National Gin Day 2019 is on Thursday, November 7, 2019: cotton ginnational history day.primary sources?

Thursday, November 7, 2019 is National Gin Day 2019. National Gin Day National Gin Day, a day for

cotton gin....national history day.....primary sources?

On this topic, I'm clueless, as it's so limited.

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national history day topic help?

national history day topic help?

I'm actually involved in NHD myself, and am going to nationals in a few weeks. I think next year's topic looks very interesting. I don't understand your limitation of it being from US history up to 1865 however. That said, there are the blatantly obvious ones such as Tesla and his method of eletricity, or Whitney's cotton gin.. But there are some others which may be less banal. I was considering something like Manifest Destiny for a while. (I'm afraid I am going to have to reserve the topic that I chose for myself)

Could you maybe say what category you are in? That has a huge impact on what topics will or will not work.

Topics for national history day?

Topics for national history day?

What about writing on the Spinning Jenny or the Industrial-era factory system. The Spinning Jenny started the Industrial Revolution and the factory system changed life in the United States forever.

Or you could write about inventions that changed work or transportation like the cotton gin or the steam boat/engine.

Holidays also on this date Thursday, November 7, 2019...