National Learn To Swim Day 2019 is on Friday, May 17, 2019: Swimming, butterfly tips?

Friday, May 17, 2019 is National Learn To Swim Day 2019. The Best Swim Lessons‎ Learn To Swim At Life Time Fitness. Free 7 Day Club Membership!

Swimming, butterfly tips?

you know the basics, that's good to start with. the main reason why most people cant swim fly is because:

1. their timing is not perfect. 2 kicks per stroke, on right as the hands enter the water and one around when the hands exit after the pull.

2. your dolphin movement is not correct. this is very tricky, as you must have a very fluid/undulating movement with your WHOLE body. it takes years for swimmer to master.

3. your kicks are not strong enough to propel you forward. just practice kicking dolphin kicks strongly.

4. breathing. breathe EARLY. breathe forward, not up.

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Help If Possible? Swim Clubs/Teams?

Help If Possible? Swim Clubs/Teams?

Yep see the City of Bradford Swimming Club's Web site

Several other local clubs listed on there too.

Bingley Swimming Club

Bingley Amateur Swimming Club is able to cater for the requirements of swimmers of all abilities with members ranging from novice to regional and national swimmers

Bradford Dolphin S.C.

Founded in 1888 Bradford Dolphin is one of the oldest clubs in the Country. In the early days we were famous for water polo winning many National Championships and were the first club to win 6 national titles in a row. Today we concentrate on competitive swimming.

Bradford Swimming Club

Bradford Swimming Club was founded in 1965 and has since this date endeavoured to teach children in the Bradford area to swim as well as coach them in the techniques and stamina required for competitive swimming. We currently have approximately 100 swimming members who compete in swimming galas in the Bradford, Leeds and Huddersfield areas.

Ilkley Swimming Club

The club meets three times a week at the Ilkley swimming pool. Each session is split into 2 sessions - one for juniors and one for seniors. The aim of the club is to develop talent and prepare swimmers for galas - in particular the junior session looks to build stamina and improve stroke, with swimmers progressing to the senior group dependent on ability. James is aiming to allow stronger swimmers to build stamina further by attending both sessions.

Keighley Swimming Club

We are a Swim21 accredited club which means that all aspects of the club operate to nationally recognised standards. Our aim is to teach children from five years upward from the very beginnings of learning to swim right up to pre-competition level, incorporating stroke technique, up to the age of 16 yrs. We have our own annual gala and occasionally enter other local galas.

Runner, with some biking, but no swimming experience?

Runner, with some biking, but no swimming experience?

1. Its triathlon. Always a good idea to learn how to spell the name of your chosen sport....

2. Swimming is all about technique. Practicing a bad stroke in swimming will get you as far as practicing a bad golf swing. Get some coaching help before your bad habits get too ingrained. Triathlon is popular enough that you can find one or two day swim clinics geared toward triathletes in most metropolitan areas. Some, like Total Immersion, run national tours, others are run by local pros.

There are also videos, but I prefer the "hands on". A few minutes with a local pro and some drills fixed the front end of my stroke that I'd been fumbling with for 50 years.

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