a particular cough. Some still cough up black phlegm.

It was also dangerous, because every now and again there would be an accident. We saw only a few months ago (in my valley) how tragic mining accidents can be. A wall broke and water came flooding in and 4 miners lost their lives. It was well-known locally that the mountain was full of water and unsuitable for mining, but the pit owners (as was common back in the day) ignored safety warnings.

It was dark, dangerous and a generally horrible job, but there was a great camaraderie amongst miners. They would spend pretty much all day together. They'd wake up early, go down the pit together, work all day, come up, shower together, go home for dinner with their families, then meet up again at the pub for a few drinks, and go to bed around 11pm. It was the same thing every day.

The spirit amongst miners was outstanding. They used to play rugby together, sing in choirs together and of course, drink together. They had an extremely close bond that was a beautiful sight. A bit like those that go into the armed services, but without killing other people.

Miners today always tell me about the close friendship felt by people down the mines and how everybody knew each other, and everybody got on well and treated each other like family. They generally hated the work but enjoyed their lives.

does anyone know the name of this film?

does anyone know the name of this film?

It's Steve Miner's Day of the dead

I repeat it's still (Steve Miner's Day of the dead)

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