National Handbag Day 2019 is on Thursday, October 10, 2019: National Honor Society dress?

Thursday, October 10, 2019 is National Handbag Day 2019. Celebrate the First Annual National Handbag Day with Us This Week ... National Handbag Day

National Honor Society dress?

I have no clue as to what time of the day does this NHS induction ceremony take place. If you wish to go along with etiquette use these guidelines:

Will try and fit in all I can regarding all matters concerned to dressing well:

1) If during the morning or early afternoon - casual elegant

(A nice, well cut two peace, solid colors according to the season nothing loud, leather heals and handbag set, little jewelry, nice and simple hairdo, good manicure and natural makeup.

2) If late afternoon - dressy but simple and elegant

(Knee cap dress height with a hip length jacket, the rest same as above but your hairdo & makeup should be a bit heavier due to the light and a bit of more jewelry will not hurt “just don't look like a Christmas tree”.

3) If at night - dressy - elegant

(One piece dress, length between your knees and ankles or long to the border of your shoes (not the tip of your shoes or you will trip over the dress), leather stiletto heals & small hand piece, the rest nice & classy same as No. 2 but more jewelry specially pearls. If it is chilly you may use an elegant shawl.

Now for your knowledge: Most high life people in Europe wear a very good dark colored jean (expensive), leather boots with stiletto heals, small leather but classy hand piece, a very elegant silk blouse either solid color or Ungaro type. Casual & elegant hairdo, a good manicure and an excellent makeup. If it gets chilly an expensive leather jacket or a camel hair coat. This will be acceptable and classy at any time of the day.

Others to bear in mind:

Skin color

If you have a pinkish white skin tone, don't use orange, yellow, red or any other shiny color. Instead use what is known as Italian colors.

If Caucasian or black skin tone, use what ever color you like as long as you follow the guidelines.

Hair color - If blond same as white pinkish skin color

If brunette or black hair use what ever color you like as long as you follow the guidelines.

If red hair and very light skin tone or Caucasian skin color, be very careful as light colors may not favor you due to the red hair, use Italian colors.


Red hair limits the use of color.

Pamela type hats are only to be used during summer and in the morning till mid afternoon. These are generally oversized; choose one that goes well according to your face & height.

No other hats are being used, they are out of fashion.

Jewelry: During the daytime little jewelry is great. During the evenings or night more jewelry is advisable, specially pearls.

Jewelry and colors: If using a light blue dress don’t use red jewelry or other, use pearls. If using a dark blue dress you may use light blue jewelry or vice versa, always in the same color as the clothes.

Regarding the material for the clothes:

Choose it according to the season.

If it is summer don’t use something that will make you sweat.

If it is winter don’t use a material that will make you feel cold.

Regarding colors and materials:

This is a real problem.

It is always safe to use solid colors, in the Italian pattern.

Materials with little or big flowers are not nice. If the flowers are too small you will look like an old lady, if the flowers are too big they could make you look overweight & short. So it is best to use a solid color.

Stripes: If they are vertical and you are not over or under weight then they will be fine, but be careful that the stripes are not too thick or too thin.

If the stripes are horizontal and you are thin then it is just fine, but if you have some slight overweight or more you will look the double of your size.


Shoes-boots- hand bags: Always use leather, it looks best.

The shoes always with high heals, you can use sandal type with high heals if it is summer. Just make sure you know how to walk with them.

Boots – May always be used during the day, with high heals. A good pair of boots are always nice if up to the lower part of your knees. Don’t use short boots with a dress or skirt they look terrible.

Hand bags should not look like dipper bags; they should go from middle size to small. This also depends on your height; if short use a small hand bag, if tall you should use a middle size one.

If you are thin you can use a good belt that matches the color of your dress.

If you are slightly overweight or more don’t use them.

Gloves are not used anymore.

If you need further help get in touch through my email in my profile.

Bye and good luck!

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I’m going to the Grand National. What should I wear?!?!?

I'm going to the Grand National. What should I wear?!?!?

Something warm and comfortable..a nice coat, roll neck,trousers and comfortable boots. It depends on how much you are going to be outside and running backwards and forwards to the bookie.

Take a look at what the women were wearing at the Cheltenham Festival thats just gone....Zara Phillips looked amazing in her Military Style coat, didnt like the berry though.

Remember its not Royal Ascot..don't go in a floaty t strap dress and killer heels, you wont last the day....have fun hope this helped...Jac x


Katrina...I'd heed Sir Alans advice if I were you as he's been there. Take a spare pair of wellies and a pak a mak along.

Lizzie...The clothes showcased on the Aintree website are lovely but really not appropriate for a serious day at the races. Although it depends if you are hanging around the bar all day, sipping champagne and watching the racing on the tv, or are seriously into your racing and want to be at the paddock to see the horses, braving any weather.

At the end of the day this is supposed to be about the Grand National and the horses not being on the catwalk at Jeff Banks Ladies Day and whose got the biggest Dolce and Gabbana handbag...the atmosphere is going to electric on the day...don't miss a bit of it and enjoy the day...Jac x

Is there any British Nationals here who married a Filipina in the Philippines?

Is there any British Nationals here who married a Filipina in the Philippines?

My parents! (British Father, Filipina Mother)

It depends on if you wll be having a civil or church wedding.

My best advice is to visit the British Embassy in Manila as soon as possible.

Or visit the website:

You can also try looking up for the local British warden in you area. He or she will help in assisting with a British national in the area. They are more than willing to help you out and they do not charge for assistance. They are officially appointed/assigned by the British Embassy in Manila and they are listed with the Embassy as well.

British Embassy Manila Contact Details:

15th - 17th Floors

L V Locsin Building

6752 Ayala Avenue

Makati City 1226


Trunk Line:

(63) (2) 580 8700

Fax Number:

(63) (2) 819 7206

General E-mail:

Office Hours:

08.00 – 16.45

Monday – Thursday

08.00 – 13.00


(except during Embassy Holidays)

You can contact the Press and Public Affairs Section of the Embassy if you wish to receive information in Filipino or Tagalog.

Here are some other helpful things you might want to know:

If a British citizen wishes to marry in the Philippines, one must produce, to the authorities, a Certificate of No Impediment stating that you are free to marry.

This can be obtained from your local Registrar of Marriages in the United Kingdom, or from the British Embassy in the Philippines. In the latter case, in order to satisfy the provisions of both Philippine and British law, it will require a minimum of 42 clear days for the Certificate to be issued.

If your marriage is to be performed in the Philippines, the Consular Section of the British Embassy can issue a CNI acceptable to the Philippine authorities. This can be done on the day you apply if you can produce a CNI issued by your local Registrar of Marriages in the United Kingdom. (The Registrar will require you to appear personally before him and your Notice of Marriage will have to be posted on his notice board for 22 days before he can issue a CNI). Please note that a CNI issued in the United Kingdom should be presented to this Embassy within 3 months of it being issued. (taken from the consular section of the website, sorry cant copy and paste it all. Just too long!)

Reminder: When making a visit to the Embassy refrain from bringing in items, such as a handbag, cellular/mobile phones, as for security reasons these are prohibited inside the embassy. Please bring your passport and documents.

As I repeat, my best advice is for you to contact the British Embassy in Manila or visit the website I have posted above.

Good Luck, God bless and Congratulations in advance!

Holidays also on this date Thursday, October 10, 2019...