National Organization For Women Day 2021 is on Wednesday, June 30, 2021: Who joins the National Organization for Women these days, do you agree with them?


Wednesday, June 30, 2021 is National Organization For Women Day 2021. International Women's Day - Older women count too‎ Include them in post-2015 process.

Who joins the National Organization for Women these days, do you agree with them?

I don't think much of them. Of course, any NOW supporter who read that would generalize me as "one of them" because I'm male. However, whether they like it or not, they are extremists for there cause. That isn't so much a problem when it comes to being passionate about your cause. That is necessary in order to affect change. Hell, I agree that the workplace could use more equality.

However, where me and NOW disagree is when they male bash and take unreasonable positions on certain issues. "Male bashing" is by no means a way to get your point across. By doing this, they step down to the same level as male chauvinists out there. All they accomplish is to lose credibility. To suggest that men are the cause of world problems and/or unnecessary is absolutely ridiculous. I mean its so easy to point the finger at male leaders and say that its all their fault when 99% of leaders throughout history have been male. There isn't sufficient evidence that females in power would have avoided any of histories events. Conflict and politcal BS happen no matter what gender is in power. These things are human nature, not male nature. IF you think otherwise, lets take a look at the female adolescent culture and see if there is fairness and compassion??? This is after all, where all future female leaders will come from.

Additionally, they take the stance that a pregnant woman has sole decision rights over the fate of a child. I absolutely agree that it is her body and nobody should force her to have the baby or not. However, isn't it a bit hypocritical for NOW to acknowledge the man's role in conceiving the baby when it comes to child support, but dismiss it when it comes to the choice of keeping the baby? That is an absolutely absurd point of view that is aimed specifically at having your cake and eating it to. If a man is responsible for conceiving a child, he too should have a say so in whether it comes into this world. Come on people, lets foster responsible parenting and communication between couples, not draw a line in the sand and say this is my decision and that's yours.

To me, NOW perpetuates the causes they fight against.

Has the National Organization of Women endorsed Clinton, Or ?

Has the National Organization of Women endorsed Clinton, Or ?

Clinton a couple of days ago....

Where’s NOW (national organization of women) about the natural rights of women being violated by

Where's NOW (national organization of women) about the natural rights of women being violated by Islam?

Aw naw you didn't?! you didn't just go there #1?!

are you asking for Mary Magdalene to open a can of whoop-azz? lol...on that note Where is everyone else protesting what the be-fouled christian religion has done to oppress me and my sisters since, oh, idk, day ONE!...if you wanna talk extreme, where are all the spiritually freed women who could stand up and burn a bible in protest of how twisted the truth was made in it ...the very HIStory of our creation has been 'sharia'd' all over the place...the organs of creation (our third eye for example) stamped blind by the dogmatic orthodox down-pressors throughout time have led us where? to a society where the rich and clever and rewarded not the humble and not the wise.~~in a way the christian religion has quietly chained up women by making their accepted experience one of marriage, child birth and slavery to modern men (girls are taught to look sexy at a very young age now...priming them to 'please' who else? a man...

~here in the US, if those rights are being fouled then there are quite a few groups of people who would be protesting

~and any women in the US who find themselves being harmed this way can find help and i pray that they are able to find a way out of their silent hell

~i found a couple of links that are websites for women against sharia law...but have not yet found one that doesn't read like it is also out to bash Islam as i won't post the links here

~there is a mosque in my hometown and the Imam there is known for starting out his career there as very conservative Imam and thru pressure from the abundance of young female and male muslim students here, the Imam lightened up and uses a more liberal approach to his teachings...the muslim community applauded him and a documentary was even made about it. so i think a "movement" is in place, but because it is a sensitive subject now (post 911, and the anti-mosqueness of american communities) it is a movement that just isn't "in your face"...

~you are correct #1 to want action against abuse of women, it is a cause that should lead to the freeing of everyone else in the process...i think a society where women are listened to with all seriousness allowed a man is a society that at least stands a chance..

ok, i'm done. thanks for the chance to rant off my coffee this morning =)

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