National Bourbon Day 2019 is on Friday, June 14, 2019: What day is it after tomorrow?

Friday, June 14, 2019 is National Bourbon Day 2019. It's National Bourbon Day It's National Bourbon Day

What day is it after tomorrow?

475 – Basiliscus becomes Byzantine Emperor, with a coronation ceremony in the Hebdomon palace in Constantinople. 1528 – Gustav I of Sweden crowned king of Sweden. 1539 – Treaty of Toledo signed by King Francis I of France and Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. 1773 – The first public Colonial American museum opens in Charleston, South Carolina. 1777 – Mission Santa Clara de Asís is founded in what is now Santa Clara, California. 1808 – The organizational meeting that led to the creation of the Wernerian Natural History Society, a former Scottish learned society, is held in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. 1848 – The Palermo rising takes place in Sicily against the Bourbon Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. 1866 – The Royal Aeronautical Society is formed in London, England, United Kingdom. 1872 – Yohannes IV is crowned Emperor of Ethiopia in Axum, the first imperial coronation in that city in over 200 years. 1895 – The National Trust is founded in the United Kingdom. 1898 – Itō Hirobumi begins his third term as Prime Minister of Japan. 1899 – 13 crew members and 5 apprentices are rescued from the stricken schooner Forest Hall by the Lynmouth Lifeboat when the former flounders off the coast of Devon, England, United Kingdom. 1906 – Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman's cabinet (which included amongst its members H. H. Asquith, David Lloyd George, and Winston Churchill) embarks on sweeping social reforms after a Liberal landslide in the British general election. 1908 – A long-distance radio message is sent from the Eiffel Tower for the first time. 1911 – The University of the Philippines College of Law is formally established; three future Philippine presidents are among the first enrollees. 1915 – The Rocky Mountain National Park is formed by an act of U.S. Congress. 1915 – The United States House of Representatives rejects a proposal to give women the right to vote. 1918 – Finland's "Mosaic Confessors" law went into effect, making Finnish Jews full citizens. 1921 – Acting to restore confidence in baseball after the Black Sox Scandal, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis is elected as Major League Baseball's first commissioner. 1926 – Original Sam 'n' Henry aired on Chicago, Illinois radio later renamed Amos 'n' Andy in 1928. 1932 – Hattie Caraway becomes the first woman elected to the United States Senate. 1942 – World War II: President Franklin D. Roosevelt creates the National War Labor Board. 1959 – The Caves of Nerja are rediscovered in Spain. 1962 – Vietnam War: Operation Chopper, the first American combat mission in the war, takes place. 1964 – Rebels in Zanzibar begin a revolt known as the Zanzibar Revolution and proclaim a republic. 1966 – Lyndon B. Johnson states that the United States should stay in South Vietnam until Communist aggression there is ended. 1967 – Dr. James Bedford becomes the first person to be cryonically preserved with intent of future resuscitation. 1969 – The New York Jets of the American Football League defeat the Baltimore Colts of the National Football League to win Super Bowl III in what is considered to be one of the greatest upsets in sports history. 1970 – Biafra capitulates, ending the Nigerian Civil War. 1971 – The Harrisburg Seven: Reverend Philip Berrigan and five others are indicted on charges of conspiring to kidnap Henry Kissinger and of plotting to blow up the heating tunnels of federal buildings in Washington, D.C. 1976 – The United Nations Security Council votes 11-1 to allow the Palestine Liberation Organization to participate in a Security Council debate (without voting rights). 1986 – Space Shuttle program: Congressman Bill Nelson lifts off from Kennedy Space Center aboard Columbia on mission STS-61-C as a Mission Specialist. 1991 – Gulf War: An act of the U.S. Congress authorizes the use of military force to drive Iraq out of Kuwait. 1998 – Nineteen European nations agree to forbid human cloning. 2001 – Downtown Disney opens to the public as part of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. 2004 – The world's largest ocean liner, RMS Queen Mary 2, makes its maiden voyage. 2005 – Deep Impact launches from Cape Canaveral on a Delta II rocket. 2006 – A stampede during the Stoning of the Devil ritual on the last day at the Hajj in Mina, Saudi Arabia, kills at least 362 Muslim pilgrims. 2006 – The French warship Clemenceau reaches Egypt and is barred access to the Suez Canal. Greenpeace activists board the ship. 2007 – Comet C/2006 P1 (McNaught) reaches perihelion becoming the brightest comet in more than 40 years. 2010 – The 2010 Haiti earthquake occurs killing an estimated 316,000 and destroying the majority of the capital Port-au-Prince.

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What’s up with Caroline Kennedy these days?

What's up with Caroline Kennedy these days?

After the liberal media pummeled Palin, they sort of screwed themselves.

Kennedy can't even make it till noon without a half dozen double bourbons

She's a lot like Teddy !

And Patrick !

LOL - Kennedys, our national JOKE !

Whats the name of the itailian national anthem?

Whats the name of the itailian national anthem?


"Il Canto degli Italiani" (The Song of the Italians)

Words by: Goffredo Mameli

Music by: Michele Novaro

Adopted: 1947

The anthem was written in 1847, the lyrics by Goffredo Mameli, a young poet. As such, the song is often known as L'Inno di Mameli (Mameli's Hymn). Beginning in 1861, when Italy became a united nation, the song was known as the "March of the House of Savoy" and it became the official Anthem in 1947 when Italy finally was proclaimed a Republic.

There are different versions of how Mameli actually came to write the anthem. One reports that Mameli took the anthem to the musician Michele Novaro a friend, who lived in Turin. Novaro composed the music, and Mameli returned to Genoa where he presented words and music to his friends. Shortly thereafter, "Fratelli D'Italia" (Brothers of Italy, another common name for the anthem) was played for the first time, at a popular assembly. The tune gained popularity throughout the peninsula, in defiance of the Austrian, Bourbon and Papal police.

The other and equally persuasive story goes that one evening in 1847, in the house of the American consul, the center of discussion was the uprisings of the day. Urged by many of the consul's guests, Mameli improvised a few lines on the spot and later wrote the rest. A few days later a friend took the poem to Turin and read it aloud at a nobleman's party. The composer Michele Novaro who was a guest at the same party, tried a few notes on the piano and then, went home to compose the song. The anthem was sung for the first time the next day by a group of political exiles in the Caffè della Lega Italiana of Turin.

The anthem was chosen on a provisional basis in 1947 as the national anthem, however, the choice was never officially confirmed or re-examined, so officilaly, the anthem has been the "temporary" anthem of Italy for over 50 years!

There is talk lately of replacing the anthem, firstly because the music is not up to the standards of Italian classical music tradition (ironically, some of Italy's greatest composers have composed anthems in this tradition, which are used by Central and South American countries, giving birth to the term "Latin American epic anthem"), and also the lyrics refer to specific events that were familiar to the Italians of the time that the anthem was composed, but bear little to no resonance with today's Italians. However, "Il Canto degli Italiani" is very recognizable in Italy and would be hard to replace.

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