National Health Care Decisions Day 2019 is on Tuesday, April 16, 2019: National Health Care? Facts?

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 is National Health Care Decisions Day 2019. Official Health Care Info Sign up by March 31, or pay a fine of up to 1% of your income.

National Health Care? Facts?

Use a variety of sources and be prepared for what will be thrown at you as "Cons" to it.

What is proposed

What we have now:


Jun 25th 2009

America's health care is the costliest in the world, yet quality is patchy and millions are uninsured. Incentives for both patients and suppliers need urgent treatment.

NO ONE will be astonished to hear that health care costs more in Indiana than in India. However, a few might be surprised to learn that Americans spend more than twice as much per person on health care as Swedes do. And many may be shocked to be told that in Miami people pay twice as much as in Minnesota, even for far worse care.

The American health-care system, which gobbles up about 16% of the country's economic output, is by far the most expensive in the world The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that on current trends spending on Medicare and Medicaid, the government schemes for the old and the poor, will rise from 4% of GDP in 2007 to 12% in 2050. The prospect of long-term fiscal disaster is the main reason why efforts to reform health care are gaining momentum in Washington, DC. As Peter Orszag, the director of Barack Obama's Office of Management and Budget, puts it, "that 'long term' keeps getting closer and closer."


Distortions of Health Care Bill

FACT CHECK: Distortions rife in health care debate - Yahoo! News

More propaganda. About abortions.

Catholics United Condemns Family Research Council's Deceptive Health Care Attack Ads

Calls on FRC Action and “Stop the Abortion Mandate” Campaign to End Public Misinformation Effort against Health Care Reform

Catholics United today strongly condemned a new television attack ad campaign by the Family Research Council's FRC Action lobbying operation that misinforms the U.S. public about health care reform. The Family Research Council's efforts are part of a broader “Stop the Abortion Mandate” campaign that is using abortion scare tactics to turn pro-life voters against health reform.

Then there is the "They want to kill Granny" propaganda:

The AARP-the largest senior citizens group-supports Health Care Reform.

Get the Facts

The debate on health reform is dominating the news these days—as it should. We understand why this issue can create such strong feelings, since every person will be affected by the policy choices that are made.

But much of the debate is being driven by special interests that are deliberately kicking up clouds of dust to obscure the facts. So many people are expressing confusion, skepticism, and even fear about what the Obama administration and members of Congress are proposing.

AARP doesn't want misinformation and fear-mongering to dominate this debate. From allegations about rationing care to wild reports of government-sponsored euthanasia, the rumors just keep getting crazier. AARP wants to help you find the facts about what health-care reform will mean for you and your family.

Come back to this site often to arm yourself with the facts you need to make informed decisions about legislative proposals winding their way through Congress, and where AARP stands on important provisions.

Does it matter if you buy insurance and are then dumped the minute you get sick? Then, because you are sick, no one will insure you?

September 16, 2008

Health Net To Reinstate Canceled Health Insurance Policies In California, Pay Fine, Reimburse Former Plan Members For Denied Claims

Health Net on Thursday agreed to reinstate coverage for 926 former members in California whose health insurance policies were canceled after they filed claims and to pay $3.6 million in fines, the Los Angeles Times reports. The company also will pay as much as about $14 million to reimburse expenses for medically necessary care that would have been covered had the policies not been cancelled.

In the last year, Health Net -- California's largest health insurer -- has been forced to pay a number of fines and penalties related to the company's policy rescission and cancellation practices, according to the Times. An investigation by the California Department of Insurance found that the company did not follow state laws whKen handling policyholders' claims and treated them unfairly. Health Net also will work with the department to make improvements to its cancellation and rescission practices and could face an additional penalty of as much as $3.6 million if a follow-up investigation finds that the company has not corrected all deficiencies, the Times reports.

The agreement allows Health Net to avoid any further penalties for potential legal violations uncovered by auditors. The California health insurance company did not admit any wrongdoing. Chief Executive Jay Gellert said his company did "not necessarily agree with the California Department of Insurance," but the settlement was a chance "to move forward and make sure these affected individuals can obtain coverage" (Girion/Lifsher, Los Angeles Times, 9/12).

Blue Cross sued over cancelled policies

L.A. city attorney accuses insurer of illegally rescinding 6,000 plans

The Associated Press

updated 5:16 p.m. PT, Wed., April 16, 2008

LOS ANGELES - The city attorney is seeking up to $1 billion in fines and restitution from the state’s largest health care insurer, charging Anthem Blue Cross with deceptive practices and unlawfully terminating policies when people needed health care most.

Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo said the insurer, formerly known as Blue Cross of California, illegally rescinded more than 6,000 insurance policies. Some of those policies affected elderly patients and some denied patients with health costs that topped $100,000.

“Blue Cross hides from consumers the fact that if the consumer requires an expensive medical procedure, there is a significant likelihood that Blue Cross will cancel their insurance policy,” Delgadillo said Wednesday, the same day his office filed a lawsuit in Superior Court accusing the company of violating laws prohibiting unfair competition and false advertising.

And if your gandma or grandpa are homeless? Or homeless and disabled?

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USA health Care system. Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Companies are at present rationing health care

USA health Care system. Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Companies are at present rationing health care. Is it so?

you BET it is!





[I go to the Dallas VA Medical Center and the government doesn’t even run THAT!]




[Currently, the poor only have the E.R. at county hospitals and that’s THE MOST EXPENSIVE CARE THERE IS!]







Liberals: name one sucessfull society that had universal health care. Hint: none?

Liberals: name one sucessfull society that had universal health care. Hint: none?

First of all: How can you say that the modern universal health care that Japan and Germany have is a failure because of a war they lost nearly 70 years ago? So your system is a failure as well because you lost the Vietnam war? Or because you succeeded in singlehandedly creating one of the largest world wide financial crisis?

And the reason Britain lost all its colonies is the same reason America is not a British colony: people wanted independence from the British crown. That being said, Britain once covered 1/4 of the landmass on the entire world, and had the largest spanning trade organisation that ensured a very wealthy empire that few could match. You know what is funny? The British did not get universal health care until after the second world war. Countries / Empires rises and falls all the time just like USA had its glorious days from 1945 up to the beginning of the new millenia.

And the Netherlands have far less drug problems than the US have.

Scandinavia in general is successful and we are in no way giving up on universal health care - and neither are any of the other countries in Europe... I suppose this just further proves how misinformed most Americans are. Or at least how misinformed you are.

I am from Denmark, and even though our population is tiny compared to the U.S, we have a very strong economy, even considering the current worldwide crisis. The Danish currency is currently so strong that the interest rate for investors is negative - meaning they pay us to invest money in projects, instead of the other way around. Why? because our economy is one of the most solid in the world. Just before the financial crisis our national debt were more or less zero - though it increased again just after the crisis broke out in USA, and some of the larger danish banks lost a lot of money, but it is currently being brought down again. (Notice how the crisis in Europe were caused by USA - funny huh?)

Beside this, Denmark have a very close relationship with both Sweden and Norway, and allow students to easily migrate between the countries in order to study what they find most attracting. We also have a lot of collaboration between the countries (e.g. Copenhagen and Malmö, Helsingør and Helsingborg), to improve relationships, and allow citizens to freely move from one country to another, while still working in the other. We have improved collective transportation between the countries as well, to make it easier for people to move back and forth, and in general the countries share a lot of experiences, ranging from political decisions to health care.

Why don't you see millions of Mexicans moving to Denmark? well if the general IQ of Mexicans is the same for Americans, then they do not know that Denmark is in fact a country and not the capitol of Sweden, second, it is a lot easier to just cross the U.S / Mexican border, than travel across the Atlantic ocean. Europe do not have a lot of mexicans, but Europe do have a lot of muslims instead. They migrate to western European countries, hoping for a better future, an education, a good job, and a good place for their children to grow up.

Why have we not put a man on the moon? because we rather want to build a strong infrastructure, provide a safety net for the thousand of people that lost their jobs because of the financial crisis that the Americans created, bring down our national debt, make sure that no matter what your annual income or job situation is, you can put your children in day care cheap, you can get treated at a hospital for free, you can send your children to elementary school, high school or the university for free, creating a new generation of well educated citizens that is able to easily start businesses, get jobs with high salarys, attract business from other countries that are looking for well educated people, re-educate adults that are unable to find a job with their current education and so on, provide cheap care for the elderly that worked and payed their taxes for years, provide support for those that had good jobs but end up with a disability because of an accident.

Frankly I do not know how you define liberals and conversatives in the U.S, because it is clearly very different from how Europeans define liberals and conversatives - but if your liberals want universal health care, then I cannot fathom why so many Americans hate them. It is one of the best things that ever happened in Europe.

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