National Polka Day 2021 is on Sunday, May 23, 2021: Metal Fans: Folk Metal album of the day?


Sunday, May 23, 2021 is National Polka Day 2021. The Blog of Days: Roll out the barrel -- it's National Polka Day! National Polka Day.

Metal Fans: Folk Metal album of the day?

@ Joshua, and I heard stuff about your Mom.. does that make it true?

(Yes that was said just to make a point)

National Socialist Metal is about as common as True Satanic Metal dude. Which means, scarce as heck. Yes there are SOME Folk Metal bands, Viking Metal, Black Metal and even Thrash and Death Metal bands that are Pro-Nazi. Wagner's music was Pro-Aryan, as is quite a bit of Polka.

Guess what? There were also about 150,000 recorded Jews who were Pro-Nazi. Obviously they weren't in the majority either. And the Soviets killed about 3 TIMES the number of Jews that Hitler did. Do your homework, get your facts straight, and don't look stupid by jumping to conclusions or believing stereotypes.

Yet and still:

"In April 2008, Moonsorrow and other performers on the folk metal festival Paganfest were accused of being Nazis, racists, and fascists from the German organizations Antifa and BIFF (Berliner Institut für Faschismusforschung). Ville Sorvali of Moonsorrow and Heri Joensen of Týr issued a joint video statement to refute these accusations, noting that the bands are in no way connected to fascist groups and actually are against fascism.[6] Guitarist Mitja Harvilahti told the German Feindesland webzine that the band has nothing to do with fascism, and Mitja personally "strongly despises racists and Nazis."

Still, there ARE some bands that are.

Nokturnal Mortum


Sokyra Peruna

are a few examples. I could list some more if I racked my brain a little, but don't see the point. One thing that confuses matters is that the Nazis adopted quite a few Pagan symbols, particularly from Wotanism and the like (even the Swastika was Pagan before it was Nazi) and so much of what was simple Pagan is now viewed as Nazi.

I guess the Moral of the story is.. whatever type of Music one likes, due your homework, and find out what it represents. It IS a loathesome Ideology..... it is also an Ideology that most of the Norse people embraced centuries before there was a Nazi party, so it is not uncommon to find Racist propaganda dressed up as "Historic or National" Pride.

.... anyhow ...........

I'll listen up and get back to you on this one dude. I still gotta edit your last one, just been crazy busy.

*** EDIT ***

MQ2: Dude...... that is positively Evil. Trying to make me have to break down my stuff and pick which one of my children I love most? Eluveitie, Arkona, Moonsorrow, Heidevolk, Herot, Metsatöll, Adorned Brood. etc?!?!?!?!?!?!/

well, at the moment...... (since Arkona and Eluveitie are two of my fave bands of ANY genre)

ARKONA - Goi, Rode, Goi!



METSATOLL - Äio (pretty hard knocked on by most, I love it)

MOONSORROW - Verisäkeet

I tend to vastly prefer Folk Metal bands that actually incorporate Folk Instruments, Melodies and vocal styles,but some, Like Moonsorrow are just too good not to list.

BQ- 30 bucks maybe? I'm a little cheap, because I am a listener, not a collector. There may be a few exceptions I would make for Classic or hard to get Vinyl, particularly signed vinyl, but even that is hard to say I would pay much for. For a CD, I will do without before I go stupid crazy paying some of the import prices and stuff people ask.

Want to read my DRINKING SONG!?!?!?

Want to read my DRINKING SONG!?!?!?

Wow... interesting!

Valentine’s Day Clothes Help... see a following question for the rest?

Valentine's Day Clothes Help... see a following question for the rest?

I would wear a black and white polka dot blouse, a white OR black skirt with white tights, red pumps/flats, and red lipstick. It would be beyond adorable and sophisticated. Best of luck!

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