Moth-er Day 2020 is on Saturday, March 14, 2020: er Day - GUYS DO YOU THINK THE?.?

Saturday, March 14, 2020 is Moth-er Day 2020. Mother's Day Shopping Extravaganza May 12, 2013 Mother's Day Shopping

Moth-er Day

In a world with so much natural beauty, there's one creature that is usually forgotten: the moth. While butterflies seem to obtain all the focus, insects are commonly worried, disliked or dismissed, but Moth-er Day was set up to alter all that.Moth-er Day is

a fantastic possibility to find out regarding moths and even get included with their preservation. It's a suitable research study possibility for children, who will certainly be fascinated to get more information concerning the life cycle of egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and insect.

Some means you could acquire included with Moth-er day are to spend time insect finding and attempting to identify and videotape the species you locate. Insects, like butterflies, have actually suffered from decreasing numbers and hard years in the past, so you could aid them by growing caterpillar friendly plants in your garden. For Moth-er Day, you can look into plants that caterpillars like and expand them on your own.

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GUYS DO YOU THINK THE?.....................?




Can someone please revise my shakespearean sonnet?

Can someone please revise my shakespearean sonnet?

I think you have something quite wonderful, here, but it needs some work. Be sure that your message is absolutely clear. Choose simple words and get your rhymes dead accurate. Ensure all of your line endings are strong.

A war within our hearts concludes this day, ("Within our hearts a war concludes this day," yours is quite ok, but consider turning the words around)

Ground gained from his abrupt allied mother. ("abrupt" find a better word; moth (er) is a wrong ending. who is she allied to, anyway?)

Enraged and in pursuit until today, (don't use the "day" rhyme again, find alternative)

Without a war our love makes us so thrilled. (get rid of the weak feminine ending)

Let me not be consumed by fire again.

It is our hearts that will not be apart.

Tonight may we avouch farewell again, (don't use "again" again - find alternative. "avouch" = ouch! find a better word)

Should love consume within our fragile heart. ("consumed", "consume" find a different word. A couple of lines ago you used "our hearts", now its "our fragile heart" - be consistent, one heart or two?)

Though time does not pause for us, love cannot (in this quatrain you use "time" three times - find alternatives. "does not" requires two unaccented syllables but you only need one - eg "won't". Ought the comma come after "pause" ? Avoid the run-on line)

Diverge. Love won’t adjust with time’s tick tock (is "diverge" the best word here? "time's tick tock" sounds corny. It seems a golden opportunity to use the word "clock"

Nor will my love turn sour with my minds plot. (minds = mind's)

Time’s hourglass ends but love is made of rocks. (Use "rock" not "rocks" - make your rhymes rhyme eg "The sands run out but love is made of rock."

Robust do the rocks stand fussed into a wall. (change "do the" to "do" - fussed = fused)

Never ending love last like walls, not to fall. ("Never" is stressed. "Eternal love lasts wall-like, not to fall.")

Do you know What the song in here is?

Do you know What the song in here is?

sorry !

edit :

peace ..

am searching since you asked :)

that's what i could find so far ..

Lyrics: I am noth­ing, with­out my re­li­gion,

With­out my fear, my faith and my wis­dom,

You might see me talk­ing, but is it even worth me liv­ing

If I aint got fear, or faith or re­li­gion It's the end of the be­gin­ning and my souls been tak­en.

All this time I thought I was win­ning,

Now I'm go­ing through reg­is­tra­tion,

Will my name be called,

By the one who rules or am I the one who falls,

Face down, and bawls, and screams and cries,

Send me back for an­oth­er try, re­quest de­nied, ac­cess de­nied

Why cant I see, where are my eyes,

Why cant I speak, why are my lips sealed, eyes closed,

Why am I naked, where are my clothes,

And why are those things that I bought yes­ter­day,

Piled of my back, could this be what they say,

Will be the day of no turn­ing back, judge­ment day, I see heav­en, I see hell

I see those who done bad and those who done well,

I see an­gels, I see green birds

I see mankind, and all of Al­lah's crea­tures,

I see men, up there on raised couch­es,

Be­cause while we on­ly cry for Al­lah he had blood­shed,

And I see a wom­an go­ing though any gate which she pleas­es,

Be­cause she prayed, fast and was a wife her hus­band was pleased with, Al­lah give us Jan­nah [par­adise] x4

Give Jan­nah to my moth­er

Give Jan­nah to my fa­ther

Give Jan­nah to my sis­ter

Give Jan­nah to my broth­er Al­lah take us high­er

Al­lah take us high­er

Al­lah save us from the fire

Al­lah save us from the fire Have mer­cy on us (x4)

on judgement day ...

hope that helps a little :)

p.s : you better chose me as BA or am going to hunt you in your dreams LOL

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