Near Miss Day 2020 is on Monday, March 23, 2020: Can Anyone Suggest Good places to visit near Beijing, China?

Monday, March 23, 2020 is Near Miss Day 2020. Near Miss Day Near Miss Day is March 23.

Near Miss Day

Near Miss Day celebrates March 23rd, 1989, when a large asteroid missed out on the Earth by a mere 500,000 miles-- a very near miss out on definitely! Exactly what would you do if an asteroid will strike the Planet-- just how would you spend your last hrs, and would you also would like to know?

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Can Anyone Suggest Good places to visit near Beijing, China?

So nothing in Beijing?

Well, then there's the Ming Tombs, or Thirteen Tombs, which are a serious of imperial tombs a few centuries old with parts you can visit on and under the ground. They're a couple of hours to the north of

Beijing and near the Great Wall.

Yes, there's always the Great Wall. If you love camping, go to the wild Great Walls where there's little turist. But be careful don't wander too far into the wilds where someone gets lost and dies there every year.

If you speak good enough Chinese, find a travel agency that has programs to the Mongolian grasslands or deserts of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the north of Beijing. The trip should take 3 days and you get to experience life as a nomad.

Now there's the bullet train, you can visit the neighboring Tianjin and return the same day taking a train from the Beijing South Train Station. The intercity trip takes 30 minutes, quicker than travelling inside Beijing's traffic. Tianjin was the first major diplomatic zone open to foreign countries and now a city of culture of leisure. You can see there many interesting worldwide arquitecture and a lot more northern Chinese lifestyle. Once in the city, take a monorail and you reach the Dagukou Turrets in half an hour, legacy of the last struggles of the Qing Empire facing European Superiority in millitary technologies.

In case that I got you wrong and you do like to see things in Beijing... Go out early in the early morning to the Temple of Heaven. There you can see old people practising Taijiquan and other sports, a typical start of their day. Then a couple of kilomitres to the north, you can visit the Forbidden City before it gets really crowded in the day and get out before noon. Then eat and go to the Olympic park in the afternoon. It's pretty damn big a park so when you come back it should already be dark. Then go to Hohai, or Shichahai, the "Back Sea" to see Chinese nightlife, not the Western nightlife in Sanlitun, but typical Beijing night leisure at Hohai. There're hutongs nearby and you really want to see the Nanluoguxian, a hutong near the Drum and Bell Towers, full of slow bars and interesting Chinese modern artcrafts and snacks, some leaked from the Forbidden City into everyday Chinese culture. And there's an art school so you might be lucky enough to meet some pretty Chinese boys or girls, not I'm saying that you can only find pretty faces near art schools in Beijing, but just that, Beijing really isn't a place in China where you can see a lot of pretty faces.

If you are interested in politics or in things that other foreigners don't usually see, get a newspaper and checkout the time of the next sunrise the in Beijing. Then the second morning, get out early early to Tiananmen Square, where hundreds of Chinese, if in holiday, thousands, have already gathered in the square to honor the rise of the national flag, which is raised everyday with the sun. Then after the flag, go to the entrance of the Monument of Mao, which is also on the square, wait 2 hours till it's open and you can see Mao's body in person. It's like the only way you can see it because if you come during the day, there're so many Chinese here to see their past leader and the line is usually hours long.

If you want to see a bit of modern China, chekout the eastside of Beijing. I'd recommend seeing the Shimaotianjie, a screen some 1/3 of a mile wide, hang as a ceiling of a park at a office centre, saying, "All Beijing, look up". Nighttime soccer, other sports, clubs, opera shows are also found mainly there.

If you want to shop in Beijing, the Electronic stuff are in Zhongguancun, the cheap clothing, gifts, artcrafts, bags, etc can be found in Silk Market, or Xiushui. I do not recommend shopping for electronic product in Beijing as you're a foreigner, for it'd be easy to be cheated, and those little shoppers do cheat, a whole lot. The little gifts and clothings are something else, remember that usually you pay a price 1/10 of what you get in the U.S., if that's where you're from. The shoppers have got to know that foreigners have learnt to cut 2/3 of their asking price, so many have raised their asking price to 10 times or 30 times of their selling prices.

I guess that makes up for your 5 days, if not more.

what happens if you miss 5 days of school?

what happens if you miss 5 days of school?

lol they wont hold you back.

they will probably want to sit down with you and your parents and discuss the reasoning for missing 5 + days of school.

they do this because the majority of people who miss a certain number of days of school before a certain date begin to fall behind. if you aren't falling behind they are meeting with you to stop you from falling behind in the near future.

every school has the well being of it's students on the top of it's list. they want the best for you.

rounding to the nearest hundredth percent?

rounding to the nearest hundredth percent?

you did round to the nearest hundredth percent.

1.00 is 1%

0.1 is one tenth of a percent.

0.01 is one hundredth of a percent.

you certainly do percentages a strange way.

in the old days the formula was

$24 - $22 = an increase of $2.

so the increase % would be $2 / $22 X 100.

(The reason that the 2 is divided by 22and not 24 is because the increase is a percentage of the original 22 .

You then multiply by 100 as percent means per hundred (centum = 100)

Thus the correct answer is 9.09 0909 etc%ie 9.09 % increase to the hundredth (two decimal points)

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