National Defense Transportation Day 2020 is on Saturday, May 16, 2020: How would paying off the national debt better our country?


Saturday, May 16, 2020 is National Defense Transportation Day 2020. National Defense Transportation Day is a United States Federal Observance Day observed on the third Friday in May.

Nation Defense Transportation

National Defense Transportation Day is a United States Federal Observance Day observed on the third Friday in May.

How would paying off the national debt better our country?

In 2011, the US Government spent $230,000,000,000 in interest on the approximately, $14,700,000,000,000 in Public Debt.

That is more money than we pay for Education by nearly double in a year.

That is about 1/3 of what we spent on National Defense in a year.

That is 3 times more than we spent on Transportation.

About half of what we spent on Welfare.

All of the Personal Income Taxes sent in by those Earning $500,000 per year or more is PAID toward that $230,000,000,000 Interest Payment.

The Public Debt at the end of 2012 will be $16.2 Trillion.

It is proposed by Mr. Obama that we go $1.3 Trillion in Debt in 2013 per his Budget.

That is $17.5 Trillion in Debt.

How many years do you think we can keep Increasing the Debt, and not paying it down, before we owe MORE in the Interest Payment than we bring in in taxes?

Do you think people will lend us money if we can't even pay for the Interest on the Debt, much less every pay back the original Principal?

I know....I did the math.

If we keep growing our Deficit and Debts at 7% per year, and Tax Revenue continues to be stagnant or dropping, we will NOT be able to pay the entire Interest Payment in 2027.

If we can't borrow money to pay for our $4 Trillion in promised payouts, and we can only raise $2 Trillion in Taxes, lots of people will NOT get the checks they are expecting.

I did not say anything about Credit Rating....

We used to be AAA+++ which is the highest rating.

But, since we (congress) can not show they can be responsible with our money, the Lenders downgraded us to AAA++. That means that instead of 3% interest they charge us to loan us money, they are going to charge us 4.5%. That is because they are taking a bigger RISK of losing the money the loan us.

Moody's has already threatened that there is Another Down-Grade coming soon.

With every down-grade, the COST of borrowing money goes up.

Those are just a few reasons why Fiscal Responsibility is so important.

It is impossible to do all the Social Good we want if we do not have the money to pay for it.

Thanks for your interest and concern. I wish more people would honestly care enough to ask to have things explained to them.

can you tell me anything about National Youth Leadership Forum on National Security?

can you tell me anything about National Youth Leadership Forum on National Security?

The National Youth Leadership Forum (abbreviated: NYLF) is a tuition-based educational organization founded in 1992 that contracts Envision EMI, a for-profit corporation, to facilitate and execute career/leadership programs for high school students throughout the United States, with the goal of career preparation. NYLF has an active online community of current and future participants as well as alumni. These people make up the NYLF Message Boards and NYLF IRC. The NYLF Message Boards were started by several alumni following the NYLF/Tech 2002 program, and have since been officially owned and maintained by NYLF staff. NYLF IRC is an alumni-run server and is not officially affiliated with NYLF.

In order to attend the NYLF program, students are nominated to attend a program by educators, organization advisors, alumni, and participating institutions or through classroom surveys (PSAT&SAT). Students may also be admitted through an application process. There is a scholarship available on a limited basis awarded for needy students. The price to attend is more than $2,000, and in addition students are responsible for other expenses (including airfare, parking, transportation to and from the conference, and other incidental expenses) during their Forum.

On their own website it states "Pursuing a career in the field of government service takes a unique brand of leadership. The National Youth Leadership Forum on National Security offers students an inside look at the many opportunities available, as well as providing interaction with highly regarded senior civilian policy makers and military officers."

And this "The National Youth Leadership Forum on National Security (NYLF/NS): Exploring American Diplomacy, Intelligence and Defense provides an intense and stimulating exploration of the field of government service for high school students. This six-day program introduces students to challenging careers in defense, intelligence, the diplomatic corps and more.

Students participate in thought-provoking question and answer sessions with highly respected, internationally recognized civilian policy makers and senior military officers, who provide rich insights into current issues and discuss the strategies that helped them succeed. The government's leading academic institutions also open their doors to our students, where they are educated in diplomacy, international affairs and military strategy.

During the course of the Forum, students take part in a national security strategy exercise that draws on their program experiences and teamwork. They employ a crisis decision-making process similar to that employed by the nation's top policy makers, giving them an opportunity to use critical thinking, leadership and public speaking skills to tackle the complexity of national decision-making."

What remarkable events occurred on the leap years days of history?

What remarkable events occurred on the leap years days of history?

These all happened on Feb. 29

1288 - Scotland established this day as one when a woman could

propose marriage to a man! If he refused, he was required to pay a fine.

1704 - The town of Deerfield, MA was raided on this date by French

Canadians and Indians who were trying to retrieve their church bell that

had been shipped from France. The bell was to hang in the Canadian

Indian's village church. Neither the raiders nor the residents of Deerfield

were aware that the bell had been stolen from the ship. The Deerfield

folks had purchased the bell from a privateer, unaware that it belonged to

the Indian congregation. Although 47 people were killed in the incident,

we could say that the 120 captured were saved by the bell.

1860 - The first electric tabulating machine -- the forerunner of the

calculator -- was invented by Herman Hollerith. We think it was

unfortunate that Mr. Hollerith chose to make his invention on Leap Day,

causing the machine to only calculate numbers divisible by four.

1904 - On this day in Washington, DC, a seven-man commission was

created to hasten the construction of the Panama Canal. Work began

May 4th. It's always hard to get something going by committee; so we

guess that's why it took seven men two months to get the work going.

1920 - Dateline -- Budapest, Hungary: Miklos Horthy de Nagybanya

became the Regent of Hungary just six months after leading a

counterrevolution. He probably gained control because everyone else

was distracted while trying to pronounce his name.

1932 - Bing Crosby and the Mills Brothers teamed up to record "Shine"

for Brunswick Records.

1936 - Fanny Brice brought her little girl character "Baby Snooks" to

radio on "The Ziegfeld Follies of the Air" on CBS Radio. Miss Brice

presented the character and later sang "My Man" on the program. She

was 44 at the time, and was known as America's "Funny Girl" long

before Barbra Streisand brought her even greater fame and notoriety

nearly 30 years later.

1940 - Hattie McDaniel was the first black person to win an Oscar. She

won the Best Supporting Actress award for her role as Mammy in "Gone

with the Wind". GWTW also won Best Picture, Best Actress for Vivien

Leigh's performance and Best Director for Victor Fleming, Best

Screenplay for Sidney Howard's writing plus awards for Color

Cinematography, Interior Decoration and Film Editing. Other Oscar

winners on this night were Best Actor, Robert Dunat in "Goodbye, Mr.

Chips", and Best Supporting Actor, Thomas Mitchell in "Stagecoach".

1944 - The invasion of the Admiralty Islands began on this date as U.S.

General Douglas MacArthur led his forces in "Operation Brewer".

Troops surged onto Los Negros, following a month of Allied advances in

the Pacific.

1944 - The first woman appointed secretary of a national political party

was named to the Democratic National Committee. Dorothy McElroy

Vredenburgh of Alabama began her new appointment this day. 1944 -

The Office of Defense Transportation, for the second year, restricted

attendance at the Kentucky Derby to residents of the Louisville area to

prevent a railroad traffic burden during wartime. We imagine that horses

were allowed in from elsewhere, though...

1952 - New York City pedestrians were told when to walk and when

not to as four signs were installed at 44th Street and Broadway in Times

Square. Each sign flashed "Walk" for 22 seconds, then "Don't Walk" for

ten seconds before the "Don't Walk" turned red for 58 seconds more.

We're told that eight out of ten people obeyed the signs ... not bad for

New Yorkers who will walk right through one door of a car and out the

other to get across the street quickly.

1960 - A report from the White House stated that America's kids were

getting too fat! I'll have a cheeseburger, fries and a shake.

1964 - Dawn Fraser got her 36th world record this day. The Australian

swimmer was timed at 58.9 seconds in the 100-meter freestyle in

Sydney, Australia.

1964 - The United States was in the grip of Beatlemania! "I Want to

Hold Your Hand", by the lads from Liverpool, was in its 5th week at #1

on the pop charts. It stayed there until March 21, when it was replaced

by "She Loves You", which was replaced by "Can't Buy Me Love",

which was finally replaced by "Hello Dolly", by Louis Armstrong, on May

9, 1964. 14 straight weeks of #1 stuff by the Beatles! Yeah, yeah, yeah...

1964 - Hang on to your racquets on this one, sports fans: A shuttlecock

drive record was set by Frank Rugani this day. Mr. Rugani slammed the

birdie 79-feet, 8-1/2 inches in a test at San Jose, CA. A giant leap for

badminton. A little leap for all mankind.

1972 - The U.S. Justice Department had recently settled an antitrust

lawsuit in favor of International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation.

On this date, newspaper columnist, Jack Anderson revealed a memo

written by ITT's Washington lobbyist, Dita Beard, that connected ITT's

funding of part of the Republican National Convention with the resulting

lawsuit settlement.

1972 - Swimmer Mark Spitz was named the 1971 James E. Sullivan

Memorial Trophy winner as the top amateur athlete in America.

1972 - Karen and Richard Carpenter of Downey, CA, received a gold

record for the hit single "Hurting Each Other". When they tore the golden

platter from its protective frame and plunked it on the player, they heard,

"Hurt So Bad", by Little Anthony and the Imperials. They were so upset

by this that they ran out to the back yard and used the record as a

Frisbee for the rest of the day. (Some of the preceding is based upon

actual fact.)

1988 - "Day by Day", a situation comedy, premiered on this date on

NBC-TV. It was one of the "yuppie sitcoms" that were all over the TV

dial in the late '80s. This particular one was about a suburban

overachieving couple who dropped out and opened up a day-care center

in their home to spend more quality time with their children. The quality

time lasted just under five months.

1992 - Mr. Big hit it big this day, moving to #1 with, "To Be with You".

It would be the biggest hit in the U.S. for three big weeks.

Famous birthdays:

1736 - Ann Lee (Ann the Word or Mother Ann) (religious zealot:

founder of Shakerism in U.S.)

1792 - Gioacchino Rossini (operatic composer: The Barber of Seville)

1876 - Theodore 'Theo' Hardeen (magician)

1904 - Jimmy Dorsey (bandleader: So Rare, Contrasts, June Night)

1904 - Pepper (John) Martin (baseball: St. Louis Cardinals CF)

1920 - Arthur Franz (actor: The Member of the Wedding, Dream No Evil)

1920 - Michele Morgan (Simone Roussel) (actress: The Fallen Idol, Joan of Paris, Bluebeard, Everybody's Fine)

1920 - Howard Nemerov (Pulitzer Prize-winning poet: Collected Works [1978]; 3rd poet laureate of U.S. [1988-1990])

1924 - Al Rosen (baseball: Cleveland Indians 3rd Baseman)

1928 - Joss Ackland (actor: The Hunt for Red October, The House that

Dripped Blood, The Sicilian, A Woman Named Jackie)

1936 - Jack Lousma (astronaut)

1936 - Henri Richard (The Pocket Rocket) (hockey player: Montreal

Canadiens: 4-time All-Star, played on 11 Stanley Cup champion teams

[1955 - 1975])

1940 - Gretchen Christopher (singer: group: The Fleetwoods: Mr. Blue,

Come Softly to Me, Tragedy)

1944 - Steve Mingori (baseball)

1944 - John Niland (football: Dallas Cowboys Guard, Super Bowl V, VI)

1948 - Al Clark (football)

1952 - Al Autry (baseball)

1972 - Antonio Sabato, Jr. (actor: Earth 2, Beyond the Law, War of the

Robots, Thundersquad)

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