National Stop Bullying Day 2020 is on Sunday, February 9, 2020: When Is National Stop Bullying Day?


Sunday, February 9, 2020 is National Stop Bullying Day 2020. Help Stop Bullying - Be more than a bystander‎ Learn how to prevent bullying at school.

When Is National Stop Bullying Day?

National Stop Bullying Day is : October 10'th

National Stop Bullying Week is : October 7'th - 13'th

What kind of national day would you want to see?

What kind of national day would you want to see?

National Beat Up A Bully And Get Away With It Day

National Don't Text And Drive Or You'll Be Hated By Everyone Day

National Don't Smoke In Front Of Children Day

National People That Are Everyone Else's Emotional Punching Bags Get A Break Day

National Beat A Bitches Ass Day

National Tell Off Your Teachers Day

National Spit On A Backstabber Day

National Slap Someone Who Deserves It Day

National Be Thankful Day

National Help A Total Stranger Day

National Don't Be Hateful Day

National Stop Gossiping Day

Sorry I got a bit.... enthusiastic about the question.

Need help on bullies?

Need help on bullies?

Bullying is a huge problem in schools today. Many kids of all ages are bullied every day. Unfortunately, there’s no one magic answer to stop someone from bullying you. You cannot change someone else’s behavior but there are several strategies you can use to change the way you respond to the bullying and diffuse the situation.

First and foremost, you need to tell an adult, a parent, teacher, or school counselor. Many schools have a zero tolerance policy for bullying and they need to be aware there is a problem in order to provide you with a safe and non-threatening learning environment.

Also, remember bullies love to isolate victims so try to avoid being alone. Walk to classes with a friend or classmate who is going in the same direction. If possible avoid where you know the bully is going to be.

Finally, a bully wants a reaction from you. Showing a bully your emotions is rewarding for them, so stay strong until you are in a safe place. You can also sometimes take the wind out of a bully’s sails by using agreeing with them if they tease you. For example, if a bully tells you your sweater is ugly, you can respond with something like, “Yeah, I don’t really like it either. The color is hideous and it itches.” When you don’t get upset or try to argue back, the bully doesn’t get the satisfaction he or she was looking for.

For more advice on bullies and other issues, visit our website at . Or you can call the Boys Town National Hotline at 1-800-448-3000 to speak to a counselor any time.

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