National Have A Heart Day 2021 is on Sunday, February 14, 2021: How come women get their own national heart disease day?


Sunday, February 14, 2021 is National Have A Heart Day 2021. heart disease Heart disease affects many

How come women get their own national heart disease day?

Maybe because you get an entire month called: National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

See how generous we are? One day and you're complaining. Humphhhhhhhhhhhh

what are some random national days?

what are some random national days?

For january: Fruitcake Toss Day 3rd, National English Toffee Day the 8th, Penguin Day 22nd, National Compliment Day the 25th, Bald Eagle Appreciation days the 16-18th, Bubble wrap appreciation day 26th

Feb: Adopt a Rescued Rabbit month, Freedom Day 1st, White shirt day the 11th, National Have A Heart Day the 14th, National Gum Drop Day the 15th, Clam Chowder Day the 21st, International Pancake Day the 24th

Mar:Beer Day the 1st, Sherlock Holmes Day 6-8th, Get Over It Day the 8th, Panic Day the 9th, International Ask A Question Day the 14th, World Kidney Day the 10th,International Day of the Seal day 22nd

April: Fresh Florida Tomatoes Month, International Children book Day the 2nd, St. Stupid Day the 1st, World Health Day the 7th, Buddha Day the 8th, National Be kind to a lawyer day 14th, Hairball Awareness day the 17th, Hug an Australian Day 26th

Ok thats all i can think of..oh and THESE ARE OFFICIAL FOR THE YEAR 2009.

I should've just given you the darn link, here:

What comes to your mind when I say National Signing Day?

What comes to your mind when I say National Signing Day?

National Signing Day is usually on the first Wednesday in February. It is the first day a high school senior can sign a binding National Letter of Intent for college sports. The growing popularity over time of National Signing Day has had a sociological impact in numerous ways. In addition to the impact it has had on the media, players and fans, there has also been political, cultural, economic, and social impact on society itself.

National Signing Day has become a phenomenon for the athletes being recruited as well. For the players, it is their chance at their very own 15 minutes of fame. They have millions of people paying attention to them and their decision, and many of them take advantage of that limelight for their own enjoyment. “The hype over football recruiting has gotten so popular that some top high school stars are holding nationally televised press conferences to announce their decision between National Football Powerhouse U and National Football Powerhouse State.”. One such situation involved offensive lineman Antonio Logan-El. Highly recruited out of high school, Logan-El initially verbally committed to the University of Maryland. On National Signing Day in 2006, he held a nationally televised press conference at the ESPN Zone in Baltimore. He invited Terps’ head coach Ralph Friedgen’s wife to the event and was wearing a red (UMD’s primary color) tie. “He then pulled out a photo of himself with Penn State coach Joe Paterno and announced he was going to play for the legend in Happy Valley, sending a dagger into the hearts of Maryland fans.". While this situation is a departure from the norm, it shows the kind of impact the glitz and glamour of National Signing Day can have on not only the athletes, but the loyal fan bases that follow the hundreds of NCAA football programs as well.

Politically, National Signing Day has an effect in that head coaches are lobbying, in a way, for the athletes to commit to them and their programs. It is also very political in terms of programs and coaches competing against one another for the athletes commitment. Some coaches will do whatever it takes to get an athlete to commit, including unethical and illegal tactics. The University of Colorado went under the spotlight a few years ago when the NCAA caught them practicing a number of recruiting violations. As a result, the university self-imposed a number of new recruiting standards, which included banning the use of player hosts and limiting weekend stays by recruits to one night (the NCAA allows two)!

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